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Desejo e Perigo (Lust, Caution)


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Depois do sucesso de Brokeback Mountain Ang Lee vem com um filme falado em mandarim e estrelado por rostos não muito conhecidos do grande público ocidental, como Joan Chen (O Último Imperador) e Tony Leung Chiu (Amor à Flor da Pele). Se jie - que vai se chamar Lust, Caution em inglês - é baseado num conto chinês de Eileen Chang, e segue um grupo de estudantes patriotas que planeia assassinar uma importante figura do governo chinês, de apoio japonês, durante a segunda grande guerra.


Estréia no Festival de Veneza.

-felipe-2007-07-09 20:07:47

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Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution" is NC-17

08-24-2007 (10:00:32)



reports that the MPAA has given Ang Lee's Toronto-bound "Lust, Caution"

an NC-17 rating, and Focus Features has accepted it. Based on Eileen

Chang's short story about a shy Chinese drama student drawn into an

assassination plot against a Japanese collaborator during WWII, the

erotic espionage thriller will open in New York on September 28th and will expand to additional markets on October 5th.


Focus screened the final cut for the MPAA late Wednesday afternoon and accepted the rating the same day. "As with so many of his previous films, Oscar-winning director Ang Lee has crafted a masterpiece about and for grown-ups," Focus CEO James Schamus said.



is rare for a studio, or even a studio's niche division, to release an

NC-17, and doubly so on an awards hopeful like "Lust, Caution." Studios

often fight the designation, which is considered bad for business, due

to the fact that certain newspapers restrict advertising of NC-17,

among other factors.


In many cases, studios cut films to avoid

the rating. Films as varied as "Eyes Wide Shut," "American Pie,"

"Happiness" and "Saw" all were re-edited after the MPAA threatened an



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Crítica completa' date=' bastante negativa, da Variety sobre Lust, Caution. 12



Lust, Caution

Se, Jie (Hong Kong-U.S.-China)



With: Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Tang Wei, Joan Chen, Wang Leehom, Anupam Kher, Chu Tsz-ying.

(Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese, English, Japanese dialogue)



much caution and too little lust squeeze much of the dramatic juice out

of Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution," a 2½--hour period drama that's a long

haul for relatively few returns. Adapted from a short story by the late

Eileen Chang, tale of a patriotic student -- who's willing bait in a

plot to assassinate a high-up Chinese collaborator in Japanese-held

WWII Shanghai -- is an immaculately played but largely bloodless

melodrama which takes an hour-and-a-half to even start revving up its


A handful of explicit sex scenes (in the final act) have earned pic

an NC-17 rating in the U.S., where it goes out in limited release Sept.

28. But beyond the notoriety of a Chinese-language picture with

full-frontal female nudity, pic lacks the deep-churning emotional

currents that drove Lee's "Brokeback Mountain" and his best other

works. B.O. in the West looks to be modest, once the initial ballyhoo

has died down.

Story opens in Japanese-occupied Shanghai in 1942, at the home

of Yee (Hong Kong's Tony Leung Chiu-wai), head of the secret service of

the collaborationist Chinese government, and his wife (Joan Chen). One

of Mrs. Yee's mahjong partners, swapping gossip over the tiles, is the

much younger Mrs. Mak (Tang Wei), the half-Cantonese, half-Shanghainese

wife of a businessman who was recently in Hong Kong.

As Yee returns from work and passes by the mahjong table, it's

clear there's something between him and Mak, though neither one lets

their façade slip. Later, Mak makes a coded phone call to Kuang Yumin

(U.S.-born pop star Wang Leehom), who says "the operation can start."

After this lengthy 15-minute intro, largely occupied by idle

chatter around the mahjong table, the film flashes back four years to

Hong Kong to show who Mak really is: Wang Jiazhi, a first-year

university student whose family fled Hong Kong for the U.K. Through her

friend Lai (Chu Tsz-ying), Wang falls in with a patriotic,

anti-Japanese group that is mounting a play to fund their activities.

Leader of the group is the passionate Kuang, who hears that

Yee, a high-ranking collaborator with the Japanese, is in Hong Kong on

a recruitment mission. Kuang hatches a plan in which Wang plays the

fictional Mrs. Mak and insinuates herself into Mrs. Yee's confidence.

But Mrs. Yee's cool, wily husband, though attracted to Wang, slips

through the net.

Cut to Shanghai, 1941 -- a year before the opening timeframe

-- and it's round two between Yee and Wang. After Wang is rehired by

the resistance to continue her Mrs. Mak role, this time their liaison

is far more full-on, and as lust raises its sometimes violent head, it

looks as if caution may be thrown to the wind by one or both parties.

Both Leung and newcomer Tang -- whose characters are far more

charismatic and attractive than in Chang's original short story -- do

strike some sparks, especially in the sex scenes, which are very bold

by Chinese standards. (A tamer version will reportedly be released in

mainland China.) But for most of the film, the two dance around each

other in conversations that don't have much electricity or sense of

repressed passion -- and vitally, no sense of the real danger that Wang

is courting in the game of cat-and-mouse.

Moments of either grim wit (as in the messy stabbing of a

blackmailing traitor) or spry comedy (Wang getting rid of her virginity

to further the cause) occasionally vary pic's tone but don't bolster

the underlying drama.

Wartime Shanghai was far more realistically drawn in Lou Ye's

Zhang Ziyi starrer "Purple Butterfly," which also conveyed a stronger

sense of resistance and collaborationist politics. (Here, Yee's work,

which involves interrogation and torture, is never shown.) Lee's '40s

Shanghai, though immaculately costumed, has a standard backlot look;

the Hong Kong sequences, largely shot in Malaysia, are much more


Tang, a Beijing drama student who's previously played in some

TV series, holds her own against Hong Kong vet Leung, who suggests the

cold calculation of his character without ever going much deeper.

Fellow vet Chen doesn't get many chances beyond the mahjong table,

while Wang Leehom, as the leader of the resistance cell, is just OK,

sans much personality.

Alexandre Desplat's music injects some badly needed emotion

and drama at certain points, while lensing by Rodrigo Prieto has little

of the variety and atmosphere he's demonstarted on recent assignments

like "Babel," "Alexander" and Lee's previous "Brokeback Mountain."



Mais Veneza:


Drama romântico e refilmagem dominam quinta-feira em Veneza

Orlando Margarido

Direto de Veneza

Um drama romântico de época' date=' exigente na longa duração de

quase três horas, e uma refilmagem um tanto afetada de um thriller

psicológico dos anos 70 dominaram o Festival de Veneza, nesta

quinta-feira. São mais dois filmes em competição: Lust, Caution e Sleuth.


Lust, Caution (algo como "Luxúria, Cuidado"), do taiwanês Ang Lee, que sai do estardalhaço de Brokeback Mountain

- premiado com o Leão de Ouro do festival na ediçao de 2005 - para uma

bem-cuidada produção na Xangai dos anos 30, durante a ocupação


Em cena, uma atriz (Wei Tang) de um grupo de teatro local ligado a

resistência. A intenção da trupe é assassinar um figurão local (Tony

Leung) que apóia o país invasor e a tarefa da jovem é tornar-se sua


Aos poucos, a questão política da trama vai cedendo lugar para

a relação entre os dois protagonistas, seus encontros fortuitos e o

sexo explosivo que o diretor faz questão de mostrar a exaustão. É um

momento histórico pouco visto no cinema e por isso mesmo Lee se dá o

direito de detalhar os fatos, o que deve incomodar o público menos

acostumado a filmes longos.

Alguns cortes fariam bem ao filme, mas Lee justifica que, ao

menos no caso do casal principal, as cenas na cama ajudam a fortalecer

o tipo dos personagens, fazem entende-los melhor. Os jornalistas

recebem com discrição a fita. Se não é um trabalho que suscita grandes

exclamações, ao menos escapa do pacotão de filmes de Hollywood que se

instalou nesta edição do festival. Como Veneza gosta dos cineastas

asiáticos e o chinês Zhang Yimou preside o júri deste ano e possível

que se tenha aí o primeiro concorrente encorpado ao Leao de Ouro, o

principal prêmio da mostra.

Redação Terra



Mais uma crítica sobre Lust' date=' Caution.


Film Experience

The characters are unforgettable, but as a whole the film feels just a bit too indulgent on the lust part of the equation.


Realmente, estão reclamando muito do apelo erótico do filme.




E mais um review negativo para Lust' date=' Caution. Desta vez, do Hollywood Reporter!


The Hollywood Reporter

156 tedious minutes watching a group of not very interesting

young Chinese people learn how to fight the occupying Japanese during




O filme tinha cara de critical darling, mas pelo visto...12



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E apesar de todas as críticas negativas...


12s.jpg Director Ang Lee

has triumphed at the Venice Film Festival - by winning the event's top

award for the second time in two years. The filmmaker was awarded the

Golden Lion for Lust, Caution at this year's festival in Italy; the same honor he won in 2005 for Brokeback Mountain. He dedicated his prize to iconic Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, who died in July. Cate Blanchett was named Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival for her role in Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There, while Brad Pitt was awarded the Best Actor honor for The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford,

although neither star was at the ceremony to collect their prize. Pitt

told reporters at the Toronto Film Festival, where he is promoting the

outlaw movie, "I could try to play it down, but it's great fun. The

nicest thing is how excited my friends are for me and to be amongst the

lineage of people that have also been bestowed this honor. It's a

really nice honor." Other winners included Brian De Palma, who was honored for Best Direction for Iraq War drama Redacted. British director Ken Loach was awarded Best Screenplay for It's a Free World, while Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci was lauded with a special award for his work in cinema, which includes Last Tango In Paris and The Last Emperor.


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Chinese Law Student Sues Censor Board



Angry that Chinese censors ordered graphic sex scenes removed from Ang Lee's Lust, Caution,

a Chinese student at China University of Political Science and Law in

Beijing has filed a lawsuit against the State Administration of Radio

Film and Television, alleging that it had infringed on his "consumer

rights" and "society's public interest," the Beijing Times

reported today (Wednesday). The student, Dong Yanbin, is demanding that

the board apologize and pay him the equivalent of $67 for

"psychological damages." Analysts believe that it is unlikely that

Chinese courts will accept the case.


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China Warns Directors of Films With Erotic Scenes

China's state-run Administration of Radio, Film and Television has

warned Chinese film directors and studios that they will be subject to

the "heaviest punishment" if they include erotic scenes in their

features. "Violating studios might face the harshest punishment of

revoking permits for shooting films," it added. Moreover, the

censorship body warned, any film director submitting movies with erotic

content to overseas film festivals could be subjected to a five-year

ban from the movie industry, according to Beijing News.

The newspaper listed the following banned content: rape, whoring,

obscene sex exposing human genitals, or sex freaks, vulgar

conversations, nasty songs and sound effects with sexual connotation.

The director Ang Lee recently recut his film Lust, Caution for Chinese consumption to conform to state rules regarding erotic subject matter.




Estréia quando? Não tem nem previsão ainda?

-felipe-2008-01-01 11:17:48

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Que título original. Vai ser lançado num box junto com Desejo e Reparação.06 Já tem estréia confirmada por aqui? Data?


E Bernardo, eu acho Hulk muito bom. Consegue ser bem original e achei uma boa escolha de Lee em focar mais nos personagens do que na ação e nos super-poderes.



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Eu tb gosto de Hulk ...03


Confesso que as críticas negativas me deixaram com um pé com relação a "Desejo e Perigo" ... mas irei ver ...  espero ... 09


A tradução mais indicada seria "Luxúria e Perigo", mas para as nossas distribuidoras ... luxúria e desejo estão ali ... muito próximos ... 06
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