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Toyer (Brian De Palma, 2011?)


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Vou postar a notícia no idioma original e, em seguida, a tradução via Google.






Thriller de Brian De Palma ressuscita



- 16/08/2010 18:08




Desde 2003 se fala no thriller Toyer' date='

de Brian De Palma. Após alguns anos sem notícias, o projeto ressuscitou - e

dessa vez, parece que é pra valer.

Na trama, inspirada no livro de Gardner McKay,

um repórter e uma neurologista

ajudam a polícia a investigar o caso de um psicopata chamado Toyer, que não

mata as belas mulheres que seqüestra.


vez disso, ele as aterroriza psicologicamente e usa um procedimento cirúrgico

para colocá-las em coma.

A história do livro se passa em Los

Angeles. Apesar disso, o plano é contextualizar o filme em Veneza, na Itália -

mais especificamente durante o carnaval local.

As filmagens devem começar neste ano.














Brian De Palma Prepping Six-Year Old Project 'Toyer' For A Fall Shoot



12_depalma_lgl.jpgThings have been quiet on the Brian De Palma front and not without good reason. His last two films' date=' the docudrama "Redacted" and the James Ellroy adaptation "The Black Dahlia," were godawful; it's no surprise that the only project he's been linked to lately was "Paranormal Activity 2" (seriously).


Well, it looks like De Palma is looking for a comeback, and he's dusted off a six-year-old project to bring to the big screen. Vulture reports that the De Palma has lined up an adaptation of Gardner McKay's novel and stage play Toyer,

which follows a "serial lunatic." The intriguing premise follows the

titular killer who "doesn't murder or rape his beautiful female victims,

he "toys" with them, torturing them psychologically, then putting them

into a medically induced coma. Anyway, without a capital crime to

prosecute, the police and D.A. can only charge the Toyer with "mayhem,"

and as they're overwhelmed with hundreds of uncleared murder cases, the

Toyer case becomes a lower priority. So a female neurologist who treats

Toyer's victims teams up with a newspaper editor to draw him out and

bring him to justice."


It actually sounds pretty cool and in a

particularly De Palma-ian (is that a word?) twist, the setting will be

switched up from Los Angeles to Venice and set against the Carnevale di Venezia

during "which elaborate masks disguising one's identity." We're sure

the director's already got an elaborate tracking shot all worked out.


The indie production is being produced by Tarak Ben Ammar ("Hannibal Rising," "Femme Fatale") and Scott Steindorff ("The Human Stain," "Love in the Time of Cholera").

No word yet if De Palma adapted the book himself or if another writer

is involved. Production is gearing up to take place later this year in



It's been a long time since a De Palma film truly intrigued us -- "Carlito's Way"

is probably his last front-to-back solid effort, though "Femme Fatale"

is not without its charms -- but this does sound like some great

material and hopefully it will be creative kick the director needs.[/quote']




parece que De Palma está à procura de um retorno, e ele tirou a poeira

de um projeto de seis anos para levar à tela grande.


relatórios que o De Palma alinhou uma adaptação do romance de Gardner

McKay e peça de teatro Toyer, que segue um lunático "serial".


premissa intrigante seguinte do assassino que "não matar ou estuprar

sua bela vítimas do sexo feminino, ele" brinquedos "com eles,

torturá-los psicologicamente, em seguida, colocá-los em um coma

induzido. De qualquer forma, sem um crime capital, eventualmente, a


polícia e só podem cobrar o Toyer com o "caos", e como eles estão

sobrecarregados com centenas de casos de homicídios não apurados, o caso

Toyer torna-se uma prioridade mais baixa. Assim, um neurologista que

trata do sexo feminino as equipes vítimas Toyer's up com um editor de

jornal para desenhar

-lo e trazê-lo à justiça. "





realmente muito legal e em particular de Palma-ian (que é uma palavra?)

Torção, o ajuste será mudado de Los Angeles para Veneza e definir

contra o di Carnevale Venezia durante "que máscaras elaboradas

dissimular a identidade de cada um."

Temos certeza de que o diretor já tem um acompanhamento elaborado tiro tudo funcionou.





produção indie está sendo produzido por Tarak Ben Ammar ("Hannibal

Rising", "Femme Fatale") e Scott Steindorff ("The Human Stain", "O Amor

nos Tempos do Cólera").

Nenhuma palavra contudo se De Palma adaptado do livro próprio ou se um outro escritor está envolvido. Produção está se preparando para ter lugar ainda este ano em Veneza.


Frank_Booth2010-08-18 21:08:06

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Não vi Femme Fatale e Dália Negra assisti apenas uma vez no cinema (em 2006 se não me engano) e achei bem meia boca, principalmente nas partes envolvendo o personagem da Hilary Swank.


Espero que saia algo bom desse Toyer, independente de ser mais calcado nas antigas ou não.



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Sunday' date=' August 22, 2010




















toyerplay.jpgAs I wrote last week, Brian De Palma has been thinking about ways to film Toyer

since at least 2002, when he indicated that he "had an idea to make a

very scary movie, based on a kind of serial murderer that preys on

tourists." Later that year, Le Paradis' Carl Rodrigue & Tony Suppa interviewed De Palma and asked him about Toyer. De Palma explained:


This is material based on a book and a play by Gardner McKay called TOYER [De Palma later stressed that his film was based on the play, and not the book'].

People have been trying to do it for decades. It's a very intensive

psychodrama between two characters, but no one's figured out how to open

it up and make it work as a movie. I got an idea how to do it, and I

pulled it off the shelf last year and adapted it. It took us quite a

while to obtain the rights to the material because Gardner died last

year and we had to deal with his estate and his widow. Finally, we were

able to work out a deal. It's a very terrifying piece of material. It's

been terrifying for over thirty years...

De Palma had taken

McKay's play and expanded it, adding De Palma touches such as flashbacks

that repeated certain scenes from different perspectives, newly

invented characters, and locations to provide set pieces for a true blue

De Palma film.

In 2006, as post-production work was being done on The Black Dahlia, there were rumored to be plans to shoot Toyer

in Venice, Paris, and London. One new character is an English surgeon

named Laura Manning, and it had been rumored in 2006 that Tilda Swinton was in talks for that role. With the various settings, of course, an international cast was planned, and Giancarlo Giannini

had been rumored for the role of the Italian Inspector Scarlatti. With a

four-year gap since the project was last considered, the casting has

started anew, and it will be interesting to see who fills out some of

these roles this Fall.


As noted earlier, De Palma had planned to have Pino Donaggio compose the score for Toyer, and I suspect that will still be the plan. Donaggio also scored Nicolas Roeg's Venice-set thriller Don't Look Now in 1973. De Palma briefly discussed Don't Look Now in 2002 with Rodrigue and Suppa. "I love the way Roeg shot Venice in that period," De Palma said. "I always wanted to shoot a movie in Venice in the winter."


Also in 2006, Thierry Arbogast was set to be the cinematographer on Toyer, and Dante Ferretti, having just worked with De Palma on The Black Dahlia, was getting ready to jump onto the Toyer project, as well. Hopefully this dream team is still available... Incidentally, Ferretti will be honored at next month's Venice Film Festival. On the morning of September 10th, Ferretti will receive the Premio Bianchi prior to the premiere of Gianfranco Giagni's hour-long documentary, Dante Ferretti: Production Designer. The film will then be shown on Italian TV in October.


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