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Warner Brothers Upping Green Lantern's Special FX Budget


With the release date less then two months away Warner Brother has given more money to fix the special FX in the highly anticipated Green Lantern movie.


With the scrutiny of the first trailer and the release date rapidly approaching Warner Brothers has decided to up Green Lantern's VFX budget by another 9 million dollars. There is no worry that this will affect the release date of the film and WB are shrugging off that there are any problems with the film.




Says Chris De Faria, Warner's executive VP of digital production:




"There is no problem on Green Lantern. We try to add things to make the movie better until the 11th hour. That doesn't mean we're risking the movie up to the 11th hour."






Sony Imageworks and Rising Sun Pictures are the primary special FX companies working of the film and according to Variety's source they are delivering on time. De Faria has also stated that one sequence that was entirely CG had been cut in the development of the film, but after the studio saw an early cut of the film it was added back in and that Pixomondo was hired to complete the scene.




Green Lantern is scheduled to come out on June 17, 2011









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Pessoal, sei que é chato e talz, mas por favor, não coloquem imagens tão grandes porque podem distorcer a página para muitos usuários. 01


Redimensionei as imagens do post do João Spider. 03

Mr. Scofield2011-04-27 09:28:55

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Martin Campbell & Greg Berlanti Talk Green Lantern


Check out what the director and screen writer for the upcoming DC comics adaptation had to say about the scope of the movie, and how they think it will measure up to the many other CBMs out there..


Over at Hero Complex, Geoff Boucher has quotes from the main men involved with WB's Green Lantern. And although they don't reveal anything new plot wise, they do give us some interesting reasons why they feel Green lantern will set itself apart from the similar fare coming our way. Here are some excerpts.








Director Martin Campbell explains what makes his movie unique..




“The interesting part of all this is to take a hero and take an adventure and then go out there,” the filmmaker said pointing to the ceiling and beyond. “That’s something you haven’t really seen.”




"This was a chance to do some things I’ve never done before. We have a story that is very human and very much about human emotions but what’s within that story takes us off-world and into some alien settings that are extraordinary.”






Also, screen writer Greg Berlanti weighs in with why he thinks Green Lantern will take things to the next level..




“Look, to me, Spider-Man, Batman and those movies, I don’t know where you go with those other than plugging in another bad guy. They did an amazing job with those last two Batman movies but really [visually] where do you go with those characters? You’re still in New York or in Gotham. With this you go on and on. The characters, the planets, the reach…this is the hero who takes it the next level and beyond.”






There is more over at Hero Complex from Ryan Reynolds, but it's the same old "Han Solo/Star Wars" spiel he has given about 45 times already. Click the link below to check it out anyway. Green Lantern hits theaters June 17th.







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Lanterna Verde gasta US$ 9 milhões para corrigir efeitos

Faltando menos de dois meses para sua estreia nos cinemas norte-americanos (17 de junho), a adaptação dos quadrinhos Lanterna Verde ainda sofre sérios problemas de pós-produção.



longa acaba de gastar US$ 9 milhões para corrigir falhas relacionadas à

efeitos visuais resultantes de CGI (imagem em computação gráfica).



visto, os problemas desta vez não estão ligados ao uso do 3D. Estúdio

responsável pela produção, a Warner Bros. vem sofrendo com o formato. A

companhia recebeu inúmeras críticas em razão de Fúria de Titãs e chegou a cancelar o lançamento em 3D de Harry Potter e as Relíquias da Morte.


Problemas à parte, Lanterna Verde é

uma das apostas da Warner para brilhar nas bilheterias em 2011.

Fala-se, inclusive, que uma continuação já estaria nos planos da



Produzido por Donald De Line (Uma Saída de Mestre) e Greg Berlanti (Juntos pelo Acaso), Green Lantern (no original) chega às salas brasileiras no dia 19 de agosto.


Ryan Reynolds (Wolverine), Tim Robbins (Sobre Meninos e Lobos), Peter Sarsgaard (Educação), Blake Lively (Atração Perigosa), Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes) e Angela Bassett (Tina) integram o elenco da produção, que será dirigida por Martin Campbell (A Máscara do Zorro).



Fonte: Adoro Cinema.



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Espero que tenham explorado mais os poderes do anel do lanterna, como na parte da metralhadora, uma moto, um carro, pena que o vôo faz isso ser desnecessario, e que me lembra uma série antiga com um cara que materializava objetos acho, do estilo Tron.




Isso daria uma bela perseguição de carro ou moto com mais ação como em Batman, mas..., ele voa.

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Possible Huge Spoilers For Green Lantern Revealed!


Some incredibly revealing spoilers about Green Lantern have been posted online detailing everything from the constructs we'll see to moments taken directly from the comic books, hints at the future of the franchise, easter eggs and more...


Thanks to a heads-up from CBM's own, TheBlackWidow (aka, Twitter's @Zarina_Romanoff) we have the following spoilers which were posted on the SHH Forums by "protocida". As usual, take something like this with a huge grain of salt, but they certainly fit in with what we've heard before and as I'm sure you'll agree, sound pretty damned amazing!










-The Star Sapphire crystal will appear.




-There's a reference to "the prophecy" in the Book of Oa. Probably refering to the war between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps.




-The ring speaks. When Hal first uses it, it says "Voice signature identified. Willpower registed. Ring online."




-Kilowog's power ring makes a cannon-like "BOOM" sound, like in the comic books.




-Hal's constructs include a gattling gun, a giant green hand, a dune buggy, an anti-aircraft gun, a F-18 jet, a sword, giant pulleys and much more.




-Sinestro's trademark weapon is a double-edged Korugarian spear. He also makes a construct of Kilowog at one point.




-The Guardians live in high towers near the Great Hall of Oa. Krona's tower is slightly toppled as a sign of his corruption at Parallax's hands.




-During a battle scene, Hal's and Sinestro's power ring run out of energy, and Sinestro tells Hal to summon his battery from the pocket dimension. Hal says he doesn't know how to do it, and Sinestro asks him if Kilowog never taught him that. Hal says no and Sinestro gruffs before him and Hal unite their rings, opening a small wormhole from where Sinestro pulls his battery. Him and Hal both recharge on it. This is taken almost word-by-word from Geoff Johns' "Secret Origin.




-During the final battle, Parallax tries to possess Hal, but fails. In the process, Hal has a vision of the future, where Coast City has been destroyed and he is the one to blame.




-Hector Hammond tries to steal Hal Jordan's power ring, believing that it can cure his mutation, just as Parallax arrives. It consumes Hammond and tries to use the ring's energy, but fails and then tries to use Hal as a weapon to tap into the nearly unlimited powers of the Green Light of Willpower.






With an all star cast which includes Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Blake Lively as Carol Ferris and Mark Strong as Sinestro, director Martin Campbell's Green Lantern is set to be released in 3D on June 17, later this year!







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Por que só o Hal tem máscara?




Alguns outros usam.




Mas em geral os outros planetas já conhecem a existência da Tropa. Neles o serviço como Lanterna é uma honra. Além de uma série de outras diferenças sociais e culturais que tornam desnecessário o disfarce para os Lanternas Verdes desses outros mundos.




Enquanto que na Terra Hal Jordan não teria paz se a humanidade soubesse que ele é um Lanterna Verde.Nostromo2011-05-04 03:02:46

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 Muito legal este novo trailer. Dêu pra ver os Guardiões, a Tropa em ação, e o treinamento de Hal pelo Sinestro. O filme promete. Como disse o VAN EL, espero que os nove milhões extras dê uma boa afinada no CGI.


 O Trailer legendado


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Rpz, olha só como são as coisas, todo mudo achando que o filme do Thor seria foda e o do Lanterna aquela bosta. Parece que vai ser ao contrário, pelo menos em sequências de ação o Martin Campbell manda bem.



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