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Planeta Terra (Planet Earth)


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The team behind the multi-award-winning natural history series The Blue

Planet are back with the ultimate portrait of our planet. Four years in

the making, this is the Earth celebrated as never before.




Over the years BBC ONE has shown viewers the most incredible sights on

the planet, but there’s an even more amazing world out there that’s

never been seen, and it’s captured for the first time in Planet Earth.

From the world’s greatest rivers and impressive gorges to the mightiest

mountains, the hidden underground world of caves and caverns, to vast

deserts – so much has yet to be explored.




Planet Earth is the first natural history series to be filmed entirely

in high definition, providing an unparalleled view of awe-inspiring

landscapes from all across the globe and incredible footage of the

rarely spotted, almost mythical creatures that live in these habitats.




The Blue Planet blew audiences away with its alien footage from the

depths of the ocean. Four years on and cameras can now track great

migrations, capture split-second actions, and get amazing footage of

land-based animals in their natural habitats, no matter whether this is

a mountain top, the most remote parts of the desert, or the dark depths

of the forest floor. The world’s premier wildlife cameramen have

traveled all over the planet, even to the most far-flung reaches, to

create the biggest series the BBC's Natural History Unit has ever done.





It’s the definitive look at the diversity of our planet, narrated by

David Attenborough. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the beauty of Planet





Episódios (Datas de exibição no DISCOVERY CHANNEL).


Episódios inéditos: Sabádos ás 21h.

Reprises: Sábados ás 20h (capitulo da semana anterior).

                Domingos ás 01h e 02h e 06h e 07h (respectivamente, da semana anterior e o "novo" episódio)


1     1x01        From Pole to Pole        (24/08/07)

2     1x02        Mountains                   (31/08/07)

3     1x03        Fresh Water                (01/09/07)

4     1x04        Caves                          (08/09/07)

5     1x05        Deserts                       (15/09/07)

6     1x06        Ice Worlds                  (22/09/07)

7     1x07        Great Plains                (29/09/07)

8     1x08        Jungles                       (06/10/07)

9     1x09        Shallow Seas              (13/10/07)

10   1x10        Seasonal Forests        (20/10/07)

11   1x11        Ocean Deep                (27/10/07)



Vale muito a pena ver esse programa. É muito bacana.




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