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Francis and the Godfather (Making of Poderoso Chefão - Barry Levison)


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‘The Godfather’ Making Of Movie: Barry Levinson Taps Oscar Isaac To Play Francis Coppola & Jake Gyllenhaal As Robert Evans


EXCLUSIVE: Barry Levinson will direct Francis And The Godfather, with Oscar Isaac starring as Francis Coppola and Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Evans in a drama about the legendary and wild battles that went into making the 1972 classic The Godfather. The film is based a Black List script by Andrew Farotte that was redeveloped by Levinson. Echo Lake Entertainment’s Mike Marcus, Doug Mankoff and Andrew Spaulding are producing with Kevin Turen, Jon Levin and Baltimore Pictures’ Jason Sosnoff.

Endeavor Content is handling worldwide rights with FilmNation.

While The Godfather is considered to be one of the greatest American films and a symbol of the ’70s auteur era, getting there was no easy task. Coppola was 31 at the time, determined to convince Evans and the studio to allow him to film expensively in New York, set in the time period of a novel which would become a big bestseller. This after the original Mario Puzo script was set in contemporary Kansas City. Among the other debates was the idea to gamble on Marlon Brando, an eclectic character who hadn’t been in a hit film in years, to play mob family patriarch Don Corleone (for which he would win the Best Actor prize), and also Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, a character who slowly evolved from a desire to get far away from the family business to taking it over when it was clear his father would be murdered even after a bungled assassination attempt. Evans, who took the top job after a career as an actor, had pressures all his own, as the studio was in danger of closing up shop. There was also the uneasy discussions with real mobsters who were none too pleased to have their dirty business to be aired in a major studio film.

“Out of the madness of production, and against all odds, a classic film happened,” Levinson said.

The behind the scenes stories are ones that I’ve heard for many years from Peter Bart, my boss for 20 years at Variety (and sometimes coauthor on a back and forth column about movies. Bart was pried away from The New York Times to become Evans’ number two creative executive, and he was at the center of all these glorious arguments. It will be very interesting to see who Levinson casts to play him. and for that matter, Robert Duvall (Tom Hagen), James Caan (Sonny Corleone), John Cazale (Fredo), Talia Shire (Connie Corleone), Diane Keaton (Kay Corleone) and the rest of that fantastic cast. But the film clearly focuses on the clashes between filmmaker and a studio chief who badly needed a hit.



Filme mostrará os bastidores conturbados do filme O Poderoso Chefão. Terá direção de Barry Levison, e Oscar Isaac como Francis Ford Copola e Jake Gillenhaal como Robert Evans.

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Segundo informações do Deadline, Elle Fanning (Teen Spirit) entrou para o elenco de Francis and the Godfather no papel de Ali McGraw, esposa do produtor e chefão da Paramount à época Robert Evans. Jake Gyllenhaal, Oscar Isaac e Elizabeth Moss estão no elenco do filme.

Elle-Fanning-Pop-Star-Interview-Red-Shir Lionsgate Films/Divulgação

A obra seguirá os esforços de Robert Evans em desenvolver o filme sobre a máfia italiana em Nova York, desde sua busca por um diretor à altura do projeto, e depois os conflitos que viriam com as decisões criativas de Coppola, como as filmagens de alto custo em Nova York e a escalação de Marlon Brando para interpretar Don Corleone. A produção também teria problemas com a verdadeira máfia, que não estava muito feliz em ter seus negócios retratados no cinema.

Francis and the Godfather ainda não tem data para estreia.



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On 5/28/2021 at 3:38 PM, Jailcante said:

Miles Teller entrando no lugar do Armie Hammer (nem sabia que o Hammer tava no filme, mas enfim, já saiu antes de entrar).



 Na verdade são dois projetos diferentes. Esse ai do Miles Teller é uma minissérie da HBO que também vai contar os bastidores de O PODEROSO CHEFÃO. O filme do Oscar Isaacs é outra coisa. Pelo que entendi, a diferença é que a minisserie vai focar mais no ponto de vista dos produtores, enquanto o filme vai ser a história mais pelo ponto de vista do Copolla.

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