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Nicole Kidman confirmada no elenco e na produção - 10/07/2009 14:07

nicolekidman_03.jpgNicole Kidman (Austrália) foi contratada para atuar e produzir o drama Little Bee, da BBC Films.

De acordo com a Variety, a produção será baseada no best-seller de Chris Cleave. Na história, um nigeriano de 16 anos chamado Little Bee conhece um casal viajante de classe média que veio da Inglaterra e está querendo conhecer a região.

O roteiro será escrito por Shawn Slovo (Em Nome da Honra). Já a produção ficará por conta de Gail Mutrux (Kinsey - Vamos Falar de Sexo) e do novato Per Saari.

Kidman também está envolvida em How To Marry Millionaire, Al Final Del Espectro, Need, Monte Carlo, The Eightn Wonder, The Danish Girl, Dusty Springfield e terminou há pouco tempo sua colaboração em Nine.

(R.S.) - Cinema em Cena

 Nicole Kidman uses star power to get Brit thriller Little Bee off the ground
Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman is using her star power to get a thriller movie made about two women caught up in a brutal drama of danger and survival.

Nicole has agreed to star in Little Bee, a picture based on Chris Cleave's scorching novel (published last year as The Other Hand in the UK).

The story is about Sarah, a no nonsense London magazine editor, and a young Nigerian woman, known as Little Bee, who become involved with each other against a backdrop of bleak detention centres in the UK, corrupt forces and oil conflict in Nigeria and an English middle-class couple grappling with moral guilt.


'Little Bee is fighting for her life, really,' explained Christine Langan creative director of BBC Films, who have joined producer Gail Mutrux and Nicole's production company, Blossom Films, to make the movie.

Little Bee makes her way to the UK and there's a fantastic section where she makes a journey from the countryside to London and she makes the assumption that the river will take her somewhere.

'She's never seen a motorway. Seeing Britain through her eyes is quite a voyage of discovery', Ms Langan told me. Sarah, the part Nicole will play, is an Alpha-female and a bit spoilt (actually, someone described her to me as a bit of a 'cow').

'She's one of those very polished, travelled, well-read media types and we all know what they're like,' Ms Langan said with a straight face, before laughing.

Sarah's a woman who happened to do the right thing at a vital moment when her husband displayed cowardice. Nicole had already read the book before Ms Mutrux, who runs an outfit called Pretty Pictures, approached her about joining with the BBC to produce the film.

Shawn Slovo will adapt Cleave's novel and, once a director has been contracted, it's hoped filming could begin late next year or early in 2011 on locations in Africa and the London suburbs.

Because Sarah resides with her family in Kingston upon Thames, Nicole will need a vocal coach to teach her the complexities of the 'Upper Surbiton meets Tolworth roundabout' accent.

The actress will soon complete shooting Rabbit Hole, a film which she produced, based on David Lindsay-Abaire's play. In November, Nicole opens in the movie musical Nine with Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, Sophia Loren and Kate Hudson.



Acredito que é a prova definitiva de que Nicole estará investindo mesmo nesta função de produtora nos próximos anos.
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Tb torço para Danish. Estou lendo o livro e imagino q será um trabalho muito delicado tanto para a Kidman como para a roteirista e o diretor envolvidos. A previsão das filmagens de Danish é para este ano ou o início do próximo, já este Little Bee parece ser mais para frente...

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Acabei de ler q a Nicole finalizou seu contrato com sua agente que cuidava da carreira dela desde 2003 parece. Agora ela está com a mesma q cuida da carreira de Tom Hanks, Clive Owen e Kate Winslet...

Parece q Nicole está mesmo disposta a dar diferentes rumos...
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