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Olha só o oportunismo' date=' vão lançar o filme em setembro... smiley11.gif

P.S.: Oscar ?? smiley36.gif é cada uma viu...


O filme é justamente sobre o que aconteceu na data, nada mais natural do que um lançamento em setembro...


E sim, o filme está na maioria das listas dos provaveis candidatos ao Oscar 2007.


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Oliver Stone Talks Controversy

Exclusive: 9/11 film won't be a soapbox

5338.jpg point.gif


director Oliver Stone has insisted that his upcoming World Trade Centre

is a sincere attempt to depict the human aspect of 9/11, rather than a

political commentary on the terrorist attack.

The director, well known for his politically confrontational films, including the conspiracy-theorising JFK, is not jumping on a soap box this time around.

"Is America ready for 9/11? Is America ready for gay sex? I don't know," he said, alluding to Oscar frontrunner Brokeback Mountain. "I'm not in the business of knowing when America's ready. You hope for the best.


just finished shooting two weeks ago," he continued. "It's a very

simple, austere film in many ways, a technical attempt to be realistic

about what happened in that building, to really show it as it is, feel

it as it is."


Cage stars in the film as one of two real-life Port Authority

policemen, who lay trapped for a day in the wreckage of the twin towers.


truly a 24-hour document of these men's story," said Stone, while

discussing his career at the Bangkok International Film Festival. "They

survived under extraordinary circumstances. It's about their rescue,

and their families at home, basically; their lives and relationships. I

was curious about how mentally they made it, under those conditions."


the film gave the cast and crew a grim, if superficial sense, of what

it must have been like for the real survivors of the attack. "I've had

a cough in my chest for six weeks now, because the last four weeks of

shooting was all smoke. It was horrible. All dark holes and smoke."


seems to have become weary with the reaction to some of his earlier

films and to his reputation for being outspoken. But he couldn't help

jumping to the defence of JFK, which was vilified by the political right in the States.


wouldn't hate it so much if it was boring. But it was good," he said.

"The big wrap on me is that I brainwash the young. That's ridiculous,

because they don't even know history to begin with. How can you

brainwash a moron?


at least after the film [some people] started getting involved, they

were asking 'what is our history?' That is the supreme sign of the

film's success."

Thailand (for the geographically inept among you, this is where Bangkok is) was the setting for Stone's 1993 film, Heaven and Earth. "I love this region. And I've seen some very fine films here. In fact, they did the first Brokeback Mountain - Tears of the Black Tiger."


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Acho que ainda é muito cedo para tratar do assunto. Deviam esperar uns dez anos, no mínimo. Não sou americano, e mesmo assim aquelas imagens ainda são muito fortes em minha mente (e tbém a revolta com os brasileiros fazendo piadinhas e comemorando o acontecido no mesmo dia). Acho que será, no mínimo, um filme de gosto duvidoso.

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De acordo com a Variety, a Paramount vai apresentar uma prévia de 20 minutos de As Torres Gêmeas no
Festival de Cannes. Será a primeira exibição pública de cenas do filme,
já que o trailer deverá ser divulgado em seguida. O festival acontece
entre 17 e 28 de maio.


Por falar em trailer, o site Ain’t It Cool News teve
acesso a ele e descreveu as imagens como “elegantemente filmadas”. Elas
parecem lembrar, em termos de textura, o que Oliver Stone fez em Wall Street. O trailer não contém cenas das torres em chamas. A
intenção é mostrar as sombras dos aviões nas ruas e os olhares de
espanto nos rostos das pessoas dentro do World Trade Center. Há também
cenas com Nicolas Cage, para estabelecê-lo como protagonista. “O trailer é realmente montado para ser o mais ‘simpático’ possível, para dar uma sensação de ‘história de esperança’,” diz o site. Esse teaser será lançado nos cinemas daqui a três ou quatro semanas.

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9/11 Widows Protest Stone's 'World Trade Center'




Two women whose husbands were among the New York Port Authority

officers who died at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001 have

denounced Oliver Stone's upcoming film about the calamity, telling the Newark Star-Ledger

that they don't want their children to see how their fathers died or

share the last moments of their husbands' lives with moviegoers. The

women, Jamie Amoroso and Jeannette Pezzulo, said that they had informed

Paramount about their concerns. They also expressed resentment that two

other Port Authority officers who were with their husbands at the time,

but who survived, were being paid as consultants on the film. Pezullo's

husband Dominick was attempting to free one of the surviving men, Will

Jimeno, when he was struck by falling debris and was killed. Addressing

Jimeno, Jeannette Pezzulo said, "My thing is: This man died for you.

How do you do this to this family?" Ms. Pezzulo said. Jimeno told the

newspaper that he felt it was important that the story be told

accurately. "I never crossed the line," he said. "It's our story, too.

We're also victims of this."


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