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  1. SPOILERS: Casting has just been completed for 400 extras to play policeofficers in a major scene to be shot next week. The scene is most likely a funeral scene. Why a funeral scene? Well, it turns outthat in his quest to turn the city of Gotham upside down, The Joker (Heath Ledger) knocks off both the Mayor and the Police Commissioner. He goes after DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) by dropping in on a party for Dent being held by Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale). You may already know about the party, especially if you saw those pics. This is where The Joker grabs a hold of Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and ultimately where he first battles Batman. My good friend Peter over at /Filmreported a few weeks ago that The Joker does in fact kidnap Rachel Dawes from the party (as seen in the first Joker pic that was released; the one where he is holding a knife to her throat). According to my source, that is only partly true. It turns out that The Joker shows up to the party looking for Harvey Dent, as he is next in line to die. Bruce Wayne slips out of the party and puts dons the Batsuit (which seems to be getting mixed reactions from the fans). When he re-enters, he throws Dent out of the way, leaving Dawes (who was Dent’s date) unattended. The Joker then takes her as his hostage and ultimately ends up throwing her out of the window. He also jumps out of the window, followed by Batman. Also showing up at the party is Senator Patrick Leahy, who also has words with The Joker. Indescribing Heath Ledger as The Joker, our source said, “Heath Ledger is good. Very Dark. He looked sort of like a bum clown, as if haphazardly done. His hair was nappy — he looked kinda weasely. But he is a twisted, scary guy.” Our source also revealed that the entireparty sequence was shot with a steadicam, with some shots being conducted with an IMAX camera. Our source also tried to helpclear up the “multiple Batmans” rumor that has been running rampant around the interwebs. We obviously know that there are multiple guys in Batsuits running around the city, as evidence from the pictures that were leaked. Our source said that based on the dialogue he has heard in some of the scenes, this is all a ploy by The Joker to damage Batman’s image. It all plays into a sick and twisted mind game that The Joker uses to create chaos. It certainly makes more sense than the “Batman impostor” theory that has been going around. Quite a lot ofinformation, I know. Some of it is new and some of it just clears up information that is already out there, but it is all very interesting. What strikes me is the element of this mind game between The Joker and Batman. That plays so well into Christopher Nolan’s style as a storyteller. The potential is limitless. It also somewhat explains the look of The Joker, with the make-up and the dyed hair. In this version, it seems to me that they are creating a Joker that is less a physical creation and more a mental creation, in that this Joker is just a nutcase who dyes his hair and probably cut up his own face to get that look. If they continue to take him down a darker and more twisted slope, I am in — even despite the fact that his skin won’t be chemically altered to white.
  2. ^ BATEMAN IS BACK!!! Eu to morrendo pela net a fora por causa dessa foto! Hahahahahahah! "Coringas de dentes cariados" "Que porra de Coringa Dingão é esse?!" "Isso aí é uma bicha muita da louca!" "Eu odeio palhaços, e esse Coringa aí tá parecendo aqueles decadentes que ficam fazendo malabáres no transito!" felipef2007-08-17 17:05:37
  3. Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
  4. Direto do informante: The Joker has white skin. With Flesh makeup on top of that. And then clown makeup on top of that. Hard to swallow, it was a little for me too....and then it hit me. Let me first say this information comes from more than a "source" but a REALLY good friend of mine since the times of Begins and I trust him not to lie to me. He told me that the joker applies fleshtone makeup to his skin and then adds the clown makeup on top of that. Do I know why he does that? No clue. Is it a major twist that u don't wanna say on B.OF-boards? Most likely. I remember back in the day Ms Fox (not the scooper of this info this time around) had mentioned it there and Jett removed it claiming no plot spoiling twists. Futher more - if anyone remembers "I believe in Harvey Dent too" and the email you got from "Tragicpast" about uncoding his face under Harvey's, it was more than just directions on how to decode his face. It was a hint to the Joker's twist. This is exactly what it said in the emails that everyone got: "I always say, you never know what a man is truly made of until you peel the skin off his face one piece at a time." And now it makes more sense than ever. I have faith in my friend, so I believe this. Could we be wrong? Of course. But for now, that's my story and I'm stickin to it! Eu sempre confio nele, gente. Mas passaram essa informação pra ele e, pra mim, fica difícil de acreditar nisso aí. PS: já postaram no SHH... Vou avisar ao cara que estão vazando informação dele na net. felipef2007-08-17 12:43:26
  5. Depois de ontem, eu fiquei trilhões de vezes mais curioso pra ver o Ledger atuando.
  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Como você são teimosos! Eu to a páginas falando que não é. Além do pessoal já me ter confirmado, façam igual ao dornas e revejam no Begins. Que coisa mermão! Edit: Eu gostei memso é da primeira foto. Bateman is back! felipef2007-08-17 10:53:57
  7. Só as imagens e não é o laboratório do Fox!
  8. Eu só gostaria que o Coringa tenha pele branca... Mas Enfim...
  9. Hahahaha! E o Ledger careca na outra foto. Hahahaha! PS: Todas as fotos foram retiradas do SHH. Hahahaha! Aposto que depois dessa, não vamos ter nada de novo por um bom tempo... Só dezembro.
  10. Hahahahahahaahahahahah! E se liga no cabelinho BINITO do Crane.
  11. Todas aqui: http://forums.superherohype.com/showthread.php?t=282008
  12. Boa sun! Mas tá faltando... São 19 fotos... Eu que fiquei com preguiça de colocar no imageshack... Rs
  13. O disfarce fica claro, mas não parece ter pinta de Alfred ali não...
  14. News sobre a MERDA das fotos vazadas: 1) I'll email you later. I have to go make sure my ass is covered. Someone is getting fired tomorrow and it ain't gonna be me. - M Weren't mine. Someone else posted them on SHH. - J Please tell me you haven't released those. - M Hey , What do u make of these? - J Atentem para "Someone is getting fired tomorrow"... Depois de hoje, não deve ter mais nada até dezembro. Se bobear, só o site oficial com algumas do Wayne e Alfred... Que merda hein...
  15. Tá tudo aqui no HD mesmo. Hahaha!
  16. AQUI: http://forums.superherohype.com/showthread.php?t=281998 CARA***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: Muitas já saíram do ar... felipef2007-08-16 18:32:17
  17. Outro custom figure do Coringa (O Corvo no original): felipef2007-08-16 17:29:48
  18. Numa das cenas da WWC, vemos um capanga gordo no DPGC com uma luz na barriga e se queixando de dor para um policial. Isso bate com o The Sides e: the Joker planted a bomb inside his own henchman, which will either explode and destroy a part of the police station so he can escape, or at least cause a distraction at the station for his escape.
  19. Foi mal pessoa... Mas traduzir me toma algum tempo. Se alguém puder fazer isso pra gente... SPOILERS: Harvey Dent reveals himself to be Batman at a wild press conference at Superior Court Dent. The National Guard patrols through downtown Gotham. At Wayne Enterprises, a new character named Reese (played by JoshuaHarto) tries to blackmail Lucius Fox using Batman’s identity. Bruce Wayne discusses his plans for Lau (played by Chin Han) with Lucius Fox. But the real question is, who is Lau? Someone breaks in to the Wayne Enterprises’ Research and Development, and Fox is notified. Jim Gordon explains “just enough” to get Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to issue search warrants. For what, we don’t know. Jim Gordon tells Commissioner Loeb (played by Colin McFarlane) that his life is threatened, Loeb drinks to that. Harvey Dent promises the Mayor a crime-free 18 months right before a fake Batman hits the Mayors Office window. A fake Batman hangs from the flagpole outside City Hall. Jim Gordon tries to get Reese out out of the street entrance of atv studio, but an angry mob appears. Bruce Wayne serves as a distraction. I wonder what Reese was doing on TV? May-be he was there to reveal Batman’s identity? But if so, why would Bruce Wayne help him out? The actor playing Reese (Joshua Harto) looks pretty young. May-be he’s an up-and-coming reporter who somehow figured out Batman’s true identity? But this still doesn’t explain why there is an angry mob awaiting his exit from the building.
  20. Mais SPOILERS: A.) Who is Lau? B.) Who is Mike Engell, and what would his revealing of Batman have to do with hospital records? A) Asian Accountant. I don't know much more than that other than it has something to do with Maroni. B)Mike Engell is a radio show host. He has nothing to do with that. I believe Wayne is less concerned with his identity and more with dent's or rachel's conditions. whats the real deal with Jokers skin? i don't who or what to believe anymore, and there is so much shit flying around in reference to this. I know what you and ms. Fox stated...is that the real deal or are you guys not sure? also, do you know under what circumstances does Harvey get scared? is it along the lines of TLH or something like TAS? and one final thing, does the mob turn to the Joker to kill Batman? the teaser kind of hints at that. 1) Ms. Fox's source said he's all white. I believe it and I believe her. Thats the only bit of info I have on that. 2) Harvey is scarred by some guy named "Rossi". A witness called by Dent to testify against Maroni. In a shocking turn of events, Rossi claims Maroni is nothing but a fall guy or "scapegoat" for everything. Then hurls acid in Dent's face. 3) I'm not sure if Joker has any ties to the mob. I haven't heard anything about that. What about the scars on Joker's mouth? How did he get them? Was it Batman's fault? Zipline backsnap caused by a batarang. Ms. Fox's source told her that, but it was being scientifically tested before production to see if that could realistically happen. So depending on that it may have changed. I do believe Joker is responsible for carving it somewhat and making it curve up into a smile. Do we get a sense of how Dent is sorta kinda screwed up even before the scarring occurs? like a moment where hes sitting down lost in his thoughts? I think it had to do with Maroni. He keeps trying to make good on his campaign promise and at every turn Maroni gets away. More and more Dent gets more desperate and his judgement gets blurry.Thats not anything official, just my opinion. Also, does Dent flip a silver dollar or a quarter? silver dollar (50 cent.....g-g-g-g-g-unit! ;P) Does anyone have any idea what happens to Scarecrow? I think he gets captured relatively early by Batman. Who is Stephens? Who is Rossi? Is the Dent Phone Call to Barbara at the VERY END of the movie or will there be like one more scene after that? Stephens is a bullock like character. He's either a really good guy that Gordon trusts, or a really bad guy who's more corrupt than Flass. Rossi - I think is a code name for a character that scars dent. It might even be Lau. If I was a betting man, i'd put a couple bucks on that one. No evidence to support it though. The phone call is in like scene 305. Thats pretty damn near the end of the movie. Idk how many more are after it though.
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