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Star Wars (Dir Taika Waititi)

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Kathleen Kennedy disse que próximo filme SW vai ser mesmo esse do Taika Waititi, mas não tem previsão de quando sai.

Next Star Wars Movies: Lucasfilm Boss Gives An Update On New Projects

Kathleen Kennedy reveals the status of Rian Johnson's trilogy and the new movies from Taika Waititi and Patty Jenkins.

By Eddie Makuch on May 17, 2022 at 5:58AM PDT


The Star Wars movie series hasn't seen a new release since 2019's The Rise of Skywalker, and the entire series is reportedly now on "hiatus." But what's the status of the film franchise going forward? Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy told Vanity Fair that the company does have a "road map" for the future of Star Wars films, but the report said fans should not expect the cadence of new entries to be as "relentless" as in the past.

According to the report, the new Star Wars movie from Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi will "likely" be the first, followed by Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins' new Rogue Squadron film after. There are no release dates for these films, however, and schedules can always change anyway.

Other new Star Wars films in the works include a movie to be produced by Marvel's Kevin Feige, but Kennedy implied this is not a sure thing. "I would love to see what movie he might come up with," Kennedy explained. As for The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson's new Star Wars trilogy, Kennedy confirmed nothing about this but explained that Johnson is very busy right now with the Knives Out sequels and bigger plans at Netflix, suggesting his Star Wars series is on the backburner.

"Rian has been unbelievably busy with Knives Out and the deal that he made at Netflix for multiple movies," Kennedy said.

Game of Thrones creator D.B. Weiss and David Benioff were also making a Star Wars movie trilogy, but they have since quit that for a Netflix deal.

Kennedy also said she has cooled off on the prospect of announcing new Star Wars trilogies and now considers the series to be an ongoing story. "I hesitate to use the word trilogies anymore because Star Wars is much more about persistent storytelling," Kennedy said.

While the Star Wars movie series has slowed down of late, the same cannot be said for Star Wars TV shows on Disney+. The streaming platform already hosts the live-action shows The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, while the Obi-Wan series premieres later this month. New shows centered around Andor and Ahsoka are coming after that, as well as a new one from Spider-Man director Jon Watts, and that's only as it relates to live-action series.


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Agora que notei, próximo SW está programado pra fim do ano que vem (porque Disney vai revezar um SW num ano e Avatar no outro - esse ano tem Avatar, em 2023 seria um SW).

Mas assim... já começaram a produção? Estamos em Junho quase. :huh:

Enfim, o que está dito é que o filme próximo de SW é do Taika Waititi, e vai ser lançado em 2023...

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On 7/11/2022 at 9:53 AM, Jorge Soto said:

SW do Taika 🤣

S.O.S. - Tem um Louco Solto no Espaço filme


Se fosse isso, até que seria bom, porque esse filme é bem legal. Mas do Taika pode-se esperar 2000 vezes mais galhofadas.


Ainda bem que ele disse que não vai usar personagens que já apareceram na série, assim não corremos o risco dele galhofar demais personagens queridos.

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