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Ela é muito boa atriz mesmo. Mas esse tipo de exposição eu considero potencialmente danosa. Ela ainda tem que trilhar um longo caminho, e é apenas uma criança. Tomara que ela tenha os pés no chão mesm

Só pode ser trote: Coluna da Marcia Peltier no JB, 09-09-2005: Mulher Maravilha Gisele Bündchen foi convidada pelos estúdios da Warner para ser a estrela do filme Mulher Maravilha. Desbancou

16/11/2005:    (21:59) Novidades no elenco de Todo Mundo em Pânico 4: Carmen Electra (Doze é Demais 2) e Simon Rex. Carmen, que morreu no filme anterior, fará um pape




(09:49) Finalmente parece que as filmagens de O Alquimista terão

início. Com um ano de atraso desde a última notícia, a produção deve

começar em 2006. As locações não serão mais no Marrocos, mas sim em

Dubai e na Jordânia, de acordo com o site Production Weekly. Laurence Fishburne continua na direção e no papel principal.


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Ralph Fiennes quer voltar a viver Voldemort

Por Érico Borgo


voldemort2.jpgEm entrevista ao USA Today, o ator Ralph Fiennes disse que pretende realizar os próximos filmes da série Harry Potter. O astro de O jardineiro fiel quer voltar a viver o maligno Lorde Voldemort, o inimigo máximo do jovem bruxo.

Fiennes informou que começará a filmar o quinto longa, Harry Potter e a Ordem da Fênix, no segundo trimestre de 2006. O diretor é o britânico David Yates, conhecido principalmente pelos filmes que fez para a TV inglesa.

Na história do quinto filme, aos quinze anos, o aprendiz de bruxo está longe de ser o garoto que tremeu sob o chapéu seletor em A Pedra Filosofal. Separado do mundo dos magos, sem notícias, e com ordens para ficar na casa dos tios e não se meter em confusão, ele é agora um adolescente prestes a explodir. E isso acontece várias vezes ao longo da história, com os amigos Ron e Hermione, com os professores e até com o protetor Dumbledore!! Tudo isso porque a ameaça de Voldemort cresce a cada dia, enquanto o Ministério da Magia - que tem papel fundamental na nova aventura - vira o mundinho perfeito de Hogwarts de pernas para o ar.

Fonte: Omelete

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

Legal, eu gostei desse cara como o Voldemort no HP e o cálice de fogo

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28/12 - 19:42
Filme de Guy Ritchie é o pior de 2005

Revólver, o último longa-metragem do diretor Guy Ritchie, ficou com o primeiro lugar da lista dos piores filmes de 2005.

O filme de gângsteres foi o mais votado pelos membros do empresa LoveFilm, uma locadora de DVD online britânica, ganhando de Alexandre de Oliver Stone, que ficou em segundo.

O terceiro lugar ficou com o filme O Quarteto Fantástico com  Jessica Alba e Ion Gruffudd seguindo por Be Cool – O Outro Nome do Jogo, com John Travolta, Uma Thurman e Vince Vaughn.

Os dez piores da lista do site LoveFilm foram:

1. Revólver
2. Alexander
3. O Quarteto Fantástico
4. Be Cool – O Outro Nome Do Jogo
5. Melinda e Melinda
6. Valiant
7. Casa de Cera
8. A Feiticeira
9. Herbie: Meu Fusca Turbinado
10. Os Gatões: Uma Nova Balada

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Os dez piores da lista do site LoveFilm foram:

1. Revólver
2. Alexander
3. O Quarteto Fantástico
4. Be Cool – O Outro Nome Do Jogo
5. Melinda e Melinda
6. Valiant
7. Casa de Cera
8. A Feiticeira
9. Herbie: Meu Fusca Turbinado
10. Os Gatões: Uma Nova Balada

desse ai eu colocava be cool em primeiro e o quarteto em segundo...alexandre ate q eu gosteismiley9.gif

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The Weekend Warrior's Terrible 20

Source: Edward Douglas

December 29, 2005

As part of my duties as the Weekend Warrior, I'm forced to sit through hours and hours of movies every year…I know, I know… poor me. Usually, I like to end the year by listing all of the good stuff first, since it gives people a chance to see things over the holidays, but this year seemed to be so full of bad movies that it was much easier to write about them first. A lot of these you've probably never seen, and some you may never have the opportunity to see, for which you should be thankful. There are certainly people who won't agree with me on a few of my choices, but these really are the worst movies I've seen among the over 250 movies I watched in 2005. (And if you're surprised not to see movies like The Fog and Aeon Flux in there...I just didn't get a chance to see them.)


20. High Tension -- From France, the country that brought us brie and Maurice Chevalier came this gory slasher flick about two young women terrorized by a serial rapist/killer in the French countryside. Directed by Alexander Aja, who also helms the upcoming remake of Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes, it wasn't so bad that the film was so horrendously brutal, but the misogynistic approach to horror and the ridiculous twist that made absolutely no sense made this an excruciating experience.

19. Doom -- You know you're in trouble when the best part of your movie based on the video game is when it spends five minutes actually recreating the video game, and really, that's the only good thing to say about this movie based on the popular first person shooter "Doom." The Rock should get a Razzie for his performance in this, which may indeed be his worst acting since some of his most laughable moments in the WWF. Then again, next to Alone in the Dark (see below), this probably should win an Oscar.

18. Rent -- On paper, this movie version of the hit Broadway musical helmed by director Chris Columbus would seem like a sure thing, especially with Rosario Dawson playing the part of a junkie stripper, but this suffered more than anything from how dated the whole thing seemed, from the cheesy rock music to the fact that the actors who played the same parts ten years ago were just far too old to make this believable. It doesn't help that most of the New York areas shown in the movie have been gentrified and are actually quite pleasant now.


17. Match Point -- It's a sad day when the great Woody Allen has a movie so bad that it ends up on my worst list of the year, and that's in the same year as Melinda and Melinda, which wasn't so great either. This wasn't just bad because Allen turned his back on comedy and his New York hometown for a thriller about luck and obsession set in England. Somewhere in this two-hour plus film there was probably a great mystery on a par with Hitchcock, but it was bogged down with ridiculous dialogue and pointless scenes that didn't serve the story. Sadly, it seems like Allen really has lost it for good. (Apparently, other critics disagree with me on that, but you can read my full review at the link above.)

16. The Ice Harvest -- Take a great cast, including John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton and Oliver Platt and put them into a noir crime comedy directed by Harold Ramis (Groundhog Day, Caddyshack) and this should be a fun romp, right? Sadly, this never got past the fact that it was a poorly written amalgam of every movie made by the Coen Brothers, and it really didn't have as many laughs as one might expect.

15. Loggerheads -- In theory, Tim Kirkman's indie film about a mother, played by Bonnie Hunt, who gives up her son for adoption at birth and then spends the rest of her life looking for him should have been a moving experience. Kip Pardue plays said son twenty years later, having run away from his abusive foster parents and living with AIDS on a Virginia beach, although good luck figuring that out while enduing the horrid production values and soap opera bad performances.

14. Kids in America -- This low budget indie got a nationwide release a few months back, but good luck knowing that. With its main selling point being Nicole Ritchie as an obnoxious cheerleader, this high school comedy was supposed to teach about tolerance and expressing your first amendment rights, but it really was trying to be a cross between every teen high school movie ever made, both good and bad, and it ended having more bad stereotypes than all of them put together.

13. Shadowboxer -- Those who wondered what it would be like if Helen Mirren and Cuba Gooding Jr. had sex, well excuse me, while I move a bit farther away from you. But that was one of the highlights of this crime drama directed by Les Daniels, who produced such films as The Woodsman and Monster's Ball, which had some appalling moments including some completely unnecessary full frontal nudity from Stephen Dorff, who'll be returning later in our Terrible 20. Seen at the Toronto Film Festival, this hasn't yet found a distributor and if there is a God, it never will.


12. Mindhunters -- Poor Renny Harlin. He's the only director that can take a promising idea like a cross between Survivor and CSI and turn it into something bad. Of course, it doesn't help when your movie stars L.L. Cool J, Christian Slater and Val Kilmer, none of whom have been very well known for their wise career choices. The fact that the movie was delayed almost two years before being dumped into the weekend before "Star Wars Episode III" is rarely a very good sign.

11. The Devil's Rejects -- Don't get me wrong. I have a great deal of respect for Rob Zombie as a musician and as a filmmaker, and this Southern horror film showed a lot of promise with its homages to great flicks of the '70. That said, it was even more misogynistic than High Tension, and you just don't do that sort of thing to Terry from Three's Company and get away with it in my book.

10. The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D -- All I can say about Robert Rodriguez's follow-up to the "Spy Kids" films and Sin City is "Man! This guy should have stopped while he was ahead!" I never saw his previous 3-D movie, but this one gave me a headache, and not necessarily with the awful computer generated dimension either…it was mainly George Lopez's awful jokes that should win him the Razzie if for some strange reason The Rock doesn't get it.

9. Dirty Love -- I love beautiful and funny women and Jenny McCarthy is definitely both, but in moderation. After about 20 minutes of her schtick, you kind of realize why her husband, the director of this film, might have gotten divorced from her. (Hm… that might be too mean even for me!) Watching McCarthy running all over a supermarket looking for feminine products, while leaving a trail of menstrual blood and other similarly disgusting scenes was enough to do me in on this one. Carmen Electra's agent will not want anyone to see this movie.


8. D.E.B.S. -- As mentioned above, I do love beautiful women, and what guy wouldn't want to see two women as gorgeous as Jordana Brewster and Sara Foster in a bit of lesbian love action. Before you start looking for this in your local XXX video store or on Cinemax, this is actually a PG-13 movie about teenage female spies known as D.E.B.S, which makes you wonder who this was meant for…teen girls or horny middle-age men? At least director Angela Robinson was vindicated when she was able to bring "The Love Bug" into the iPod age with the Lindsay Lohan vehicle (get it?) Herbie: Fully Loaded. Yes, that was a step up, believe it or not.

7. Diary of a Mad Black Woman -- Tyler Perry's stage shows have been hugely successful, making literally millions worldwide, and the thought of Kimberly Elise (Beloved) getting a chance to shine in a dramatic lead role of an abused woman sounded promising. But this movie never knew if it wanted to be a drama or a comedy, and it had way too many negative African-American stereotypes. Oh, and the central character is this ugly fat gun-toting granny called Madeo, actually played by Perry in drag. What the hell? Maybe I just had enough of that character when Martin Lawrence played her in Big Momma's House or maybe I won't appreciate this until I'm reincarnated as a black woman.

6. Cursed -- This is definitely the one that got away from director Wes Craven, because the concept of reuniting the legendary horror director with the writer of Scream for a movie about werewolves seemed like a good idea. With a cast including Christina Ricci, Shannon Elizabeth, Jesse Eisenberg, singer Maya and even Arrested Development star Portia de Rossi, everything seemed fine until it was decided to completely change the direction of the movie and the relationship of the characters…after most of it was filmed. Oh, and then it was decided to make it PG-13, which meant that any chance of the blood and gore most horror fans expect from a werewolf movie would be toned down in editing. At that point, it was pretty obvious that this would never be better than Michael J. Fox's Teen Wolf.

5. Yes -- Sally Potter's pretentious drama about the affair between the wife of a wealthy diplomat, played by Joan Allen, and an Arab chef was probably meant to answer some of the post 9/11 race relation questions in many of our minds. As I sat down to watch this, I mentioned to a colleague how annoying I found Shirley Henderson's voice and accent—I even do a mean impression of her!—and she is the first face and voice you seen on screen! Still, it's not nearly as bad as the rest of the movie, which drives home obvious racist diatribes, mostly told in verse and iambic pentameter. At least Joan Allen had a bunch of other better movies this year to fall back on. This movie just made me mad.


4. The New World -- The same can be said for the most recent disaster from Terrence Malick, which also probably started out as a good idea—as these things often do—because it sure would be interesting to see the early days of the American settlers, as they encountered the natives of our land. Somehow, this movie turned into a turgid love story between Colin Farrell's Captain Smith in his normally undecipherable accent and Pocahontas, as played by a 14-year-old first-time actress named Q'orianka Kilcher. Maybe the movie will be better once Malick cuts 20 to 30 minutes out of it for the national release.

3. State Property 2: Philly Streets -- Damon Dash, head of Rockapella Records, directed the second installment of this gangsta dramedy, featuring many of the artists on his label, most of whom make 50 Cent look like Lawrence Olivier. I have pretty much forgotten the plot, but I guess it involved gangstas in Philly that don't get along.

2. Alone in the Dark -- What would a Terrible 20 list be without the presence of Dr. Uwe Boll, Germany's answer to Ed Wood? His second movie based on a video game—it's all he does these days apparently—involved these Alien-like creatures coming to earth via some sort of portal to Hell. I'd get into more details, but as the opening crawl went across the screen, I was laughing too hard to pay attention to its explanation of the premise. And that was only in the first minute of the most horribly incompetent movie made this year. How could it not be when you have Tara Reid playing a scientist? One that can't even pronounce "Newfoundland"? Somehow, the Evil Doctor escaped from this career killer to make another video game remake, out next week, as a matter of fact.

And now, the absolute worst movie of 2005…


1. Undiscovered -- I still remember the evening I was going to go see this. It was handled by the same New York publicist as Good Night, And Good Luck. (my #1 movie of the year), and as they checked people into the two movies, I wasn't really given much of a choice, so I sat through this horrendous film about a musician, played by real-life rock singer Steven Strait, who moves from New York to Los Angeles to find his fame and fortune, accompanied by his brother, played by Kip Pardue. There, he falls for the model-turned-actress played by model-turned-actress Pell James, and the movie proceeds to show how having crazy Brazilian supermodels dancing at your gigs is enough to make you famous. You know you're in trouble when Ashlee Simpson gives the best performance in a movie, but as someone who has worked in the music business for almost twenty years, I was deeply offended by this movie.

That's it for this year. Hopefully, 2006 won't have nearly as many bad movies, but that's just be me being optimistic that they'll be as good as the movies in my Top 10, which I hope to also share in the coming week.
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Terrence Malick e Woody Allen não são unanimidades entre os críticos americanos...embora eu tenha ficado um pouco surpreso também . Os franceses costumam gostar mais de Allen do que os próprios americanos ,hehe .    <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

E tenho que admitir estou um pouco receoso devido à recepção fria obtida por O Novo Mundo até agora . Será que o infeliz do Colin Farrell conseguiu estragar o filme ? Tomara que o Neil Jordan seja esperto e o expulse de “Bórgia” , outro projeto interessante que pode ser estragado pela presença de Farrell .  <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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Várias novidades em 'Resident Evil: Afterlife'

Como o Cinepop já havia divulgado (COM EXCLUSIVIDADE!) há dois meses atrás, todo o elenco sobrevivente do segundo filme da série 'Resident Evil' estará de volta para 'Resident Evil: Afterlife'. E quem também volta à equipe é diretor Paul W.S Anderson, que dirigiu o primeiro filme da franquia e adquiriu mais experiência no gênero com 'Alien x Predador'.

'Resident Evil: Afterlife' trará novamente Milla Jovovich como Alice e ainda Sienna Guillory como Jill Valentine, reprisando seu papel do filme interior.

De acordo com o site Bloody Disgusting, Leon Kennedy e Wekser, personagens dos jogos Resident Evil, também serão adaptados para as telas no terceiro filme da série.

Com roteiro escrito pelo próprio Anderson, 'Afterlife' deve ser lançado em 2007.



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Site de Missão: Impossível 3 lança game de caçada global

Por Marcelo Hessel


1p.jpgAs filmagens principais de Missão: Impossível 3 já terminaram, mas as peças promocionais chegam aos poucos. Enquanto isso, o site oficial do filme tem uma novidade interativa. Basta se registrar na "Ultimate Mission: M:I:III Global Hunt" e participar de uma caçada global que, ao fim, dará uma viagem para a premiére do filme.

A brincadeira começa no dia 6 de fevereiro, durará oito semanas e "desafiará suas habilidades para localizar e decifrar pistas por toda a internet", diz o site. Quanto mais pistas desvendar, mais pontos o jogador acumula na corrida pelo prêmio principal, mais kits de bonés, camisetas e DVDs.

Rodado por J.J. Abrams - que já mostrou que é bom em espionagem na série Alias - o filme tem no elenco Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Billy Crudup, Ving Rhames, Laurence Fishburne, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Michelle Monaghan, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Maggie Q e Sasha Alexander.

A estréia está prevista para 5 de maio de 2006.

Clique aqui para o teaser.
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30/12 - 22:00
Spielberg é eleito o maior diretor de cinema de todos os tempos

Steven Spielberg foi eleito o maior diretor de cinema de todos os tempos pelos leitores da revista britânica Empire, vencendo nomes de peso como Alfred Hitchcock e Martin Scorsese.

Hitchcock, diretor de Psicose e Janela Indiscreta, ficou com o segundo lugar e Scorsese, que dirigiu O Aviador, Gangues de Nova York, Kundun, Taxi Driver, ficou com o terceiro lugar.

O editor da revista, Ian Freer comparou Spielberg aos Beatles dizendo que sua obra tem o mesmo impacto no cinema que teve o trabalho do quarteto de Liverpool na música.

Os melhores diretores de todos os tempos, segundo os leitores da revista, são:

1. Steven Spielberg
2. Alfred Hitchcock
3. Martin Scorsese
4. Stanley Kubrick
5. Sir Ridley Scott
6. Akira Kurosawa
7. Peter Jackson
8. Quentin Tarantino
9. Orson Welles
10. Woody Allen

Spielberg, 58, fez filmes como ET, Contatos Imediatos de Terceiro Grau, Os Caçadores da Arca Perdida, A Lista de Schindler, Minority Report, O Terminal, A Guerra dos Mundos.

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Spielberg planeja refilmar Mary Poppins:


"Don't Leave, Mary Poppins!"





In a reported production move that seems on its face as implausible as flying with the aid of an umbrella, Steven Spielberg is planning to bring back Mary Poppins to the screen, using the cast from the current stage hit in London, the London Daily Mail reported today (Friday), citing Richard Eyre, who directed the show and is bringing it to Broadway in the fall. The West End Poppins uses much of the same script and virtually all of the music as the movie and was co-produced by Thomas Schumacher,

president of Disney Theatrical Productions and British stage impresario

Cameron Macintosh. "I would hope to use as much of the West End cast as

possible and keep Mary English rather than have the role go to a big

American star name," Eyre told the newspaper. Laura-Michelle Kelly

performed the title role on stage that was originally played by Julie Andrews

in the 1964 Disney movie. She received lavish praise from theater

critics -- as well as from Andrews herself, when she attended the

theatrical production last March.





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Era só o que faltava ! Spielberg refilmando Mary Poppins ? Essa me surpreendeu !

Da lista da revista Empire , era previsível que Spielberg ficasse com o primeiro lugar na enquete . O legal foi ver Akira Kurosawa ser lembrado a ponto de ficar em um sétimo lugar , a frente de Peter Jackson e Quentin Tarantino .

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Era só o que faltava ! Spielberg refilmando Mary Poppins ? Essa me surpreendeu !

Da lista da revista Empire ' date=' era previsível que Spielberg ficasse com o primeiro lugar na enquete. O legal foi ver Akira Kurosawa ser lembrado a ponto de ficar em um sétimo lugar , a frente de Peter Jackson e Quentin Tarantino .


Previsível? Sim. Justo? nononono.gif Mas tb reparei no Kurosawa no top 10, o que é um fato notável! E logo depois vem... Peter Jackson?


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(19:49) A Warner Bros. já planeja a produção da continuação de Ocean´s Eleven (com o título de Ocean´s Thirteen) para esse ano.  De acordo com a Variety, Brian Koppelman e David Levien já entregaram o roteiro que Steven Soderbergh irá dirigir, mas a trama ainda não foi divulgada.


Já até imaginamos o título que o filme receberá no Brasil: Treze Homens e Mais Outro Segredo, Além Daqueles Dois que Vieram Antes.


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J.Lo's 'Carmen' Movie To Be Dumped





A planned Jennifer Lopez version of the classic tale Carmen is reportedly being canned - because Hollywood investors don't want to see the actress/singer die at the end of the film. Ray director Taylor Hackford

is convinced the film industry is refusing to risk $50 million because

it wants to keep J.Lo in her usual lighthearted 'girl-next-door' roles.

The venture, inspired by Georges Bizet's

enduring opera, would instead turn Lopez into a sultry Spanish

temptress who ends up being slain by her jealous lover. Hackford tells

the New York Daily News, "Studios are so frightened at the

moment that they are looking for outside money. "There is a great deal

of fear in Hollywood. Many of the films are not working (at the box

office). "(Carmen) is not a sweet, nice girl. This is a piece about a

criminal. "We want to do a tough, hard version, but Hollywood thinks

the audience (for Jennifer Lopez) is 13-year-old girls. "It has an

ending that Hollywood does not like to make."


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Morte de Jennifer Lopez em filme assusta investidores



A atriz e cantora Jennifer Lopez planejava fazer uma nova versão do famoso livro Carmen, de Prosper Mérimée, que também se transformou numa ópera adaptada por Georges Bizet, mas não consegue que nenhum investidor apóie seu filme. Para o cineasta Taylor Hackford, que iria dirigir o longa, as pessoas estão com medo de colocar dinheiro no projeto porque a personagem de J.Lo morre no final.

“Há muito medo de se perder dinheiro em Hollywood”, declarou ele ao New York Daily News. “Carmen não é uma boa garota, é uma criminosa. Queríamos fazer um filme sério, denso, mas Hollywood acha que a platéia [de Jennifer Lopez] é formada por garotinhas de 13 anos. O filme tem um final que Hollywood não gosta de mostrar”, alfineta.

Esse é ou não  é um sinal de que Hollywood ultrapassou todos os limites toleráveis de imbecilidade ?smiley36.gif 

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2006 pode ter recorde de estréias nacionais



Sessenta filmes brasileiros têm condições de estrear em 2006 – 45 deles têm distribuidor, 22 já têm datas de estréia marcada e outros 19 têm datas de estréia apontada. O cenário otimista é delineado pelo semanário “Filme B”, que reúne dados de distribuidores e exibidores. Se todos esses filmes conseguirem realmente salas para estrear – o que é um dos grandes problemas, já que o circuito brasileiro é pequeno – o número de estréias nacionais será recorde. Em 2005, estrearam 46 filmes brasileiros, uma média que tem se mantido nos últimos dois ou três anos.

E não se trata só de quantidade, mas também de qualidade. Entre os títulos nacionais mais aguardados em 2006, estão Zuzu Angel, cinebiografia da estilista assassinada pela ditadura militar, interpretada por Patrícia Pillar, com direção de Sergio Rezende (estréia prevista para 4 de agosto); Veneno da Madrugada, adaptação de livro de Gabriel García Márquez, dirigida por Ruy Guerra (3 de fevereiro); Árido Movie, de Lírio Ferreira, um dos celebrados diretores do cult Baile Perfumado (27 de janeiro); Crime Delicado, de Beto Brant (27 de janeiro); Eu me Lembro, do baiano Edgar Navarro, o grande vencedor do Festival de Brasília 2005 (12 de março); Irma Vap – O Retorno, de Carla Camuratti (14 de abril); Boleiros 2, de Ugo Giorgetti (18 de abril); e o premiado documentário Pro Dia Nascer Feliz, de João Jardim, uma aguda radiografia da educação brasileira (21 de junho)

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