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Framboesa de Ouro 2009: Previsões

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rambo iv, x-files e the other boleyn girl é forçação

get smart, jumper, speed racer e mirrors são medíocres mas não ruim desse jeito

meet dave eu salvaria do bolo, é fraco mas consegue-se rir de algumas coisas

agora 10.000 b.c., bangkok dangerous, the happening, meet the spartans, the mummy 3, righteous kill, wanted, 88 minutes, death race, the eye, fool's gold, the love guru, prom night, step brothers, what happens in vegas, over her dead body e zohan: todos merecem! pena q não cabem todos eles 06

tendo assistido esses, eu indicaria ... caramba, difícil, hein? 1706

the happening
the mummy 3
over her dead body

e saw v, q mesmo não tendo assistido, já chegou no limite, né?

já o prêmio daria p/ over her dead body, 1 dos piores filmes q vi em minha vida, fácil!

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Essas possibilidades são muito pouco prováveis: Australia não foi um sucesso de crítica mas foram apontados vários aspectos interessantes no filme (inclusive a atuação da Nicole) e esse da Madonna é pequeno demais (ninguém vai ver), eles preferem indicar projetos de estúdios no Framboesa.

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E parece que é bomba mesmo:

Early Buzz: Frank Miller’s The Spirit is Worse Than Expected

Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 2008 at 2:53 pm by: Peter Sciretta


The first movie reviews of Frank Miller’s adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit have begun to hit the interwebs, and it doesn’t look good.

Variety: “Frank Miller’s solo writing-directing debut plunges into a watery grave early on and spends roughly the next 100 minutes gasping for air. Pushing well past the point of self-parody” … “There’s a lot going on here, but none of it sticks — not the shopworn plotting nor the arch, stilted dialogue. The actors often seem to be delivering their lines in ironic quote marks, suggesting a straight-faced sendup of noir and comicbook conventions that, whatever the intended effect, falls mostly flat.”

AICN: “I’ve seen something that has taken the top prize from “Battlefield Earth.” … “Okay, Mr. Miller. Let’s get it on.” … “Seriously, it’s not. You clearly don’t have any idea what you’re doing. Someone, ANYONE, over at Lionsgate should have known this. Fuck, it’s their JOB to know this. But they didn’t.” … “Folks, this movie is that bad. I heartily recommend it if you have a strong stomach and an even stronger sense of Bad-Movie-Love. Otherwise, steer clear.”

Unique Geek: “The Spirit starts off crazy when we expect serious, then tries to pull it back in, then goes for weird juvenile sight gags then tries to be tough, and we’re disoriented.  Theres also a pathlogical fascination with a prop photocopy of Mendes’ rump.  If you took a shot every time the camera cuts to it, you would be wasted by the third act, and maybe “wasted” is the right word to end with here.  There’s a lot of work and opportunity that went by the wayside here, a lot of talented people and some great source material that never quite gels.  The parts that look good, look good, but maybe next time, they’ll hire a fox to put it all together.”

Newsarama: “The Spirit does a precarious balancing act juxtaposing great moments and terrible ones, leaving audiences likely be split over which makes the greater impression.” … “The mosh of comedic banter and noir-ish drama worked well for the most part, but ultimately, those aforementioned moments of potential that flash and peek out now and again are too far and few between to save The Spirit from being a disappointment..”

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My picks for the 10 WORST films of the year

Posted by John Foote · 1:55 pm · December 30th, 2008

Emile%20Hirsch%20in%20Speed%20RacerAs always, this list was no trouble to write.  There is always an abundance of bad films in a given year.  I tend to go for the films that should have been stronger, that had a good director or fine actors, but still came out smelling like sewage.  There’s no excuse for that.

1. “88 MINUTES”
It only felt like 88 weeks.

2. “10,000 BC”
What really needs to be said?

And again…is there anything I can say?

Shyamalan continues to disappoint.

Great looking girls with money bitching about their poor lives…awwww.

Spike Lee’s war epic, horribly acted by a central character with an annoying child…stupid and boring. Worse, Lee’s own racism was never more evident.

Just bloody awful.

More from Eddie Murphy as his career spins round and round the toilet bowl.


Cage can act…so why doesn’t he??

Fonte: http://www.incontention.com/

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Legal ver que alguns dos filmes mais interessantes do ano estão aí.


Worst Picture


Speed Racer


Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans


The Day the Earth Stood Still


High School Musical 3


The Hottie & The Nottie


In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale


The Love Guru






The Happening


Meet Dave


Witless Protection


Worst Actor



Zac Efron


Dane Cook


Larry the Cable Guy


Eddie Murphy


Al Pacino


Keanu Reeves


Sylvester Stallone


Tom Cruise (Valkyrie)


Will Ferrell


Ashton Kutcher


Mike Myers


Adam Sandler


Mark Wahlberg

Worst Actress


Paris Hilton


Jessica Alba


The cast of “The Women”


Camilla Belle


Cameron Diaz


Kate Hudson


Diane Keaton


Jennifer Connelly


Zooey Deschanel


Vanessa Hudgens


Eva Longoria-Parker


Reese Witherspoon

Worst Screen Couple:


Any couple from HSM 3


Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher


Paris Hilton & Joel David Moore


Kate Hudson & Dane Cook


Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey


Larry the Cable Guy & Jenny McCarthy


Any couple from Mamma Mia


Eddie Murphy & Eddie Murphy (Meet Dave)


Al Pacino & His Hair


Mark Wahlberg & Zooey Deschanel


Mark Wahlberg & Mila Kunis


Sylvester Stallone & His Ego

Worst Director:


Uwe Boll


Scott Derrickson


Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer


Tom Putnam


Marco Schnabel


Sylvester Stallone


Jon Avnet


Diane English


Roland Emmerich


Brian Robbins


Kenny Ortega


M. Night Shyamalan

Worst Prequel, Sequel, Remake or Rip-Off:


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


High School Musical 3: Senior Year




Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Disaster Movie


Meet the Spartans


An American Carol


The Women


The Day the Earth Stood Still


Prom Night


Speed Racer


The X-Files: I Want To Believe

Worst Career Achievement:


Uwe Boll


Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer




Keanu Reeves


Sylvester Stallone


Sorento2009-01-08 12:01:33

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