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The Garden of Last Days (James Franco, ????)

Jack Ryan

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Foi anunciado hoje pela Vulture que Emilia Clarke (a Daenerys Targaryen da série Game of Thrones) estrelará o filme The Garden of Last Days, a ser dirigido pelo ator-diretor James Franco. A estória aborda uma stripper que precisa levar a filha pequena para o clube onde trabalha, dois dos clientes do tal clube, e uma grande tragédia. Ainda não há data prevista para lançamento.


Abaixo, a notícia da Vulture:



Emilia Clarke Cast in James Franco’s New Movie

Game of Thrones' Stormborn Emilia Clarke will star in James Franco's The Garden of Last Days. According to THR, Clarke will play a stripper who brings her 3-year-old daughter to work with her. Franco is directing and co-starring in the movie, which is based on Andre Dubus III's novel of the same name. The book is about said stripper and two patrons of her strip club, and it's also about September 11, though the movie may focus on a present-day terrorism plot. Oh, James Franco, please dazzle us.


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