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Steven Spielberg assume direção de War Horse

Da Redação


Foto: Divulgação
Steven Spielberg já estava envolvido com War Horse' date=' mas sua função ainda era incerta. Pois agora está definido: War Horse é o próximo filme dirigido por Spielberg.

O longa é inspirado no livro homônimo de Michael Morpurgo. A história da amizade entre um garoto e seu cavalo se passa na Primeira Guerra Mundial, fator que os separa e, ao mesmo tempo, faz com que eles se reencontrem. A revista informa que a identificação entre o cineasta e a história foi imediata.

Com roteiro de Lee Hall (Billy Elliot) e Richard Curtis (Simplesmente Amor), War Horse é produzido pela DreamWorks e tem previsão de chegar aos cinemas em 10 de agosto de 2011, cerca de quatro meses antes de The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, último filme em que Spielberg assumiu a direção
Frank_Booth2010-05-04 15:37:11
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Eddie Redmayne pode protagonizar o filme de Spielberg - 10/06/2010 14:21

eddie_redmayne.JPGO ator britânico Eddie Redmayne pode atuar no papel principal em War Horse, adaptação do livro de Michael Morpurgo que será dirigida por Steven Spielberg, informou o blog The Playlist.

A trama se passa na época da Primeira Guerra Mundial e segue a história de Albert e Joey, um garoto e seu cavalo, respectivamente. Quando Joey é enviado para a guerra, Albert batalha para tê-lo de volta.

Redmayne tem 28 anos e, pelo que consta no IMDb, atua desde 1998. Em seu currículo há filmes como A Outra, Elizabeth: A Era de Ouro, Desejos Selvagens, O Bom Pastor e The Yellow Handkerchief, no qual atuou ao lado de Kristen Stewart.

O ingresso do ator em um filme de Spielberg pode ser um grande passo para o deslanche de sua carreira. Christian Bale que o diga.

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Lóki de Thor é o novo nome no elenco de War Horse, próximo filme de Spielberg

Tom Hiddleston se junta ao protagonista Eddie Redmayne


Tom Hiddleston, o Lóki de Thor, é o novo nome no elenco de War Horse, adaptação do romance homônimo de Michael Morpurgo ao cinema, próximo filme de Steven Spielberg depois de As Aventuras de Tintim.

A informação saiu na Production Weekly e foi confirmada pelas fontes do site The Wrap, mas os representantes do ator e da DreamWorks não se manifestaram ainda.

O papel de Hiddleston não foi divulgado. Eddie Redmayne, ator britânico conhecido por protagonizar o bom Pecados Inocentes, vai interpretar Albert.

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Elenco todo britânico! EMily Watson! 16


17 June 2010

Exclusive: War Horse Cast Announced
Best of British in Spielberg's next film




Steven Spielberg has rounded up a clutch of quality British acting talent to head up the cast of War Horse, his first film to reach the screens since 2008’s Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Emily Watson, Peter Mullan, David Thewlis and Benedict Cumberbatch have all signed on the dotted line, but taking the lead (or the reigns) is young actor Jeremy Irvine, who has earned his stripes with both the National Youth Theatre and the RSC.

War Horse traces the friendship between Joey, a farm horse sold into the British army and sent off to serve on the battlefields of France during World War 1, and Albert (Irvine), his young owner. Watson and Mullan play Albert’s parents. Cumberbatch, so good as the quiz captain in Starter For 10 and the oily confectionery magnate in Atonement, will play military man Major Stewart.

Rounding out the internationally diverse cast are Niels Arestrup (A Prophet, The Diving Bell And The Butterfly) as the grandfather of a young French girl (Celine Buckens) who takes Joey in, plus Nicolas Bro, David Kross, Leonard Carow, Rainer Bock, Robert Emms and Patrick Kennedy. Also in talks to join the cast are Tom Hiddleston, who is on villain duties as Loki in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, and Stephen Graham, This Is England’s powerhouse last seen on the big screen in Michael Mann’s Public Enemies.

Adapted by Lee Hall (best known for Billy Elliot) and Richard Curtis from Michael Morpurgo’s novel and Nick Stafford’s stage adaptation, the story has the scope for the kind of epic action and intimate, heartrending drama that is Spielberg’s forte. On paper, this touches base with Spielberg’s underrated Empire Of The Sun, a rite of passage in the theatre of (a very different) war, and that is a mouth-watering prospect.


Jeremy Irvine (Albert)

Peter Mullan (Dad)

Emily Watson (Mum)


David Thewlis (Lyons)

Benedict Cumberbatch (Major Stewart)

Stephen Graham (Sgt. Sam Perkins)


Tom Hiddleston (Captain Nichols)

Niels Arestrup (Grandfather)

Celine Buckens (Emilie)


David Kross (Gunther)

Patrick Kennedy (Lieutenant Waverly)

Rainer Bock (Brandt)


Nicolas Bro (Friedrich)

Leonard Carow (Michael)

Robert Emms (David Lyons)

Produced by Spielberg and long-time producing partner Kathleen Kennedy, War Horse starts shooting in the UK in August, the first time the director has shot here since Saving Private Ryan. This gives Spielberg exactly a year to get the movie ready for its August 10, 2011 US release. No word yet on a UK date.

Ian Freer
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Jul 28, 2010

Steven Spielberg starts first new film in two years

Images for Ubisoft
Quick, name the last film Steven Spielberg directed.

If you said 2008's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, you would be right. If you also said that's a long break for such a prolific guy, you would be right, too.


filmmaker tells USA TODAY's Susan Wloszczyna he will be back behind the

camera starting next week after he heads off to London on Monday to

begin shooting War Horse, based on the hit West End play that will come to New York's Lincoln Center next year.

The script, written by Lee Hall (Billy Elliot) and Richard Curtis (Love Actually),

is set during World War I and follows a young farmhand , Albert

(newcomer Jeremy Irvine), who shares a special bond with Joey, a horse.

When Joey is bought by the calvary and set off to battle, Albert runs

off to France to rescue him. Emily Watson and David Thewlis play

Albert's parents.

As for the work gap, Spielberg says, "I spent

the last few years putting DreamWorks back together," referring to the

production company's new distribution deal with Disney. "It kept me busy

and away from being a director. We now have six films in production,"

including War Horse.

Frank_Booth2010-07-28 18:59:49

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These aren’t the most excitingmag-glass_10x10.gif photos to hit the ‘net today, but hell: they’re images from the set of a new Steven Spielberg movie. That’s got to be a good thing. And these images of the shoot of War Horse, which were sent to Collider,
are also notable for looking pretty low-key. Not a massive crew in
evidence. Got to wonder what sequence is really being put together here.
And the pics are so small that it’s difficult to tell if that’s star
Jeremy Irvine on the horse, or one of the other actors cast in the WWI

Emily Watson plays his mother and Peter Mullan is his father. David Thewlis is Lyons, while Benedict Cumberbatch and Stephen Graham play British military characters. Tom Hiddleston is Captain Nichols, while Celine Buckens and Niels Arestrup play a French girl and her grandfather who encounter Albert.

Also in the cast are David Kross, Patrick Kennedy, Rainer Bock, Nicolas Bro, Leonar Carow and Robert Emmms.





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  • Filme terá estreia adiada para dezembro de 2011 (jogada para o Oscar?)
  • Terá classificação PG-13, e será para a "família".

Dreamworks Moves Spielberg's 'War Horse' into Possible Oscar Contention




Plus dates for 'The Help' date='' 'Real Steel' and 'Fright Night'



Published: Wednesday, October 13th 2010 at 1:23 PM





Dreamworks hopes to make a big splash in 2011 from its new home at

Disney and today sees the announcement of their planned 2011 slate with

new release dates for most of the studios films and some interesting



First and foremost is the most prominent move sending Steven Spielberg's War Horse to December 28, 2011 from its August 10 slot. Does this mean it's an Oscar contender? Well, there are two sides to that tale.


It's Spielberg so Oscar chatter is obviously going to come about, but as Anne Thompson points out, War Horse

is intended as a "PG-13 family film," which doesn't always mean it's a

sure-fire awards contender. The film is an adaptation of Michael

Morpurgo's novel of the same name, as well as a recent stage adaptation,

set against the backdrop of the Great War, and follows the

extraordinary friendship between a boy and a horse who are separated but

whose fates continue to intertwine over the course of WWI. Spielberg

has gathered a lesser known cast of names for the film, which means a

breakout performance may be likely, but I have my doubts on whether the

film is prime for the Oscar circuit.




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War Horse | Próximo filme de Steven Spielberg ganha sua primeira imagem

Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Kennedy e Tom Hiddleston combatem na Primeira Guerra


War Horse, adaptação ao cinema do romance homônimo de Michael Morpurgo, próximo filme de Steven Spielberg depois de As Aventuras de Tintim, ganhou a sua primeira foto. Veja ao lado, na galeria, Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Kennedy e Tom Hiddleston.

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Sei não... mó cara de novelão aí com direito a lágrimas rolando como se fossem cachoeira. 







Também achei isso.




Tudo bem que as imagens são lindas mesmo e vou acabar vendo no cinema de qualquer jeito (é do Spielberg), mas não nego que fiquei com um pé atrás vendo o trailer.

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Muita' date=' muita, muuuuita preguiça do filme depois deste trailer (apesar de aparentar ser bem filmado), but in Spielberg we trust. [/quote']


É, a fotografia é fantástica no trailer, mas achei que não revelou basicamenta nada sobre o filme em si. A não ser que vai ter um cavalo e que ele vai correr bastante por prados verdejantes com seu amigo humano, o que eu meio que já esperava. Tenho boas expectativas pelo filme em si, mas nem um pouco aumentadas pelo trailer.
leomaran2011-06-29 16:10:41
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