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Nightmare Man - com Luciano Szafir


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None of his principals can act-indeed, Luciano Szafir, a Brazilian,

cannot speak English, although he certainly tries. It is also true that

no one has dialogue worth speaking. Because the film is something of a

"good baddie," we might have forgiven some of its sins were it not for

the ham-fisted, high-decibel score by Christopher Farrell that rises to

a neck-jerking crescendo any time anything vaguely shocking is about to

occur. Rarely in the history of cinema has music called this much

unwanted attention to itself.






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50% NÃO! É57 NO ROTTEN!!



Rough around the edges, but it is also frequently funny in its adherence to clichés and does boast an energetic tone.

11/11/07 03:29 PM


The plot is derivative, the dialogue cumbersome and cliché-ridden.

03/01/07 03:49 AM


...succeeds absolutely at what it aspires to ... it's an amusing little "midnight movie" built mostly out of off-the-rack elements.

08/10/06 09:49 AM


Intermittently fun and occasionally witty, with just the right touch of self-awareness.

08/04/06 02:32 PM


If there were a 99 Cents Store for movies, cheapo pic -- designed more for lonely male geeks in their teens and above than the date crowd -- would fit nicely on the shelves.

08/04/06 03:16 AM


Top%20Critic%20Icon Top Critic


All impenetrably dark nighttime shots, politely telegraphed shocks and limp, transparent misogyny masquerading as genre-savvy hijinks.

08/03/06 04:42 PM


A solid, whirlwind of a horror movie, with more twists and turns than a hula hoop competition.

08/03/06 04:40 PM

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