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Ao Entardecer - Evening


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Dirigido por Lajos Koltai, e com nomes de peso no elenco, o drama com cara de Oscar estréia no fim de junho nos EUA.

Sinopse:  Uma mulher relembra uma semana de seu passado, quando conheceu o amor da sua vida, enquanto suas duas filhas a vêem lutar contra a morte. Baseado no

romance de Susan Minot.


-felipe-2007-06-15 18:55:56

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Since his illness, Roger Ebert has mostly limited his reviews to "important" films that have usually earned his "thumbs up." Not so in the case of Evening, which certainly has a cast of "important" actors, including Vanessa Redgrave, Claire Danes, Natasha Richardson, Hugh Dancy, Toni Collette, Glenn Close, and Meryl Streep.

"There are few things more depressing than a weeper that doesn't make

you weep," he writes at the outset of his review. Most other critics

agree. "An impressive pedigree doesn't always guarantee a felicitous

outcome," Carina Chocano writes in the opening of her review in the Los Angeles Times. Similarly Ann Hornaday in the Washington Post

comments that the movie "ultimately flattens under the weight of its

own pretensions and impeccable pedigree. Indeed, it's so perfectly

wrought that you won't believe a word of it." Clearly Kyle Smith in the

New York Post is unimpressed by the "pedigree." His review

begins this way: "This weeping ladydrama -- this cinematic doily, this

chintz wing chair from a P-town antique boutique -- takes us to the

oxymoronic world of WASP emotion. It's overstuffed with boring

Protestants, understuffed with story and beset by hysterical (in both

senses) acting. I'm not going to name any names but ... OK, Glenn Close, Vanessa Redgrave and Hugh Dancy: I've seen more grace and subtlety from a cat tossed into a swimming pool." On the other hand, Wesley Morris in the Boston Globe finds much to praise about the movie and its stars. "Evening

is the sort of film certain moviegoers say they want more of during the

summer and never get," he writes. "Well, now they've got it: a tony

period drama full of the most esteemed stars ... an antidote to summer

super-productions. Nothing in Evening blows up. None of the costumes are made of Lycra, and the acting is the only special effect that matters. ... Evening delivers these women in top form."


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