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Oscar 2011: Indicados e Previsões


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Não sei se já foi postado, mas...




Is Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp's 'The Tourist' taking a trip to Oscar?


The 2011 awards season already looks like a bumpy road with studios strategizing to hold certain contenders out of the festival circuit ("The Fighter," "True Grit,") while others go full bore for maximum effect ("Black Swan," "The Social Network").  Now, an interesting carrot is being thrown into the mix with the new Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp thriller "The Tourist."

Described as a part drama, part espionage flick, "The Tourist" is an original conceit by a slew of well known screenwriters including Julian Fellowes (Oscar winner for "Gosford Park"), Christopher McQuarrie (Oscar winner for "The Usual Suspects"), Jeffrey Nachmanoff ("Traitor") and William Wheeler ("The Hoax") (WGA credits pending, mind you). The plot centers around Frank (Depp), who is an American traveler visiting Italy trying to mend a broken heart. He soon meets Elise (Jolie), an "extraordinary" woman who purposely engages him in order to throw agents off the trail of her former lover.

"The Tourist" is being directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, who received massive critical acclaim for his last film, "The Lives of Others" which won the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award in 2007.  And, of course, Jolie is a two-time nominee who won a Best Supporting Actress statue for "Girl, Interrupted" back in her blood necklace days and Depp has been nominated three times for "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," "Finding Neverland" and "Sweeney Todd." So, yes, there is a wee bit of awards pedigree at work here.

With the picture in production just this past spring, it wasn't expected to be released until 2011.  Instead, GK Films, which financed the film on its own, is releasing it domestically through Sony Pictures on a just announced opening date of Dec. 10.  Not only does that put the movie in prime position to make some holiday box office, but a player in the award season mix.  And it also puts it up against another contender, David O. Russell's "The Fighter," and Walden Media and 20th Century Fox's "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader."

The question is whether "The Tourist" will turn out to be more "Bourne Identity" or "Talented Mr. Ripley' fare.  If it's the latter (and if there had been ten nominees that year Minghella's triumph would have been in), then it could absolutely crash the party.  If it's more akin to "Bourne" or even "Valkyrie" quality, then GK will have to live with just having its first hit on its hands.

Unfortunately, the buzz won't start at Venice, Telluride, Toronto or even during the New York Film Festivals.  But by mid November?  We'll know.

"The Tourist" is now opening nationwide on Dec. 10.
Deckard2010-08-24 01:19:02
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Se ele seguir fielmente o que  se espera dele não deve ir receber não. Aliás, fiquei surpreso, nunca imaginei o Godard ganhando oscar, nem o honorário; Mas é meio impossível não reconhecer a importância e o talento do cara mesmo. 


Aliás, o Eli Wallach também vai receber o oscar honorário. Mais que merecido. Tuco 16. Gostei da ponta dele em the ghost writer esse ano
Beckin2010-08-25 14:58:48
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Fui assistir a Mother And Child do Rodrigo Garcia. Mais uma vez, ele faz um filme competente, simples e que funciona. Elenco todo incrível mas Annete Bening imprimi a melhor atuação da carreira. Sensacional. A mudança na trajetória da personagem é fabulosa.


E vai ser esquecida por tudo... pffff...



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A Single man visto.  O filme peca em vários aspectos, não senti segurança na direção, mas não chega a ser ruim.  Firth está ótimo, digno das indicações que recebeu, num personagem totalmente diferente do que ele tinha feito até então, mas eu ainda prefiro o Mandela do Morgan Freeman (só falta eu assistir o vencedor).  Agora, porque diabos Julianne Moore não foi indicada?Excepcional! E a trilha sonora? Deus, que coisa linda!
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Tyler Perry, Oscar nominee?

Posted by Guy Lodge · 2:39 am · August 29th, 2010




thing I like about David Poland as an awards analyst is that he often

makes an effort to expand the tight circle of contenders by bringing

little-buzzed names into the conversation. Needless to say, this kind of

punditry can lead to a lot of dead ends, but every now and then he

lands on a genuine sleeper — which is why this casual aside in his

Friday box-office column caught my eye:

Of the current 16 [Lionsgate] $20m domestic openers, 7

are Tyler Perry (which is why For Colored Girls… is a lock to end up in

this year’s Oscar race come December)…

In case it hasn’t been on your radar, he’s talking about “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf,”

Perry’s filmization of Ntozake Shange’s landmark 1975 stage study of

the African-American female experience. The play, a poetry-based piece

taking on issues of abuse, rape, abortion and eventual empowerment, is

pretty strong medicine; it’s difficult to imagine how it might work on

film, and how it’ll mesh with Perry’s brash creative sensibility.

Continue reading »


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All Good Things fixou data de estréia pra Dezembro. A Magnólia adquiriu o filme depois de todas as complicações envolvendo o diretor e os Weinstein. As reações das test-screenings pra atuação da Kirsten Dunst tem sido um dos pontos altos da recepção do filme. O Ryan Gosling é o protagonista.





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hearty list of film awards contenders, organized by and ranked in the

various Oscar categories, will surely evolve over the course of the

season. We learn pretty much, oh…each and every year. As new competition

hits the street (and as you, the readers, send in valuable information),

names will be added to the collective. As films open and disappoint (as

they typically do), names will be removed. The lesson in all of this?

Things…change. But no matter the twists and turns of the season, we’ll

keep this hopefully comprehensive database up-to-date as the year pushes


Sort contenders by: Category/Studio

(UPDATED: 8/30/2010)

Go to category:

Picture | Director | Actor | Actress | Supporting Actor | Supporting Actress | Adapted Screenplay | Original Screenplay | Art Direction | Cinematography | Costume Design | Film Editing | Makeup | Original Score | Original Song | Sound Editing | Sound Mixing | Visual Effects | Animated Feature Film | Documentary Feature | Foreign Language Film


Best bets:


1. Jeff Bridges, “True Grit”


2. Mark Wahlberg, “The Fighter”

Other possibilities:


3. James Franco, “127 Hours”


4. Colin Firth, “The King’s Speech”


5. Jesse Eisenberg, “The Social Network”


6. Javier Bardem, “Biutiful”


7. Robert Duvall, “Get Low”


8. Ryan Gosling, “Blue Valentine”


9. Jake Gyllenhaal, “Love & Other Drugs”


10. Johnny Depp, “The Tourist”

Dark horses:


11. Stephen Dorff, “Somewhere”


12. Michael Douglas, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”


13. Jim Broadbent, “Another Year”


14. Leonardo DiCaprio, “Inception”


15. Matt Damon, “Hereafter”

The rest of the field:


Ben Affleck, “The Company Men”


Ben Affleck, “The Town”


Casey Affleck, “The Killer Inside Me”


George Clooney, “The American”


Kevin Costner, “The Company Men”


Russell Crowe, “The Next Three Days”


Russell Crowe, “Robin Hood”


Matt Damon, “Green Zone”


Johnny Depp, “The Rum Diary”


Leonardo DiCaprio, “Shutter Island”


Robert Downey Jr., “Due Date”


Robert Downey Jr., “Iron Man 2”


Aaron Eckhart, “Rabbit Hole”


Zac Ephron, “Charlie St. Cloud”


Colin Farrell, “London Boulevard”


Colin Farrell, “Ondine”


Harrison Ford, “Morning Glory”


James Franco, “Howl”


James Gandolfini, “Welcome to the Rileys”


Paul Giamatti, “Barney’s Version”


Ryan Gosling, “All Good Things”


Tom Hardy, “Warrior”


Ed Harris, “What’s Wrong with Virginia”


Ciaran Hinds, “The Debt”


Anthony Hopkins, “Hemingway & Fuentes”


Anthony Hopkins, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger”


Aaron Johnson, “Nowhere Boy”


Tommy Lee Jones, “The Company Men”


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, “Hesher”


James McAvoy, “The Conspirator”


Ewan McGregor, “The Ghost Writer”


Liam Neeson, “Chloe”


Edward Norton, “Stone”


Sean Penn, “Fair Game”


John C. Reilly, “Cyrus”


Sam Riley, “Brighton Rock”


Mickey Rourke, “Passion Play”


Paul Rudd, “How Do You Know”


Mark Ruffalo, “Sympathy for Delicious”


Andy Serkis, “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll”


Kevin Spacey, “Casino Jack”


Ben Stiller, “Greenberg”


Jim Sturgess, “The Way Back”


Best bets:


1. Christian Bale, “The Fighter”


2. Sam Rockwell, “Conviction”


3. Mark Ruffalo, “The Kids Are All Right”

Other possibilities:


4. Geoffrey Rush, “The King’s Speech”


5. Andrew Garfield, “Never Let Me Go”


6. John Malkovich, “Secretariat”


7. Bill Murray, “Get Low”


8. Bob Hoskins, “Made in Dagenham”


9. Andrew Garfield, “The Social Network”


10. Justin Timberlake, “The Social Network”

Dark horses:


11. John Hawkes, “Winter’s Bone”


12. Jack Nicholson, “How Do You Know”


13. Vincent Cassel, “Black Swan”


14. Tom Hardy, “Inception”


15. Brad Pitt, “The Tree of Life”

The rest of the field:


Alan Arkin, “Due Date”


Antonio Banderas, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger”


Javier Bardem, “Eat Pray Love”


Ned Beatty, “The Killer Inside Me”


Orlando Bloom, “Sympathy for Delicious”


Josh Brolin, “True Grit”


Josh Brolin, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger”


Chris Cooper, “The Company Men”


Chris Cooper, “The Town”


James Cromwell, “Secretariat”


Billy Crudup, “Eat Pray Love”


Willem Dafoe, “Miral”


Matt Damon, “True Grit”


Philip Davis, “Another Year”


Robert De Niro, “Stone”


Brian Dennehy, “The Next Three Days”


Aaron Eckhart, “The Rum Diary”


Colin Farrell, “The Way Back”


Jamie Foxx, “Due Date”


James Franco, “Eat Pray Love”


Zach Galifianakis, “Due Date”


Michael Gambon, “The King’s Speech”


Andy Garcia, “Hemingway & Fuentes”


Scott Glenn, “Secretariat”


Jeff Goldblum, “Morning Glory”


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, “Inception”


Ed Harris, “The Way Back”


Jonah Hill, “Cyrus”


Dustin Hoffman, “Barney’s Version”


Samuel L. Jackson, “Mother and Child”


Richard Jenkins, “Eat Pray Love”


Richard Jenkins, “The Rum Diary”


Ben Kingsley, “Shutter Island”


Elias Koteas, “My Own Love Song”


Frank Langella, “All Good Things”


Bruce McGill, “Fair Game”


Max Minghella, “Agora”


Jay Mohr, “Hereafter”


Jeffrey Dean Morgan, “All Good Things”


Craig T. Nelson, “The Company Men”


Nick Nolte, “Warrior”


Ruben Ochandiano, “Biutiful”


Guy Pearce, “The King’s Speech”


Sean Penn, “The Tree of Life”


Barry Pepper, “Casino Jack”


Oliver Platt, “Love & Other Drugs”


Bill Pullman, “The Killer Inside Me”


Norman Reedus, “The Conspirator”


Jeremy Renner, “The Town”


Giovanni Ribisi, “The Rum Diary”


Mickey Rourke, “Iron Man 2”


Michael Shannon, “The Runaways”


Timothy Spall, “The King’s Speech”


David Strathairn, “The Whistleblower”


Dylan Walsh, “Secretariat”


Forest Whitaker, “My Own Love Song”


Tom Wilkinson, “The Debt”


Owen Wilson, “How Do You Know”


Patrick Wilson, “Morning Glory”


Sam Worthington, “The Debt”


Best bets:


1. Annette Bening, “The Kids Are All Right”


2. Lesley Manville, “Another Year”


3. Jennifer Lawrence, “Winter’s Bone”

Other possibilities:


4. Anne Hathaway, “Love & Other Drugs”


5. Carey Mulligan, “Never Let Me Go”


6. Diane Lane, “Secretariat”


7. Natalie Portman, “Black Swan”


8. Hilary Swank, “Conviction”


9. Michelle Williams, “Blue Valentine”


10. Freida Pinto, “Miral”

Dark horses:


11. Julianne Moore, “The Kids Are All Right”


12. Sally Hawkins, “Made in Dagenham”


13. Angelina Jolie, “The Tourist”


14. Naomi Watts, “Fair Game”


15. Helen Mirren, “The Tempest”

The rest of the field:


Gemma Arterton, “Tamara Drewe”


Alicja Bachleda, “Ondine”


Elizabeth Banks, “The Next Three Days”


Annette Bening, “Mother and Child”


Jennifer Connelly, “What’s Wrong with Virginia”


Kirsten Dunst, “All Good Things”


Angelina Jolie, “Salt”


Nicole Kidman, “Rabbit Hole”


Keira Knightley, “London Boulevard”


Rachel McAdams, “Morning Glory”


Helen Mirren, “Brighton Rock”


Helen Mirren, “The Debt”


Helen Mirren, “Love Ranch”


Julianne Moore, “Chloe”


Robin Wright Penn, “The Conspirator”


Julia Roberts, “Eat Pray Love”


Amanda Seyfried, “Chloe”


Kristen Stewart, “The Runaways”


Kristen Stewart, “Welcome to the Rileys”


Emma Stone, “Easy A”


Marisa Tomei, “Cyrus”


Naomi Watts, “Mother and Child”


Naomi Watts, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger”


Rachel Weisz, “Agora”


Rachel Weisz, “The Whistleblower”


Renee Zellweger, “My Own Love Song”


Best bets:


1. Barbara Hershey, “Black Swan”

Other possibilities:


2. Melissa Leo, “The Fighter”


3. Keira Knightley, “Never Let Me Go”


4. Hailee Steinfeld, “True Grit”


5. Elle Fanning, “Somewhere”


6. Kristin Scott Thomas, “Nowhere Boy”


7. Helena Bonham Carter, “The King’s Speech”


8. Sissy Spacek, “Get Low”


9. Dale Dickey, “Winter’s Bone”


10. Jessica Chastain, “The Tree of Life”

Dark horses:


11. Mila Kunis, “Black Swan”


12. Anne-Marie Duff, “Nowhere Boy”


13. Mia Wasikowska, “The Kids Are All Right”


14. Amy Adams, “The Fighter”


15. Charlotte Rampling, “Never Let Me Go”

The rest of the field:


Hiam Abbass, “Miral”


Kim Basinger, “Charlie St. Cloud”


Maria Bello, “The Company Men”


Annette Bening, “Hemingway & Fuentes”


Cate Blanchett, “Robin Hood”


Alexis Bledel, “The Conspirator”


Marion Cotillard, “Inception”


Viola Davis, “Eat Pray Love”


Loretta Devine, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf”


Dakota Fanning, “The Runaways”


Whoopoi Goldberg, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf”


Macy Gray, ““For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf”


Rebecca Hall, “The Town”


Bryce Dallas Howard, “Hereafter”


Janet Jackson, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf”


Diane Keaton, “Morning Glory”


Catherine Keener, “Cyrus”


Piper Laurie, “Hesher”


Melissa Leo, “Conviction”


Melissa Leo, “Welcome to the Rileys”


Juliette Lewis, “Conviction”


Juliette Lewis, “Due Date”


Juliette Lewis, “Sympathy for Delicious”


Laura Linney, “Sympathy for Delicious”


Bailee Madison, “Conviction”


Jennifer Morrison, “Warrior”


Thandie Newton, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf”


Sandra Oh, “Rabbit Hole”


Ellen Page, “Inception”


Rosamund Pike, “Barney’s Version”


Freida Pinto, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger”


Natalie Portman, “Hesher”


Kelly Preston, “Casino Jack”


Vanessa Redgrave, “The Whistleblower”


Andrea Riseborough, “Brighton Rock”


Saoirse Ronan, “The Way Back”


Anika Noni Rose, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf”


Winona Ryder, “Black Swan”


Kerry Washington, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf”


Kerry Washington, “Mother and Child”


Dianne Wiest, “Rabbit Hole”


Jacki Weaver, “Animal Kingdom”


Evan Rachel Wood, “The Conspirator”


Madeline Zima, “My Own Love Song”


Best bets:


1. “Toy Story 3” (Walt Disney Pictures)


2. “How to Train Your Dragon” (Paramount Pictures)

Other possibilities:


3. “The Illusionist” (Sony Pictures Classics)


4. “Despicable Me” (Universal Pictures)


5. “Tangled” (Walt Disney Pictures)

Dark horses:


6. “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” (Warner Bros. Pictures)


7. “Shrek Forever After” (Paramount Pictures)

The rest of the field:


8. “The Smurfs” (Sony Pictures)


9. “Yogi Bear” (Warner Bros. Pictures)


10. “Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil” (The Weinstein Company)


Best bets:


1. “Alice in Wonderland” (Robert Stromberg; Karen O’Hara, Peter Young)


2. “Inception” (Guy Dyas; Lisa Chugg, Paul Healy, Douglas A. Mowat)

Other possibilities:


3. “The King’s Speech” (Eve Stewart; Judy Farr)


4. “True Grit” (Jess Gonchor; unknown)


5. “TRON Legacy” (Darren Gilford; Lin MacDonald)


6. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I” (Stuart Craig; Stephanie McMillan)


7. “Get Low” (Geoffrey Kirkland; Frank Galline)


8. “The Tempest” (Mark Friedberg; Alyssa Winter)


9. “Secretariat” (Thomas E. Sanders; unknown)


10. “The Tree of Life” (Jack Fisk; Jeanette Scott)

Dark horses:


11. “Robin Hood” (Arthur Max; Sonja Laus)


12. “The Way Back” (John Stoddart; unknown)


13. “Agora” (Guy Dyas; Larry Dias)


14. “The Fighter” (Judy Becker; Gene Serdena)


15. “The Last Airbender” (Philip Messina; Larry Dias)

The rest of the field:


“Clash of the Titans” (Martin Lang; Anna Pinnock)


“The Conspirator” (Kalina Ivanov; Melissa M. Levander)


“Ironclad” (Joseph C. Nemec III; Peter Walpole)


“Jonah Hex” (Tom Meyer; Robert Greenfield)


“Miral” (Yoel Herzberg; unknown)


“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (Wolf Kroeger; Elli Griff)


“Shanghai” (Jim Clay; Celia Bobak)


“The Tourist” (Jon Huttman; Anna Pinnock)


Best bets:


1. “True Grit” (Roger Deakins)

Other possibilities:


2. “Inception” (Wally Pfister)


3. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I” (Eduardo Serra)


4. “127 Hours” (Enrique Chediak, Anthony Dod Mantle)


5. “Shutter Island” (Robert Richardson)


6. “Black Swan” (Matthew Libatique)


7. “Miral” (Eric Gautier)


8. “Secretariat” (Dean Semler)


9. “The Social Network” (Jeff Cronenweth)


10. “The Tree of Life” (Emmanuel Lubezki)

Dark horses:


11. “The Tourist” (John Seale)


12. “The American” (Martin Ruhe)


13. “Biutiful” (Rodrigo Prieto)


14. “The Fighter” (Hoyte Van Hoytema)


15. “TRON Legacy” (Claudio Miranda)

The rest of the field:


“Agora” (Xavi Gimenez)


“All Good Things” (Michael Seresin)


“Brighton Rock” (John Mathieson)


“Chloe” (Paul Sarossy)


“Clash of the Titans” (Peter Menzies Jr.)


“The Company Men” (Roger Deakins)


“The Conspirator” (Newton Thomas Sigel)


“Conviction” (Adriano Goldman)


“Get Low” (David Boyd)


“Green Zone” (Barry Ackroyd)


“The King’s Speech” (Danny Cohen)


“The Last Airbender” (Andrew Lesnie)


“London Boulevard” (Chris Menges)


“Never Let Me Go” (Adam Kimmel)


“Ondine” (Christopher Doyle)


“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (John Seale)


“Robin Hood” (John Mathieson)


“Shanghai” (Benoit Delhomme)


“The Tempest” (Stuart Dryburgh)


“The Way Back” (Russell Boyd)


Best bets:


1. “Alice in Wonderland” (Colleen Atwood)


2. “The Tempest” (Sandy Powell)


3. “The King’s Speech” (Jenny Beaven)

Other possibilities:


4. “True Grit” (Mary Zophres)


5. “Get Low” (Julie Weiss)


6. “Robin Hood” (Janty Yates)


7. “Secretariat” (Michael T. Boyd)


8. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I” (Jany Temime)


9. “Made in Magenham” (unknown)


10. “The Tree of Life” (Jacqueline West)

Dark horses:


11. “TRON Legacy” (Michael Wilkinson)


12. “Kick-Ass” (Sammy Sheldon)


13. “The Tourist” (Colleen Atwood)


14. “Agora” (Gabriella Pescucci)


15. “Clash of the Titans” (Lindy Hemming)

The rest of the field:


“Black Swan” (Amy Westcott)


“The Conspirator” (Louise Frogley)


“The Fighter” (Mark Bridges)


“Inception” (Jeffrey Kurland)


“Ironclad” (Beatrix Aruna Pasztor)


“Jonah Hex” (Michael Wilkinson)


“The Last Airbender” (Judianna Makovsky)


“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (Penny Rose)


“Miral” (unknown)


“Shanghai” (Julie Weiss)


“Shutter Island” (Sandy Powell)


“The Way Back” (Wendy Stites)


Best bets:


1. David Fincher, “The Social Network”

Other possibilities:


2. Mike Leigh, “Another Year”


3. David O. Russell, “The Fighter”


4. Mark Romanek, “Never Let Me Go”


5. Danny Boyle, “127 Hours”


6. Christopher Nolan, “Inception”


7. Darren Aronofsky, “Black Swan”


8. Tom Hooper, “The King’s Speech”


9. Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, “True Grit”


10. Terrence Malick, “The Tree of Life”

Dark horses:


11. Lisa Cholodenko, “The Kids Are All Right”


12. Randall Wallace, “Secretariat”


13. Edward Zwick, “Love & Other Drugs”


14. Clint Eastwood, “Hereafter”


15. Lee Unkrich, “Toy Story 3”

The rest of the field:


Alejandro Amenabar, “Agora”


Andrew Jarecki, “All Good Things”


Anton Corbijn, “The American”


Richard J. Lewis, “Barney’s Version”


Alejandro González Iñárritu, “Biutiful”


Derek Cianfrance, “Blue Valentine”


Rowan Joffe, “Brighton Rock”


George Hickenlooper, “Casino Jack”


Burr Steers, “Charlie St. Cloud”


Atom Egoyan, “Chloe”


John Wells, “The Company Men”


Robert Redford, “The Conspirator”


Tony Goldwyn, “Conviction”


Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass, “Cyrus”


John Madden, “The Debt”


Todd Phillips, “Due Date”


Ryan Murphy, “Eat Pray Love”


Tyler Perry, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf”


Doug Liman, “Fair Game”


Aaron Schnedier, “Get Low”


Roman Polanski, “The Ghost Writer”


Paul Greengrass, “Green Zone”


Noah Baumbach, “Greenberg”


Andy Garcia, “Hemingway & Fuentes”


Spencer Susser, “Hesher”


James L. Brooks, “How Do You Know”


Michael Winterbottom, “The Killer Inside Me”


William Monahan, “London Boulevard”


Nigel Cole, “Made in Magenham”


Jean-Pierre Jeunet, “Micmacs”


Julian Schnabel, “Miral”


Roger Michell, “Morning Glory”


Rodrigo Garcia, “Mother and Child”


Olivier Dahan, “My Own Love Song”


Paul Haggis, “The Next Three Days”


Sam Taylor Wood, “Nowhere Boy”


Neil Jordan, “Ondine”


John Cameron Mitchell, “Rabbit Hole”


Ridley Scott, “Robin Hood”


Bruce Robinson, “The Rum Diary”


Floria Sigismondi, “The Runaways”


Phillip Noyce, “Salt”


Mat Whitecross, “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll”


Martin Scorsese, “Shutter Island”


Sofia Coppola, “Somewhere”


John Curran, “Stone”


Mark Ruffalo, “Sympathy for Delicious”


Florian Henckel von Donnesmarck, “The Tourist”


Ben Affleck, “The Town”


Gavin O’Connor, “Warrior”


Peter Weir, “The Way Back”


Jake Scott, “Welcome to the Rileys”


Larysa Kondracki, “The Whistleblower”


Debra Granik, “Winter’s Bone”


Woody Allen, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger”


Coming soon…


Best bets:


1. “Inception” (Lee Smith)

Other possibilities:


2. “127 Hours” (Jon Harris)


3. “The Social Network” (Kirk Baxter, Angus Wall)


4. “The Fighter” (Pamela Martin)


5. “TRON Legacy” (James Haygood)


6. “The King’s Speech” (Tariq Anwar)


7. “Secretariat” (John Wright)


8. “Black Swan” (Andrew Weisblum)


9. “Another Year” (Jon Gregory)


10. “The Tree of Life” (Hank Corwin, Jay Rabinowitz, Daniel Rezende, Billy Weber, Mark Yoshikawa)

Dark horses:


11. “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” (Jonathan Amos; Paul Machliss)


12. “Shutter Island” (Thelma Schoonmaker)


13. “Conviction” (Jay Cassidy)


14. “The Tourist” (Joe Hutshing, Patricia Rommel)


15. “Salt” (Stuart Baird, John Gilroy)

The rest of the field:


“Agora” (Nacho Ruiz Capillas)


“All Good Things” (Shelby Siegel)


“The American” (Andrew Hulme)


“Biutiful” (Stephen Mirrione)


“Blue Valentine” (Jim Helton, Ron Patane)


“Brighton Rock” (Joe Walker)


“Charlie St. Cloud” (Padraic McKinley)


“Chloe” (Susan Shipton)


“Clash of the Titans” (David Freeman, Vincent Tabaillon)


“The Company Men” (Robert Frazen)


“The Conspirator” (Craig McKay)


“Cyrus” (Jay Deuby)


“The Debt” (Alexander Berner)


“Eat Pray Love” (Bradley Buecker)


“Fair Game” (Christopher Tellefsen)


“Get Low” (Aaron Schneider)


“Green Zone” (Christopher Rouse)


“Hereafter” (Joel Cox, Gary Roach)


“How Do You Know” (Richard Marks)


“Iron Man 2” (Dan Lebenthal, Richard Pearson)


“Kick-Ass” (Eddie Hamilton, Jon Harris)


“Jonah Hex” (Kent Beyda)


“The Killer Inside Me” (Mags Arnold)


“The Last Airbender” (Conrad Buff)


“London Boulevard” (Dody Dorn)


“Love & Other Drugs” (Steven Rosenblum)


“Micmacs” (Herve Schneid)


“Miral” (Juliette Welfing)


“Morning Glory” (Daniel Farrell, Nick Moore)


“Mother and Child” (Steven Weisberg)


“Never Let Me Go” (Barney Pilling)


“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (Mick Audsley; Martin Walsh)


“Rabbit Hole” (Joe Klotz)


“Robin Hood” (Pietro Scalia)


“Stone” (Alexandre de Franceschi)


“The Tempest” (Francoise Bonnot)


“Unstoppable” (Robert Duffy)


“Warrior” (Sean Albertson, Matt Chesse)


“The Way Back” (Lee Smith)


Coming soon…


Best bets:


1. “Alice in Wonderland”


2. “The Wolfman”

Other possibilities:


3. “The Tempest”


4. “Splice”


5. “Black Swan”


6. “Let Me In”


7. “The King’s Speech”


8. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I”


9. “Clash of the Titans”


10. “Inception”

Dark horses:


11. “Shutter Island”


12. “True Grit”


13. “The Fighter”


14. “Jonah Hex”


15. “Get Low”

The rest of the field:




“The Conspirator”


“The Crazies”


“Harry Brown”


“The Last Airbender”


“A Nightmare on Elm Street”




“Robin Hood”


“The Way Back”


Best bets:


1. “How to Train Your Dragon” (John Powell)


2. “Inception” (Hans Zimmer)

Other possibilities:


3. “The Tempest” (Elliot Goldenthal)


4. “Never Let Me Go” (Rachel Portman)


5. “Toy Story 3” (Randy Newman)


6. “True Grit” (Carter Burwell)


7. “The Last Airbender” (James Newton Howard)


8. “Get Low” (Jan A.P. Kaczmarek)


9. “Alice in Wonderland” (Danny Elfman)


10. “The Tree of Life” (Alexandre Desplat)

Dark horses:


11. “Biutiful” (Gustavo Santaolalla)


12. “The King’s Speech” (Robert Lane)


13. “Secretariat” (Nick Glennie-Smith)


14. “TRON Legacy” (Daft Punk)


15. “Love & Other Drugs” (James Newton Howard)

The rest of the field:


“127 Hours” (A.R. Rahman)


“Agora” (Dario Marianelli)


“All Good Things” (Rob Simonsen)


“The American” (Herbert Grönemeyer)


“Charlie St. Cloud” (Rolfe Kent)


“Chloe” (Mychael Danna)


“The Conspirator” (unknown)


“Cyrus” (Michael Andrews)


“Eat Pray Love” (Dario Marianelli)


“The Ghost Writer” (Alexandre Desplat)


“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I” (Alexandre Desplat)


“How Do You Know” (Hans Zimmer)


“The Killer Inside Me” (Marcel Zyskind)


“Mother and Child” (Ed Shearmur)


“The Next Three Days” (Alberto Iglesias)


“Robin Hood” (Marc Streitenfeld)


“The Social Network” (Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross)


“Tamara Drewe” (Alexandre Desplat)


“The Tourist” (unknown)


“The Way Back” (Burkhard von Dallwitz)


Coming soon…


Best bets:


1. “Toy Story 3” (Walt Disney Pictures)


2. “The Social Network” (Sony Pictures)


3. “Another Year” (Sony Pictures Classics)

Other possibilities:


4. “The Fighter” (Paramount Pictures)


5. “The Kids Are All Right” (Focus Features)


6. “Never Let Me Go” (Fox Searchlight Pictures)


7. “The King’s Speech” (The Weinstein Company)


8. “Inception” (Warner Bros. Pictures)


9. “True Grit” (Paramount Pictures)


10. “127 Hours” (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Dark horses:


11. “Winter’s Bone” (Roadside Attractions)


12. “Secretariat” (Walt Disney Pictures)


13. “Love & Other Drugs” (20th Century Fox)


14. “Black Swan” (Fox Searchlight Pictures)


15. “The Tree of Life” (Apparition)

The rest of the field:


“Agora” (Newmarket Films)


“The American” (Focus Features)


“All Good Things” (Magnolia Pictures)


“Barney’s Version” (no current U.S. distribution)


“Biutiful” (Roadside Attractions)


“Blue Valentine” (The Weinstein Company)


“Brighton Rock” (no current U.S. distribution)


“Casino Jack” (no current U.S. distribution)


“Charlie St. Cloud” (Universal Pictures)


“Chloe” (Sony Pictures Classics)


“The Company Men” (The Weinstein Company)


“The Conspirator” (no current U.S. distribution)


“Conviction” (Fox Searchlight Pictures)


“Cyrus” (Fox Searchlight Pictures)


“The Debt” (Miramax Films)


“Due Date” (Warner Bros. Pictures)


“Eat Pray Love” (Sony Pictures)


“Fair Game” (Summit Entertainment)


“For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf” (Lionsgate)


“Get Low” (Sony Pictures Classics)


“The Ghost Writer” (Summit Entertainment)


“Green Zone” (Universal Pictures)


“Greenberg” (Focus Features)


“Hemingway & Fuentes” (no current U.S. distribution)


“Hereafter” (Warner Bros. Pictures)


“Hesher” (Newmarket Films)


“How Do You Know” (Sony Pictures)


“How to Train Your Dragon” (Paramount Pictures)


“Howl” (Oscilloscope Laboratories)


“Kick-Ass” (Lionsgate)


“London Boulevard” (no current U.S. distribution)


“Made in Magenham” (Sony Pictures Classics)


“Miral” (The Weinstein Company)


“Morning Glory” (Paramount Pictures)


“Mother and Child” (Sony Pictures Classics)


“My Own Love Song” (no current U.S. distribution)


“Never Let Me Go” (Fox Searchlight Pictures)


“The Next Three Days” (Lionsgate)


“Nowhere Boy” (The Weinstein Company)


“Ondine” (Magnolia Pictures)


“Rabbit Hole” (no current U.S. distribution)


“Robin Hood” (Universal Pictures)


“The Rum Diary” (no current U.S. distribution)


“The Runaways” (Apparition)


“Salt” (Lionsgate)


“Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll” (Tribeca Films)


“Shanghai” (The Weinstein Company)


“Shutter Island” (Paramount Pictures)


“Somewhere” (Focus Features)


“Stone” (Overture Films)


“Sympathy for Delicious” (no current U.S. distribution)


“The Tempest” (Miramax Films)


“The Town” (Warner Bros. Pictures)


“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” (20th Century Fox)


“Warrior” (Lionsgate)


“The Way Back” (no current U.S. distribution)


“Welcome to the Rileys” (Apparition)


“The Whistleblower” (no current U.S. distribution)


“You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger” (Sony Pictures Classics)


Best bets:


1. “Inception”


2. “Toy Story 3”

Other possibilities:


3. “TRON Legacy”


4. “Robin Hood”


5. “Iron Man 2”


6. “How to Train Your Dragon”


7. “127 Hours”


8. “Salt”


9. “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”


10. “Green Zone”

Dark horses:


11. “Alice in Wonderland”


12. “Secretariat”


13. “The Last Airbender”


14. “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”


15. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I”

The rest of the field:




“The American”


“The Book of Eli”


“The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader”


“Clash of the Titans”


“Despicable Me”


“The Expendables”


“Jonah Hex”


“Knight and Day”


“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”


“Shrek Forever After”


“Shutter Island”


“The Tempest”


“True Grit”




“The Way Back”


“The Wolfman”


Best bets:


1. “Inception”

Other possibilities:


2. “TRON Legacy”


3. “How to Train Your Dragon”


4. “Salt”


5. “Secretariat”


6. “Toy Story 3”


7. “127 Hours”


8. “Iron Man 2”


9. “Robin Hood”


10. “True Grit”

Dark horses:


11. “Green Zone”


12. “Shutter Island”


13. “Alice in Wonderland”


14. “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”


15. “The Last Airbender”

The rest of the field:




“The American”




“The Book of Eli”


“The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader”


“Clash of the Titans”


“The Conspirator”


“Despicable Me”


“The Expendables”


“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I”


“Jonah Hex”


“Knight and Day”


“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”


“Shrek Forever After”


“The Tempest”


“The Tree of Life”




“The Way Back”


“The Wolfman”


Best bets:


1. “Inception”


2. “TRON Legacy”

Other possibilities:


3. “Alice in Wonderland”


4. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I”


5. “Iron Man 2”


6. “The Last Airbender”


7. “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”


8. “Clash of the Titans”


9. “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”


10. “The Tree of Life”

Dark horses:


11. “Robin Hood”


12. “The Tempest”


13. “The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader”


14. “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”


15. “Toy Story 3″

The rest of the field:


“The Book of Eli”


“Green Zone”


“Jonah Hex”


“Knight and Day”


“Let Me In”






Best bets:


1. “The Social Network” (Aaron Sorkin)


2. “Toy Story 3” (Michael Arndt)

Other possibilities:


3. “Never Let Me Go” (Alex Garland)


4. “How to Train Your Dragon” (William Davies, Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders)


5. “Winter’s Bone” (Debra Granik, Anne Rosellini, Daniel Woodrell)


6. “True Grit” (Ethan Coen, Joel Coen)


7. “Love & Other Drugs” (Marshall Herskovitz, Charles Randolph, Edward Zwick)


8. “127 Hours” (Danny Boyle, Simon Beaufoy)


9. “Miral” (Rula Jebreal)


10. “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” (Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck)

Dark horses:


11. “The American” (Rowan Joffe)


12. “Tamara Drewe” (Moira Buffini)


13. “The Town” (Ben Affleck, Peter Craig, Sheldon Turner)


14. “Fair Game” (Jez Butterworth, John Butterworth)


15. “The Ghost Writer” (Robert Harris, Roman Polanski)

The rest of the field:


“Barney’s Version” (Michael Konyves)


“Brighton Rock” (Rowan Joffe)


“Charlie St. Cloud” (Lewis Colick, Craig Pearce, James Schamus, Burr Steers)


“Chloe” (Erin Cressida Wilson)


“Eat Pray Love” (Ryan Murphy, Jennifer Salt)


“For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf” (Nzingha Stewart)


“Green Zone” (Brian Helgeland)


“The Killer Inside Me” (John Curran, Michael Winterbottom)


“London Boulevard” (William Monahan)


“The Next Three Days” (Paul Haggis)


“Nowhere Boy” (Matt Greenhalgh)


“Rabbit Hole” (David Lidsay-Abaire)


“Robin Hood” (Brian Helgeland)


“The Rum Diary” (Bruce Robinson)


“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” (Michael Bacall, Edgar Wright)


“Shutter Island” (Laeta Kalogridis)


“The Way Back” (Peter Weir)


Best bets:


1. “Another Year” (Mike Leigh)


2. “The Kids Are All Right” (Stuart Blumberg, Lisa Cholodenko)


3. “The Fighter” (Paul Attanasio, Lewis Colich, Eric Johnson, Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy)

Other possibilities:


4. “Black Swan” (Darren Aronofsky, Mark Heyman)


5. “Inception” (Christopher Nolan)


6. “The King’s Speech” (David Speidler)


7. “Hereafter” (Peter Morgan)


8. “Secretariat” (Mike Rich)


9. “How Do You Know” (James L. Brooks)


10. “The Tree of Life” (Terrence Malick)

Dark horses:


11. “Blue Valentine” (Derek Cianfrance, Joey Curtis, Cami Delavigne)


12. “Made in Magenham” (Billy Ivory)


13. “The Illusionist” (Sylvain Chomet, Jacques Tati)


14. “Biutiful” (Armando Bo, Nicolás Giacobone, Alejandro González Iñárritu)


15. “Somewhere” (Sofia Coppola)

The rest of the field:


“Agora” (Alejandro Amenabar, Mateo Gil)


“All Good Things” (Marcus Hunchey, Marc Smerling)


“The Company Men” (John Wells)


“The Conspirator” (Gregory Bernstein, James D. Solomon)


“Conviction” (Pamela Gray)


“Cyrus” (Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass)


“The Debt” (Assaf Bernstein, Jane Goldman, Ido Rosenblum, Peter Straughan, Matthew Vaughn)


“Due Date” (Alan R. Cohen, Alan Freedland, Adam Sztykiel)


“Easy A” (Bert V. Royal)


“Get Low” (Chris Provenzano, C. Gaby Mitchell, Scott Seeke)


“Greenberg” (Noah Baumbach)


“Hemingway & Fuentes” (Andy Garcia, Hilary Hemingway)


“Hesher” (Brian Charles Frank, David Michod, Spencer Susser)


“Morning Glory” (Aline Brosh McKenna)


“Mother and Child” (Rodrigo Garcia)


“My Own Love Song” (Olivier Dahan)


“Ondine” (Neil Jordan)


“Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll” (Paul Viragh)


“Stone” (Angus MacLachlan)


“Sympathy for Delicious” (Christopher Thornton)


“Warrior” (Cliff Dorfman, Gavin O’Connor, Anthony Tambakis)


“Welcome to the Rileys” (Ken Hixon)


“What’s Wrong with Virginia” (Dustin Lance Black)


“The Whistleblower” (Ellis Kirwan, Larysa Kondracki)


“You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger” (Woody Allen)


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E saíram as primeiras reações (algumas muito entusiasmadas!) de Black Swan (post vai ser longo):


Black Swan wows critics at Venice premiere



Black Swan had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival last night, and many critics are leaping around in grand jetés of praise:

SCREEN INTERNATIONAL: Already back on track after Venice Golden Lion winner The Wrestler, Darren Aronofsky soars to new heights with Black Swan, an enthralling drama set in the competitive world of ballet. Alternately disturbing and exhilarating, this dark study of a mentally fragile performer derailed by her obsession with perfection is one of the most exciting films to come out of the Hollywood system this year. Indeed it’s the perfect film to open the autumn season with its gala at Venice tonight, a bold display of cinematic fireworks that will leave audiences breathless…

Black Swan will be warmly received in Venice, Toronto and beyond and it should pirouette all the way to the Oscars next Feb. If the film is ultimately too unsettling to snag main prizes, it has at least one nomination in the bag for lead actress Natalie Portman who gives one of “those” performances, transforming herself after ten months of training into an accomplished ballerina, almost uncomfortable to watch as she consumes her difficult role…

Portman is captivating as Nina and not just because of her dancing prowess or her lean, emaciated ballerina’s frame. Like Catherine Deneuve in Repulsion or Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, she captures the confusion of a repressed young woman thrown into a world of danger and temptation with frightening veracity.

… It’s a mesmerising psychological ride that builds to a gloriously theatrical tragic finale as Nina attempts to deliver the perfect performance.

VARIETY: A wicked, sexy and ultimately devastating study of a young dancer’s all-consuming ambition, “Black Swan” serves as a fascinating complement to Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler,” trading the grungy world of a broken-down fighter for the more upscale but no less brutal sphere of professional ballet. Centerstage stands Natalie Portman, whose courageous turn lays bare the myriad insecurities genuinely dedicated performers face when testing their limits, revealing shades of the actress never before seen on film

In the film’s staggering opening sequence (arresting enough to give skeptical male auds reason to stick around), Nina dreams of herself in “Swan Lake’s” lead role, circled by dark forces. …exaggerated stylistic choices extend to the production design as well, adding yet another motif: Reflective surfaces, mostly mirrors, offer fleeting glimpses of Nina’s other half.

Aronofsky seems to be operating more in the vein of early Roman Polanski or David Cronenberg at his most operatic. Though the director never immerses us as deeply inside Portman’s head as he did Mickey Rourke’s in “The Wrestler,” the latter third of “Black Swan” depicts a highly subjective view of events that calls to mind the psychological disintegration of both “Repulsion” and “Rosemary’s Baby.”

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER [less impressed]: “Swan” is an instant guilty pleasure, a gorgeously shot, visually complex film whose badness is what’s so good about it. You might howl at the sheer audacity of mixing mental illness with the body-fatiguing, mind-numbing rigors of ballet, but its lurid imagery and a hellcat competition between two rival dancers is pretty irresistible. Certain to divide audiences, “Swan” won’t lack for controversy, but will any of this build an audience? Don’t bet against it.

Only Aronofsky suggests, right from an opening dream sequence, that Nina might be cracking up. He keeps the camera close to his heroine, not just so objects and people can suddenly loom next to her as in all horror flicks, but to suggest a certain amount of paranoia and claustrophobia… Aronofsky, working with an original script by Andres Heinz that later was rewritten by Mark Heyman and John McLaughlin, never succeeds in wedding genre elements to the world of ballet. The film takes its cues from “Swan Lake” itself as demons, doubles and death dance in Nina’s head. She can only approach perfection by becoming the dual character she plays — the innocent and the evil.

Portman, who has danced but is no ballerina, does a more than credible job in the big dance numbers and the tough rehearsals that are so essential to the film. In her acting, too, you sense she has bravely ventured out of her comfort zone to play a character slowly losing sight of herself. It’s a bravura performance.

Obsessed with Film -

Best film I’ve seen all year.

Left me devastated, excited, tense and emotionally drained. Tarantino will be a fool if he doesn’t give this the Golden Lion (unless something even better is coming up!). Aronofsky has made his first masterpiece and Portman must now be favourite for the Oscar.

A perfect film that blends The Red Shoes with Antichrist, via Cronenberg.

source: http://www.obsessedwithfilm.com/movie-news/venice-2010-review-black-swan-best-film-of-the-year-left-me-devastated-excited-tense-and-emotionally-drained.php#ixzz0yHlgAtMD

Menções a Repulsion, Rosemary's Baby, Polanski, Cronemberg e etc. Vou tentar não ir muito pelo hype mas tá difícil. E a Portman hein ? Parece ser o papel da carreira dela, acho que pode rolar indicação. Mas ao mesmo tempo não sei se o filme vai ser o tipo de coisa que a academia gosta, e pelo visto pode gerar reações divisivas.
Beckin2010-09-01 10:53:23
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