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Funny "Walk Hard" Music Video

11-09-2007 (09:00:32)



is a music video from the film "Walk Hard," which features John C.

Reilly performing the title song, with clips from the movie spliced in.

Some of the scenes show Reilly's character flipping a car and then meeting Elvis and The Beatles.



story revolves around a fictional music legend Dewey Cox (Reilly), an

amalgamation of Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Waylon Jennings, who must

overcomes adversity to become a musical legend. Reilly will sing the

tunes in his own voice.


"Walk Hard" is written and produced by Judd Apatow, the man behind "40 Year Old Virgin," "Knocked Up" and "Superbad." It is scheduled to hit theaters on December 21st.





Click here to check out the music video


Parece que esse é o ano do Apatow mesmo. Depois de duas comédias de sucesso ainda tem Walk Hard que promete seguir o mesmo rumo.



-felipe-2008-04-23 00:08:08

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Assista ao trailer da comédia musical com John C. Reilly

- 17/08/2007 12:57

walkhard1.jpgA Columbia Pictures divulgou o primeiro trailer de Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, que pode ser visto no site Yahoo! – clique na figura ao lado.

Além de John C. Reilly como o protagonista, a prévia mostra Paul Rudd como John Lennon e Jack White como Elvis Presley.

Você também pode fazer o download do vídeo através dos links abaixo:

Alta definição: 480p

  720p  1080p


Assista aos dez primeiros minutos da comédia com John C. Reilly

- 10/12/2007 14:07

Os primeiros dez minutos
da comédia

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
estão disponíveis no site
da produção. A maior parte das cenas iniciais são centradas na
infância do protagonista, vivido por

John C. Reilly.

Para assisti-las, clique na figura ao lado.

O longa

estréia em abril nos cinemas brasileiros.

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Movie Reviews: 'Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story'


Like the title itself, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, is a spoof of music-star biopics, principally Walk the Line and Ray.

And, for the most part, it's getting more applause from the critics

than the movies that it imitates. Still, the applause is polite.

Writing in the New York Daily News, Jack Mathews comments, "This kind of parody is hard to sustain for an hour and a half, and Walk Hard

does get wearying at times. But the humor is so outrageous, the

original music so much fun and Reilly so good -- both while hamming it

up in the role and in singing the songs -- that it's irresistible."

Manohla Dargis in the New York Times writes, "The film is more

funny ha-ha than LOL; it's a smarty-pants satire that mocks and

embraces almost every cliché in the biography playbook." "Still," says

Lou Lumenick in the New York Post, "in a season filled with so many feel-bad movies, don't underestimate the appeal of something as silly as Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story." Although the movie is co-written by Judd Apatow, this year's most celebrated filmmaker (Knocked Up), it is star John C. Reilly

who receives most of the critical praise. "Reilly's acting is superb as

always, but his singing and showmanship are revelatory. The man can

channel Cash and The King, Orbison and Dylan, all with a lived-in ease

that is far more difficult than it looks," says Glenn Whipp in the Los Angeles Daily News. And Michael Sragow concludes in the Baltimore Sun: "John C. Reilly should walk easy to stardom with this movie."



A bilheteria da estréia foi bem fraca, mas as críticas foram boas. Agora é esperar até abril...


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O dvd já chegou as locadoras.


Achei o filme muito bom, hilário. É uma sátira a todos os clichês de cine-biografias musicais, principalmente Johnny & June, e difere das produções anteriores de Apatow, por, ao invés da preocupação com a história e a construção ds personagens, ser basicamente uma sucessão de gags, mas que funciona perfeitamente. Se todas as paródias tivessem a mão de Apatow talvez vivessemos num mundo livre dos "X Movies".





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