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Do News.com.au, Feb 24th, Seção de entretenimento:


http://entertainment.news.com.au/story/0,10221,18257720-7485 ,00.html




Rusty wells up




RUSSELL Crowe says he cried when reading the script for his epic Australian romance, written by its director, Baz Luhrmann.




"The first draft I read – goose bumps twice and tears at the end," Crowe said on Macquarie Radio today.


"It's fantastic."




Nicole Kidman also is set to star in the film, which is yet to be titled.




The Australian romantic epic will be set in Darwin in the 1930s, with Crowe and Kidman's characters involved in a love triangle.




The Oscar-winning actors will begin rehearsals in Los Angeles next month.




The film has a rumoured budget of $40 million and Luhrmann has described the project as an epic "on the scale of Gone With The Wind, Out Of Africa or Giant".


Further details on the project are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, including full casting, a name and shooting locations.




"One can't rush genius," said Crowe.




"Mr Luhrmann is a certified genius and when he's got the name he'll no doubt call me up in the morning and say 'by the way I have the name'."




Luhrmann took about seven years to perfect the screenplay.

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Do Blog da seção de entretenimento do Sydney Morning Herald, Feb 24th:


http://blogs.smh.com.au/entertainment/archives/club_metro/00 3662.html




Sing. Sing you bugger or I'll deck ya!




Don't know about you but it was crushing news to hear that the hitherto secret film being made by Our Baz, Our Nicole and Our/Their Russell, referred to as Project Oklahoma by "insiders" (don't you love that term? I come over all New Idea just saying it), was not in fact going to be a new version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.




In case you're wondering, that's the one Our Hugh starred in a few years back in London.




What wouldn't we have given to hear Nicole Kidman sing "I'm just a girl who cain't say no (to Scientologists and country singers with big belt buckles)/I'm in a terrible fix"?.




With maybe the typical extravagant Baz Luhrmann all-singing, all-dancing chorus responding with "It's a scandal/It's an outrage/How a gal gets a husband today".




Imagine the frisson of Russell Crowe singing "the farmer and the cowman (and the actor and clubman) should be friends" to a holographic George Piggins.




Or the tabloid frenzy engendered by the Russ/Nic on-screen pash during People Will Say We're In Love.




Now, we had some limited success a while back with the idea of a musical based on the songs of Leif Garrett. Not surprising really given the (free)base material - both the songs and the character - were not exactly top shelf.




But this is just too good an opportunity to miss and rather than rely on these famous creative heavyweights, with their contracts and fears and agents and all the other things that stop people thinking "outside the square" (don't you love that term? I come over all Ad News Weekly just saying it) it requires the collective consciousness, if not the collective genius, of we the general public.




So here's your challenge, your mission if you will. If you choose to accept it (sorry Nic, couldn't help but drop in a reference to the man formerly known as Our Tom there. Don't worry, it shouldn't happen again) the rewards may not be financial immediately but you will have the warm inner glow.




Come up with the perfect musical Our Baz, Our Nic and Our/Their Russ can make into a movie, explain how the songs can be tailored for the stars and before you know it that knock on the door could be a producer. (Or, yes, a member of the police's anti-stalking unit, but hey, life's a risk.)






Vale a pena entrar neste blog para ler os comentários dos internautas sobre o filme, tem alguns hilariantes. smiley9.gif






Visite meu blog Russell Crowe Daily Planet!Sophie Aubrey2006-2-24 3:47:48

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Do ABC news online, Feb 24th:








Bowen vies for $40m Kidman, Crowe film


Bowen's old jetty, wide streets and colonial architecture could make it the favoured site for a $40 million film.




Mike Brunker, the Mayor of the north Queensland town, says the film would be directed by Baz Luhrmann and is set to star Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.




He says although the film might be shot in Bowen, it would not be about Bowen.




"It's set in the 1930s. We're going to look like the entrance to Darwin apparently," he said.




"I know they've asked us to scout around and have a look for some long horn cows and a few props.




"The vacant block of land down the front beach will be used for three to four months. They'll have to build a proper set. Of course our very romantic jetty out the front will play a part in that as well."






Visite meu blog Russell Crowe Daily Planet!

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Apenas para conhecimento, do The Advertiser, Feb 20:


http://bendigo.yourguide.com.au/detail.asp?class=news&subcla ss=local&story_id=460019&category=General%20News&m=2&y=2006




Darwin bombing will never be forgotten






BENDIGO'S veteran community yesterday marked the 64th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin.


For the men and women who defended Australia against the Japanese forces for almost two years from February 19, 1942, it was an opportunity to acknowledge a serious wartime attack largely ignored by the pages of history.




Alex Burgess is president of Bendigo's Darwin Defenders group, and one of about 18 branch members who served protecting the city.




"I don't think people really understand what happened in Darwin," said Mr Burgess, who was deployed there in June, 1943, and later served in New Britain.




"A lot of the information about the attacks on Darwin was censored and only came to light 50 years after it happened, so we are still trying to make people aware of the full story."




More than 200 people learned more about the attack on Saturday at the Darwin Defenders' memorial service at the Bendigo RSL hall in Pall Mall.




MC Murray Poustie told the gathering, which included many ex-servicemen, that the Darwin Defenders were "very real Australian heroes" who protected the rest of Australia by stoically withstanding an intense and prolonged attack by the Japanese.




Guest speaker Jenny Ellis described her experiences accompanying a group of veterans to Darwin for the 60th anniversary of the bomb.




Ms Ellis said few people would appreciate the magnitude of the Japanese assault on Darwin, which saw 64 air raids and more bombs dropped on the city than were dropped during the much-hyped battle at Pearl Harbour.




"Australians know so little about those who served in Darwin and the Northern Territory; the dangers faced, the hardships endured, food and ammunition shortages, lives lost and sacrifices made," she said.






Do Aussie Travel:






Courage, Resilience & Innovation




War and Devastation Shape The City :




But no two events have shaped Darwin's history more than the Japanese Bombing and Cyclone Tracey.




In 1942 the Darwin population was approximately 2000. There was believed to be only 63 women, about 300 military personnel, with the balance made up of civilian workers. On Thursday 19 February, with the temperature hovering at 33 degrees in the shade and the humidity around 90 per cent, Darwin was waking to another hot day. The wet season was tailing off but you could still "cut the air with a knife". There were 44 ships in the harbour and their sailors were already sweating in the heat.




Unexpected Attack from The Air :




The incoming Japanese planes were first spotted by Father John McGrath at the Bathurst Island mission north of Darwin. He radioed Darwin at 9.30am and this message was passed to RAAF command at 9.37am. Strangely no general warning was given and there was no sounding of alarms. At the first sound of planes many were confused, believing they may be Australian or American because they flew in from the south. The first siren wailed at 9.58am as the Japanese began dropping their bombs. The air raid lasted more than an hour, with 188 planes dropping more than 300 bombs and 243 people killed and over 300 wounded.




Darwin was gripped by panic. Training went out the window as the stampede to exit Darwin as quickly as possible began. In what later became known as the "Adelaide River Stakes", people of all colours and creeds walked, ran, rode bikes, horses and drove cars, not stopping until they reached Adelaide River, 115kms south. Deplorable behaviour perhaps, but with no water and electricity, rumours abounding, no communication, and leaders lacking the skill to take charge, wholly understandable.




The following day headlines in eastern states announced 15 killed and 24 dead. General confusion or military propaganda?. We will never know for sure, but with Australia reeling under the fall of Singapore and other "bad" news, the woes of Darwin were quickly off the front pages. Between February 1942 and October 1943, the Japanese launched more than 60 air raids on Darwin. It was not until the Americans sent reinforcements in April 1942, that the Japanese started to endure heavy losses.




Missing In Action :




An interesting mystery of war is the story of Hajime Toyoshima who crashed landed on Melville Island after the February 19 raid. A float plane was sent from one of the Japanese escorting cruisers but they failed to locate him. It was believed he was found by aborigines, and taken to the mission station, but his name never appeared in Australian records of Japanese prisoners, nor among those who returned to Japan at the end of the war, or died in captivity. He simply vanished. Interestingly, this information was supplied by Fushida, the leader of the Japanese raid on 19 February, who later became a Christian lay preacher and lived in California.






Visite o meu blog Russell Crowe Daily Planet!Sophie Aubrey2006-2-24 4:7:37

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Do jornal Australiano The Sunday Telegraph, 26 de Fevereiro (o artigo ainda não está online)




Crowe flies high!




IT'S shaping up as a maximus (sorry!) year for Russell Crowe. Not only will he star alongside Our Nic in Baz Luhrmann's Australiana epic, he's in conversation with director Ridley Scott. "Baz is a genius. Where he goes, I'll go," Crowe told me. "I’m in talks with Ridley Scott about a third film together called American Gangster. It will be shot this year in New York." On working with Kidman for the first time, a cheery Crowe said: "Well, it's about time."...






Russell Crowe Daily Planet, um blog em Português sobre o Russell!Sophie Aubrey2006-2-26 17:26:17

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Do jornal australiano Sydney Morning Herald, de 23/03:


http://www.smh.com.au/news/film/acting-giants-to-costar/2006 /03/22/1142703405863.html




Acting giants to co-star




By Peter Mitchell


March 23, 2006




HOLLYWOOD tough guys Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington will go head-to-head later this year in what could be one of the great acting showdowns.




The Oscar winners, two of the most dominant leading men in Hollywood over the past decade, will co-star in the Ridley Scott-directed crime drama, American Gangster. The film is set in the 1970s and based on the true story of how Harlem drug lord Frank Lucas smuggled heroin into the US in the coffins of American soldiers killed during the Vietnam War.




"It's about one of the biggest and most notorious drug dealers in the history of America, Frank Lucas, and a New York detective, Richie Roberts, who tracks him down," Washington said during an interview to promote another crime thriller, Inside Man.




"Eventually the two of them become friends."




He will play Lucas while Crowe takes the part of Roberts. Washington, 51, who won the best actor Oscar in 2002 for Training Day, beating fellow nominee Crowe ( A Beautiful Mind), says he relishes the challenge of working with Hollywood's best.




Washington had another all-star cast to work with in Inside Man, led by Jodie Foster and Clive Owen. Spike Lee directed the thriller, which opens in Australian cinemas next week.




Owen plays the mastermind of an elaborate heist of a Wall Street bank. Washington is a New York police negotiator.




Foster is a mysterious, designer suit-wearing troubleshooter hired by the billionaire owner of the bank. The plot leads to many tense scenes between the three leads.




"That's what it's all about," Washington said. "You want to work with the best.




"I remember years back working with Gene Hackman. It was the same kind of thing. It's not a competition. We're working together, but you want to be on your toes and be prepared."




Washington said he was not interested in being the dominant actor on the set, a trait that could lead to tension with co-stars like Crowe. "I don't have to dominate," Washington said.




"I don't even use words like that. It's not my style."




Washington and Crowe have worked together on a film before, the unmemorable Virtuosity, about a virtual reality serial killer.




Washington said American Gangster was set to begin filming in the mid to late part of this year. Inside Man opens in Australia on March 30.




Crowe is clearly going to be busy this year, because he is also starring in director Baz Luhrmann's next film, an Australian epic to be shot on location and at Fox Studios from August.




Luhrmann announced yesterday he is holding cattle call auditions for the new film - literally. He and his film production team are scouting the Northern Territory and Western Australia to find prime examples of the shorthorn cattle which will appear in the film. Luhrmann said the breed was no longer common on the territory's cattle stations, but insisted the correct period cattle were essential to the project's success. As well as looking the part, they also need to be able to work together as a herd.




Luhrmann, who is directing, co-writing and producing the film, has recently returned from Nashville where he worked with the film's co-star Nicole Kidman on script and costume.








Visite Russell Crowe Daily Planet, meu blog em Português sobre o Russell!

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E o épico do Baz talvez só no ano que vem.




Dos jornais australianos The Daily Telegraph, 30/03:


http://www.dailytelegraph.news.com.au/story/0,20281,18644858 -5001025,00.html




Baz is poised for Aussie epic




March 30, 2006




IT'S big, it's local and it stars Russell Crowe, so Baz Luhrmann's next "epic" is bound to be the subject of countless rumours.




The latest, that it's going under, is just puff, says Luhrmann's camp.




The only problem at this stage, it appears, is getting studio 20th Century Fox to sign off on the budget. Then it will be all systems go by August, an insider told Michael Bodey.




Luhrmann has already consulted with Crowe and Nicole Kidman on the script for the romantic epic which begins in the mid-1930s and ends with its major set-piece, the 1942-43 Japanese bombing of Darwin.




Luhrmann, who is also co-writing and producing, recently flew to Los Angeles to work with Crowe after the Academy Awards. He then darted to Nashville, hometown of Kidman's beau, Keith Urban, to collaborate with the actress on the script and costumes.




Crowe, after watching his footy team the Rabbitohs on Sunday, flew to New Zealand.




Confirmation of the film's budget and name is expected within the next fortnight, with a number of Australian locations, including the Kimberleys, Darwin, Bowen and Sydney's Fox Studios, waiting with anticipation to see if they'll get a piece of the lucrative action.




Even Newcastle believes it may be a chance to double as the Darwin pier after the film's location manager called Film Hunter agents.




"They were looking for a pier and there was something in the Newcastle area that I was able to show them," Film Hunter's Christine Armstrong said.








e do jornal The Australian, 30/03:


http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,574 4,18650125%255E16947,00.html




Baz's outback film epic on hold




Sandy George


March 30, 2006




FILMMAKER Baz Luhrmann has confirmed that some crew have been stood down from his upcoming film and evidence is gathering that shooting is unlikely to start this year.




The combination of the towering talent of Luhrmann with the internationally famous homegrown stars, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe, makes this one of the most significant Australian films of all time.




But this very combination, the film's World War II setting and the difficulties of shooting in remote locations - it is an epic romance and the Kimberley and the Queensland town of Bowen have been mentioned as possible locations - means 20th Century Fox will not give production the green light until it is confident that the huge investment will pay off.




"To say that it is a complex and large-scale undertaking is an understatement and I cannot formally announce the project until all of the crucial elements are secure," said the director of Moulin Rouge, Romeo+Juliet and Strictly Ballroom.




"Currently, they are not, and so it is true we've had to disengage some of our very loyal team. As soon as we are able to bring those crucial elements together I will be able to make a formal announcement concerning the starting date of the production, at which time it will also be named."




He added that the enthusiasm and support from the creative team and crew, local and state governments and members of the community to see the film made has been "unflinching".




Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe's schedules and the need to wait for manageable weather conditions indicate shooting may not occur until next year.




Luhrmann only last week was in the outback researching locations.




Kidman is known to be shooting an untitled film by Noah Baumbach, who directed The Squid And The Whale, in New York for two months from next week. Crowe is widely reported to be doing American Gangster with director Ridley Scott and co-star Denzel Washington from July.




Add to that Luhrmann's assertion to The Australian last month that filming had to start in August at the "absolute latest" because of the wet season.




Luhrmann was deep in planning the film in the Northern Territory and Western Australia only last week. Only a couple of weeks before, he was working in Los Angeles with Crowe, and was in Nashville with Kidman working on the script and on costumes.




If the film is delayed it will be a bitter disappointment to all concerned. But it ain't over until the fat lady sings.








Russell Crowe Daily Planet, meu blog em Português sobre o Russell!Sophie Aubrey2006-3-30 4:33:53

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Ledger replaces Crowe in Luhrmann movie

By Indo Asian News Service

New York, May 30 (IANS) Oscar winner Russell Crowe has been replaced by Heath Ledger in the untitled Baz Luhrmann movie because he demanded script approval.

According to pagesix.com, the movie, which stars Nicole Kidman in the female lead, is a love story set in Australian outback just before the Japanese bombardment of Darwin in 1942.

The producers asked Luhrmann to get another actor and he chose Ledger after meeting a lot of actors.

A source said: 'Luhrmann liked him and offered him the movie. Then Crowe came back to Luhrmann and said he'd forego script approval and wanted to do the movie, but they told him it was too late - to buzz off.'
FONTE: www.nicolekidmanunited.com

Agora podemos ver esse filme quem sabe ser filmado ainda este ano e ano q vem chegar aos cinemas...

Agora q é uma situação no mínimo inusitada do destino ver Nicole fazer par com o ex de sua melhor amiga,depois da descartada rápida q ele deu em Naomi,isso é.


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A fonte dessa notícia infelizmente não é confiável de todo, que é a coluna PageSix do jornal The New York Post. Não há ainda informação oficial de Baz Luhrmann, ou do Russell, ou algo publicado no Variety ou Hollywood Reporter.




Talvez o PageSix esteje fazendo confusão com uma notícia publicada em 04/05:




by Newstrack - UPI.com, 04 May 2006




LOS ANGELES, May 4 (UPI) -- Colin Farrell has reportedly been replaced by "Brokeback Mountain" star Heath Ledger in Bob Dylan biopic, "I'm Not There," it was reported Thursday.




FoxNews.com reported director Todd Hayes was forced to make the last minute hire after Farrell dropped out of the project for undisclosed reasons.


The film -- which actually has six different actors playing the folk-rock icon -- is to start shooting this summer.




Joining Ledger in the cast are Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere, Christian Bale and Julianne Moore, sources told FoxNews.com columnist Roger Friedman.




More than a dozen classic Dylan songs will performed by acts such as the White Stripes and Aimee Mann.




© Copyright 2006 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved






Atualmente Russell está filmando Tenderness, Nicole também está filmando o filme sem títutlo de Noah Baumbach, e segundo o IMDB as filmagens da biografia de Bob Dylan estão programadas para o verão europeu na Romênia.





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Russell parece realmente estar fora, mas Heath não está no filme também, agora com informações oficiais do Variety!




Artigo do Cariety de 31/05/2006!




Inside Move: Crowe flies coop on Oz epic


Thesp leaves Luhrmann after studio spats








What's going on with Baz Luhrmann's period Australian epic?




Russell Crowe, who said yes long ago to starring with Nicole Kidman in the drama for 20th Century Fox, departed last week after disagreements with the studio.




A report in the New York Post (both the tab and 20th are owned by Rupert Murdoch) said Heath Ledger had replaced Crowe, who was spurned when he tried to return to the pic. In fact, reps for the "Brokeback Mountain" star confirmed he had passed.




Kidman and Luhrmann are still attached to the project, which 20th is going forward with. It's unlikely Crowe will return, as studios were buzzing about his sudden late-year vacancy, the same as they did after the implosion of the Fox comedy "Used Guys" over a budget that went north of $110 million.




The development indicates the fragility of projects, no matter how hot the participants. Coming off "Moulin Rouge," Luhrmann was poised to direct an epic about Alexander the Great with producer Dino De Laurentiis. Unfortunately, he was beaten to the punch by director Oliver Stone and the project stopped in its tracks and robbed Luhrmann of several years' worth of momentum. Given the Crowe-Kidman epic was his comeback, the sudden leading-man loss can't be heartening to the filmmaker.




Crowe himself is not immune to experiencing canceled projects. He and Kidman last year were set to star in another all-Aussie effort, the Jocelyn Moorhouse-directed Fox drama "Eucalyptus." That film fell apart over creative differences.




Ironically, Crowe is preparing to star alongside Denzel Washington for director Ridley Scott in "American Gangster," a picture that was previously unplugged by Universal Pictures when Washington had a pay-or-play deal to star with Benicio Del ToroBenicio for director Antoine Fuqua.




Date in print: Wed., May 31, 2006, Los Angeles

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Acabei de ler isso no Omelete.com.br :


Russel Crowe fora do alardeado épico de Baz Luhrmann

Por Érico Borgo


kidman_crowe.jpgA novela do novo épico de Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge) continua.

A grandiosa produção, que teria Nicole Kidman e Russell Crowe interpretando amantes, originalmente seria rodada entre agosto e setembro na Austrália. Em abril, porém, foi adiada por conflito de agendas entre os protagonistas.

Agora a coisa se complica ainda mais, já que Crowe acaba de deixar o projeto. Segundo a Variety, o esquentado astro desentendeu-se com a 20th Century Fox na semana passada.

O estúdio já procura um substituto para o Gladiador. Com o sucesso de O segredo de Brokeback Mountain, Heath Ledger foi o primeiro a ser procurado, mas já recusou o papel.

O filme vem sendo comparado ao clássico E o vento levou por seus cenários grandiosos e o teor dramático em meio a acontecimentos dos anos 30 e 40, especialmente a Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Como a atriz, o diretor, Crowe, Ledger e o roteirista Stuart Beattie (Colateral) são todos australianos, acredita-se que o substituto do astro será também da terra dos cangurus.


Bom,com Heath Ledger ou não o fato é q Baz se livrou,com o perdão da palavra, do cú doce do Russell Crowe(tenho para mim até q estes adiamentos de filmagens tenham ocorrido pricipalmente pelo comportamento de Crowe).Assim como em Eucaliptos,os conflitos sempre surgem de sua parte.Que me perdoem os fãs do cara,vá com Deus!

A tempos quero ver o retorno da Nicole com sua parceria com Luhrmann e me vem o tal do Crowe e seus ataques de estrelismo.Que Luhrmann escolha outro australiano mesmo e se não for Ledger(q é um bom ator),q seja outro...Sugiro até o Eric Bana q assim como os envolvidos é australiano e já mostrou q consegue ter o carisma necessário a um protagonista,roubando a cena de Brad Pitt em Troia.

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O site A Arca dá detalhes saborosos da saída do Crowe: smiley36.gif


Russell Crowe é chutado dos sets de Ten Thousand Horses

Por Zarko

Clique aqui para ver maior.
'Já te falei, Russell, humildade abre portas, caceta!'
Esta é legal: o oscarizado senhor Russell Crowe, que como todos sabem tem uma bela fama de encrenqueiro, foi literalmente chutado dos sets de filmagem de seu novo film... ops, seu EX-novo filme, o épico Ten Thousand Horses, que co-estrelaria ao lado de Nicole Kidman. E tudo isso porque o ator quis dar uma de bonzão...

Segundo a Variety, Crowe teria exigido de seu diretor, o senhor Baz Luhrmann, acesso direto ao roteiro antes de qualquer coisa, ou seja, como condição de estrelar a fita, ele queria também aprovar e fazer as mudanças que quisesse no roteiro escrito por Stuart Beattie. Luhrmann não se fez de rogado e demitiu o dito cujo! Quando Crowe voltou com o rabinho entre as pernas, abrindo mão deste detalhe, já era tarde; o cineasta contratara o não menos talentoso Heath Ledger (de O Segredo de Brokeback Mountain) para ocupar o lugar de Crowe.

Olha, eu odeio os filmes do Baz Luhrmann. Mas já virei fã do cara só por causa desta! Hehehe. Sobre o longa, sabe-se apenas que é um romance passado na Austrália em 1942 e que custará aproximadamente US$ 150 milhões. :-)
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Parece q o novo longa de Baz Luhrmann está mesmo sem um protagonista masculino definido,vejam esta notícia:

Ledger Rejects Crowe Role

By WENN| Thursday, June 01, 2006

HOLLYWOOD - Heath Ledger has turned down the chance to replace Russell Crowe in Baz Luhrmann's new $150 million untitled film epic.

The Gladiator star was set to play Nicole Kidman's lover later this year in the movie set around the Japanese bombing of Darwin, Australia, in 1942.

But Crowe has been accused of demanding script approval before signing on for the film. While Crowe was procrastinating, the film's producers reportedly told Luhrmann to find another actor. The director then met with Ledger several times.

A source tells the New York Post, "Baz liked him and offered him the movie. Then Crowe came back to Luhrmann and said he'd forgo the script approval and wanted to do the film, but they told him it was too late--to buzz off."

But the Moulin Rouge! director is now stranded without a leading man after Brokeback Mountain actor Ledger passed on his project in favor of another big budget movie, according to Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

Articles Copyright World Entertainment News Network All Rights Reserved.

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Russell fala à respeito através de e-mail enviado ao jornal australiano The Sydney Morning Herald, 04 de Junho:


SMH artigo!




Dumped Crowe at a loss to explain the director's cut




Christine Sams - Entertainment Reporter


June 4, 2006




AdvertisementRussell Crowe has revealed director Baz Luhrmann dumped him from an Australian-based film project before the Oscar-winning star had a chance to comment on a draft script.




The actor has confirmed rumours he will no longer be involved in Luhrmann's $150-million, Gone With The Wind-style Australian epic that was set to star Crowe and Nicole Kidman.




But despite rumours he had tried to gain full script approval, the actor said he had no chance to make demands regarding the second draft.




Instead, he said he barely had time to read it, before he was told by Luhrmann and producers from 20th Century Fox he was no longer needed for the film.




"Before I could tell them what I thought of the script, they'd moved on," Crowe wrote in an exclusive email to The Sun-Herald last week. "That's their choice."




Crowe expressed surprise at his removal from the project, saying "My reps stand by their efforts in trying to make this work . . . we did not disengage, Baz and Fox did".




Crowe said he had five days to read the second draft script for the movie, during a period where he was also working on another film, Tenderness, directed by John Polson in New York.




The actor said when he did read the script he thought it was "brilliant", but he never had a chance to discuss his thoughts with Luhrmann or Fox.




"I was given the draft [on the] 12th [of] May, the day I flew out to New York, and replied by 17th of May. Too late apparently," he said. "There was nothing that wasn't usual in our deal process [before that]," he added.




But Crowe's reputation as an outspoken perfectionist may have lead to early demands from US studio bosses, nervous about his pedantic involvement in the script. It is believed Crowe's dissatisfaction with the script for Eucalyptus, an Australian film also set to star Nicole Kidman, ultimately lead to the project's demise.




Crowe admitted executives from 20th Century Fox made early demands regarding the script-reading process for Luhrmann's film.




"I was given the script with a demand from the studio that I waive script approval before I read it," he said. "Before I could tell them what I thought of the script, they'd moved on."




Despite being removed from the film - a project he had championed publicly for several months - Crowe said that he still admired Luhrmann enormously.




"I love Baz, he's a boy wonder, genius for sure," he said. "And I'll tell you, as I told Fox, when I finally got the second draft it was brilliant.




"I trust that Baz will make the movie he wants to make and that's absolutely the way it should be."




Nicole Kidman is still believed to be involved in the film project, set to be made in the Kimberley region of Western Australia as well as the Northern Territory, but Luhrmann is searching for a leading man.




The script for Luhrmann's movie centres on a love story set in Darwin in the 1930s and '40s.




The Australian-based project is a vital one for Luhrmann, who has not made a film since Moulin Rouge, which also starred Kidman.




Luhrmann had planned an epic version of the life of Alexander the Great, which included a request to Prime Minister John Howard to use members of the Australian Army as extras, but the lavish project never got off the ground.




For Crowe, whose next cinematic release is A Good Year (which was filmed in France), his exit from Luhrmann's project opens up a hole in his professional schedule later this year.




But the actor is expecting his second child with his wife Danielle Spencer, so it is likely he will concentrate on fatherhood while considering other offers.






Nessas alturas do campeonato, eu espero que a Nicole ainda não tenha se arrependido de ainda estar ligada a este projeto, porque ela acabou de perder um dos papéis que ela tanto queria fazer em Dirt Music para a Rachel Weiz, conforme o ComingSoon anunciou esta semana:






Ledger and Weisz Play Dirt Music




Source: Variety June 2, 2006




Heath Ledger and Rachel Weisz are circling Dirt Music, an adaptation of the Tim Winton novel that will be directed in Australia by Phillip Noyce (Rabbit-Proof Fence), reports Variety.




Set in the dramatic landscape of Western Australia, Dirt Music tells the story of Luther Fox, a broken man who makes his living as an illegal fisherman -- a shamateur. Before everyone in his family was killed in a freak rollover, Fox grew melons and counted stars and loved playing his guitar. Now, his life has become a "project of forgetting." Not until he meets Georgie Jutland, the wife of White Point's most prosperous fisherman, does Fox begin to dream again and hear the dirt music -- "anything you can play on a verandah or porch," he tells Georgie, "without electricity." Like the beat of a barren heart, nature is never silent.




Noyce and his Rumbalara Films partner Miranda Culley are producing, and the script was originally adapted by Justin Monjo, who previously adapted Winton's novel "Cloudstreet" into a stage hit. Pip Karmel did the most recent draft

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Do jornal australiano The Sunday Telegraph, 04 de Junho:


Artigo do jornal aqui!




No big fuss for Baz or Russ




THERE are no hard feelings between Russell Crowe and Baz Luhrmann after the Oscar-winning director dumped the Oscar-winning actor from his upcoming Australian war epic.




And it had nothing to do with Crowe demanding script approval, as has been reported.




"I love Baz; he's a boy wonder genius for sure," Crowe told me from New York where he is playing a cop in John Polson's latest movie, Tenderness.




"And I'll tell you, as I told Fox, when I finally got the second draft it was brilliant. I got given the draft May 12, the day I flew out to New York; replied by May 17. Too late, apparently."




The script was by Australian screenwriter Stuart Beattie, who wrote Collateral, and Ron Harwood who penned The Pianist for which Adrien Brody won a Best Actor Oscar.




"There was nothing that wasn't usual in our deal process," Crowe continued. "My reps stand by their efforts in trying to make this work. We did not disengage, Baz and Fox did.




"I was given the script with a demand from the studio that I waive script approval before I read it. Before I could tell them what I thought of the script, they'd moved on. That's their choice. I trust Baz will make the movie he wants to make; that's absolutely the way it should be."




Meanwhile, Crowe is "impressed and quietly proud at how organised and effective" Polson is as a director. "He's getting great performances from the young actors in the cast."

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O q eu acho q tenha acontecido foi uma confusão de informações...

Como a Nicole queria participar do novo projeto do Philip Noyce com o Heath Ledger e paralelamente o Crowe saiu de Ten Thousand Horses.A informação de q Kidman poderia estar em um filme com o Ledger deve ter vasado e concluiram q poderia ser o do Baz já q naum havia protagonista masculino mais.Suponho...

Resta esperar e torcer para um excelente substituto para Crowe.

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Caro Texter




Há quase dois anos que tenho lido alguns artigos (mas infelizmente não tenho os links) de que o Philip Noyce gostaria muito de ter a Nicole em Dirt Music, e acho que ela deveria realmente estar muito à fim. Já li o livro, é um drama bem denso, com um triângulo amoroso dois personagens masculinos e um feminino. É pena que o livro ainda não tenha sido para o Português.




Não há confusão entre os filmes, o problema é que parece que enfim os dois vão entrar em produção ao mesmo tempo e sendo filmados na mesma região.

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Sophie Audrey,

a confusão q eu digo é por parte da imprensa em afirmar q Heath estaria com Nicole em Ten Thousand horses justamente pela existência deste filme do Philip Noyce e pelas caracteristicas dadas a respeito deste longa anteriormente.Naum sei, são só suposições...smiley36.gif

Eu espero realmente q Nicole naum desista deste filme(a muito quero vê-la dirigida por Baz) e q achem um protagonista masculino a altura dela...Quero ver Ten Thousand saindo do papel!

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A última e mais absurda notícia, claro que só poderia ter vindo do The Sun (famoso tablóide londrino) de 05/06:






Russell romance finished




RUSSELL CROWE has been ditched as NICOLE KIDMAN’s leading man in a Gone With The Wind-style movie — and now she wants to rope in her fiancé instead.




Russell has blamed differences over the script for being axed.




But sources say he made too many demands on the as-yet untitled movie’s small budget.




HEATH LEDGER was lined up as a replacement but turned it down.




So now Nicole has asked director BAZ LUHRMANN to consider her hubby-to-be, country singer KEITH URBAN.




Nicole, who turns 40 this year, wants whoever plays her love interest to be of a similar age to her.




The movie is due to start filming in the Australian outback next year.




Nicole and Keith will marry in Sydney later this month, just 18 months after meeting.




He was in a drama troupe as a teenager and a source said: “Nicole thinks he would be perfect for the role and that their real life magic would jump on to the screen.




“Plus she’s dreading being away from him during a six-month shoot in the outback."

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Hugh Jackmann irá subistituir Russell!




De acordo com o Hollywood Reporter de hoje:


Link do artigo!




Jackman joins roundup for Luhrmann pic




By Tatiana Siegel




Just weeks after Russell Crowe dropped out of writer-director Baz Luhrmann's untitled period epic, fellow Australian Hugh Jackman has signed on to replace the mercurial star.




Jackman will star opposite Nicole Kidman in the 20th Century Fox romantic action-adventure set in northern Australia before World War II. The film centers on an English aristocrat (Kidman) who inherits a ranch the size of Maryland. When English cattle barons plot to take her land, she reluctantly joins forces with a rough-hewn cattle driver (Jackman) to drive 2,000 head of cattle across the country's most unforgiving landscape, only to face the bombing of Darwin, Australia, by Japanese forces.




The Tony Award-winning actor ("The Boy From Oz") enjoys a solid relationship with Fox, coming off the boxoffice success of "X-Men: The Last Stand," in which he reprised his role as Wolverine. Jackman also is attached to star in the studio's thriller "The Tourist."




"He just continues to astound in terms of his range, whether it's 'Boy From Oz' or Wolverine," Luhrmann said in an interview. "He's always been a leading man, but he is moving toward being an iconic leading man, which is perfect for the story we're doing."




After news leaked that Crowe was dropping out because of differences with the studio, the project appeared to be in jeopardy. Several names, including Heath Ledger, surfaced as a replacement. Luhrmann said Ledger is still a possibility, but for the film's third lead.




Luhrmann also said he expects to work again with his friend Crowe. "I know that Russell and I want to work together. The question is on what," he said. "Working with Russell in the future is something that I definitely look forward to doing."




Jackman's upcoming films include Darren Aronofsky's "The Fountain," Woody Allen's "Scoop" and Christopher Nolan's "The Prestige."




Luhrmann's film begins preproduction in October and shooting starts in Australia in February.




Jackson is repped by Endeavor.

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Gostei de substituirem Crowe por Jackman...

O enredo tb foi revelado :Nicole vai interpretar uma aristocrata inglesa que herda um rancho do tamanho de uma cidade, no norte da Austrália. Quando barões ameaçam tomar suas terras, ela se junta a um bruto vaqueiro (Jackman) para guiar as mais de duas mil cabeças de gado de sua criação através do país. A jornada os leva a Darwin, local prestes a ser bombardeado pelos japoneses.

Luhrmann ainda deixou em aberto a possibilidade de Ledger viver um terceiro personagem principal.Segundo o Cinema em Cena as filmagens começam em fevereiro de 2007.

A única dúvida q para mim paira são de que eu acho q Nicole e Hugh tem filmes previstos para serem filmados no inicio do ano(Nicole tem The Lady from Shangai e Hugh tem Wolverine),ou estou enganadosmiley25.gif


texer2006-6-7 17:25:45
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