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Oscar 2014: Previsões


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Ator - McCounaghey

Atriz - Bullock

Ator Coadjuvante - Gyllenhaal

Atriz Coadjuvante - Roberts

Diretor - Lee Daniels

Efeitos visuais - Círculo de fogo

Roteiro - Antes da meia-noite

Elenco - August: Osage County

Animação - Universidade Monstros




Grace of Monaco director attacks Harvey Weinstein re-edit of movie

Olivier Dahan complains that a second version of the Grace Kelly biopic has been created by the US distributors, saying the situation is ‘catastrophic’

Ben Child, theguardian.com
October 21, 2013
Image Credit:


The director of an Oscar-tipped biopic which stars Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly has attacked plans by Harvey Weinstein to edit the film as a “pile of sh**”.


Speaking to French newspaper Liberation in comments translated by the Hollywood Reporter, Olivier Dahan stridently defended his right to release Grace of Monaco, which details a period in Kelly’s marriage to Rainier III, prince of the tiny European state, in its original form. Weinstein, who is famed for his cutting room proclivities, recently delayed the film’s debut in cinemas on the basis that it is not yet ready to be viewed.


The film, about Kelly’s intervention in a row between Rainier and France’s president Charles De Gaulle, had been tipped for a tilt at the 2014 Oscars, but will now miss the deadline for the annual awards ceremony. Dahan said there was no need for a delay because his movie is already finished and does not need recutting.


“The film that I am in the process of finishing is complicated to finalise, although actually, for me, it is finished,” Dahan told Liberation. “What’s complicated at the moment is ensuring that you, the critics, can review my version of the film and not that of somebody else. It’s not over yet. I haven’t given up.”


Dahan said he was being blackmailed by Weinstein into signing off on a new edit which did not represent his original vision. “It’s right to struggle, but when you confront an American distributor like Weinstein, not to name names, there is not much you can do,” the director said. “Either you say, ‘Go figure it out with your pile of sh**’ or you brace yourself so the blackmail isn’t as violent. If I don’t sign, that’s where the out-and-out blackmail starts, but I could go that far. There are two versions of the film for now: mine and his, which I find catastrophic.”


He added: “It’s got hardly anything to do with the film. It’s only about the money, the release strategy, millions of dollars and stuff like that. It’s got nothing to do with cinema. I mean, of course it’s about cinema, but the business side. They want a commercial film smelling of daisies, taking out anything that exceeds that which is too abrupt, everything that makes it cinematic and breathe with life. A lot of things are missing.”


Grace of Monaco, which also stars Frank Langella, Parker Posey, Derek Jacobi, Paz Vega and Tim Roth, is currently due for release in March 2014, having been delayed from November by The Weinstein Company, which is co-owned by Bob and Harvey Weinstein. Shot in France, Italy and Monaco last autumn, the film focusses on a period in 1962 when De Gaulle established an economic blockade on the small principality over its status as a tax haven.


Weinstein, a renowned Oscars campaigner who oversaw successful runs for The Artist and The King’s Speech in recent years, has labelled the film a “fantastic, and very glamorous” movie that “could be bigger” than Marilyn Monroe biopic My Week with Marilyn. But he also told the Hollywood Reporter last month: “The score wasn’t ready, a lot of things weren’t ready.”

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Meu caro, minha maldição é maior que todas as forças! Maior que Weinsten, maior que 96 no Metacritic, que bilheteria absurda...huahuha. Ela A-C-A-B-A com qualquer filme. ahuha




Não sei se fico triste ou feliz com Wolf of Wall Street lançado esse ano. Fico feliz pq verei mais cedo do que estava imaginando. Mas fico triste pq  LeoDiCaprio perderá den ovo, pq esse ano tá foda melhor ator. A não ser que o filme seja obra-prima suprema, claro. 

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Que ótima noticia ! The Wolf of Wall Street parece ser um filmaço como todos os filmes do Scorcese



Como o amigo falou ali em cima, é uma pena que talvez Dicaprio não concorra, pois a categoria de melhor ator esse ano está muito disputada

Mas ainda acredito na indicação em melhor filme e melhor roteiro e, quem sabe, em melhor diretor tembém.

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"Se algum dos efeitos especiais parecer falso, todo o filme parecerá falso. Nós simplesmente não temos pessoas o bastante para terminá-lo em dezembro", disse Clooney.


A tá, não tem pessoas o bastante para terminar um filme que se fosse bom, com o elenco que tem, poderia muito bem levar alguma estatueta para casa. Mas como os pobrezinhos não tem condições de termina-lo vamos lançar o filme em janeiro ou fevereiro e jogar o Oscar no lixo!! POR FAVOR, MENOSSSSSSSS!! O filme deve ser uma bomba, #prontofalei.

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Saíram as primeiras críticas do The Counselor, e estão bem divididas. Filme está com 50% no RT.


You wait for "The Counselor" to get started and finally realize it never will - but you can, at least, enjoy the pictures.


No amount of needless chatter can quite dilute the power of The Counselor's grim endgame, especially given the way its writer and director conspire to keep the threat offscreen, like some terrible, unseen force of nature.


The film doesn't temper enough of Cormac McCarthy's excesses, but Ridley Scott and his ensemble find enough meat in his scenario to make for diverting, bloody pleasure.


Almost 100 percent vague, pseudo-profound dialogue and virtually no exposition or character development.


I never thought a movie with this pedigree would remind me of 'Dawson's Creek.'

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 - felipe, já estou vendo a Sasha Stone escrever que, em 2014, haverá a chance de muitas atrizes afro-americanas serem indicadas e uma lésbica assumida (Paulson) também ser indicada. A Sasha escreve muito, muito bem, mas ela tem essa irritante postura americana de categorizar as pessoas por raça, religião, condição sexual, que eu espero que o Brasil não continue copiando. Um mundo em que até distribuição (supérflua) de prêmios tenha de ser por cota não é do meu agrado.

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