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Nem gosto muito da série, tanto que parei no episódio 4. Mas o de hoje com certeza vou pegar pra assistir 08 ;




E duas reviews do episódio ;


Ellen Gray | Jennifer Aniston steals the show on 'Dirt'

FRIENDS DON'T let friends be upstaged.

But that's just what happens tonight when Jennifer Aniston pops up in the season finale of FX's "Dirt."

Word of Aniston's guest shot - and the accompanying girl-on-girl kiss - was out so long ago that you might think you'd already missed it.

If the plan was to boost ratings for Courteney Cox's seamy little soap by dragging in one of her "Friends" co-stars, waiting until the end of the season to do it would kind of defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?

So maybe it's true that the off-camera buddies just thought it would be fun.

Too bad that Aniston's the only one who seems to be enjoying herself.

As Tina Harrod, a rival editor who may be out to unseat Dirt Now's Lucy Spiller (Cox), Aniston is utterly believable as a pseudo-sympathetic extrovert who hides her own naked ambition behind a wallet-full of baby pictures.

Even more than Cox, she brings subtext to the world of supermarket tabloids and intrusive paparazzi. So much so that when she was offering tea and sympathy to a sitcom actress who's fallen on hard times, I couldn't help wondering if this was the way Vanity Fair's Leslie Bennetts looked to Aniston during the interview for that September 2005 cover story in which the recently divorced actress reportedly burst into tears before baring her soul.

Tina may be three kinds of slimy, but her catch-more-flies-with-honey approach seems more likely to work than Lucy's I-have-the-video-in-my-vault technique.

But then very little about Lucy works, starting with her face, which barely moves. Cox plays the ruthless editor as a Morticia lookalike with a sad, sad past - suicidal dad, unfeeling mom, ambivalent brother - and perhaps that's what she and "Dirt" creator Matthew Carnahan think it takes to make someone behave the way Lucy does.

Because apparently money - and the fun of being good at something - couldn't possibly be enough.

Earlier in the season, Paul Reubens guest-starred as Lucy's go-to investigative reporter, a once-respectable journalist who'd fallen into a bottle but hadn't lost any of his chops. Or his sense of humor.

I might watch a show about that guy.

But until Lucy lightens up a bit - and don't expect it to happen in tonight's cliff-hanger - I don't see much to dig about "Dirt."



Scandalous: Friends Aniston, Cox get down and ‘Dirt’y
By Mark A. Perigard
Boston Herald TV Critic
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jennifer Aniston needs to give up those crazy ideas of being a big movie star and get back to the small screen where she belongs.

Aniston cleans up the season finale of FX’s “Dirt” (tonight at 10) as magazine editor Tina Harrod, a charmer in black who may be after Dirt Now editor Lucy Spiller’s (Courteney Cox) job.

“Is it Bring a Jackal to Work Day?” Lucy asks after spotting Tina in her publisher’s office.

While Lucy runs over anyone in her way, Tina sugarcoats everything with compliments, coos of “sweetie” and a pair of roaming hands. But she’s as much a barracuda.

She rattles Lucy, who reminds her over lunch that any girl-on-girl action between them was just a one-time thing.
“Four times. But who’s counting?” Tina purrs.

Aniston doesn’t get nearly enough screen time, but what she has, she owns. She and best-friend-for-life Cox clearly had fun playing caricatures of their more famous “Friends” characters, Monica and Rachel.

In one running bit heightened by your knowledge of the actresses’ lives, Tina keeps bragging about her new baby.
“It acts just like Lucy,” she says. “She just got her a therapist.”
Yes, they kiss, but it’s framed like a joke on their more excitable male fans at home.

In other stories, Lucy’s top photographer Don (Ian Hart) is terrorized by visions commanding him to kill Lucy.
“You have to kill her to save her,” one figure tells him.
Lucy is frantic to find her only friend, not realizing the danger the schizophrenic paparazzo poses.

Rising stars Holt (Josh Stewart) and Julia (Laura Allen) finally implode over Julia’s game of rape, lies and leaked videotapes. Julia’s attempt to find redemption on an Oprah-like show fails horribly.

Lucy seems to have the worst home security system in the state of California. Her stalker is finally revealed, and it turns out to be just the person you expect.

Later, when one cover subject shows up and demands cuts, it’s not copy that’s at stake. Lucy proves she’ll do anything to get a picture for her magazine. But is this a cliffhanger anyone will care about?

As a sendup of the rags that feed off celebrities, “Dirt” never found a tone, either as a snarky soap or a black comedy. In her short time onscreen, Aniston flashes just the right humor and venom. If only she were smeared all over “Dirt.”

“DIRT”Season finale tonight at 10 on FX. Grade: B-

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Minhas queridas Jennifer Aniston e Courtney Cox. Ainda assim, acho q não existe vida após "Friends", já q os únicos q conseguiram fazer algo q preste foram a Jennifer Aniston e o Matthew Perry. Courtney Cox, coitada, ficou nessa série (embora ocasionalmente dê um show) e Matt le Blanc tentou a sorte numa série a solo: Joey, que é eficaz, mas medíocre em relação a "Friends". Já David Schwimmer não sei nenhuma notícia sobre ele e Lisa Kudrow se afunda ainda mais em bombas e mais bombas, seu último filme foi o desprezível: "Marci X - Uma loira muito louca". Afff...

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