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Cisne Negro, de Darren Aronofsky,


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Eu nunca imaginei que seria um filme sobre a profissão.


Pensei que eu gostaria mais do trailer... Não achei ótimo nem me decepcionei, e o filme ainda parece interessante. Vendo o trailer, eu percebi a oportunidade que Portman ganhou para se sobressair. O filme tem a obrigação de ser no mínimo ótimo!



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The very first rumblings from the Lido are raves. Most of us can't see Mike Goodridge's review for Screen, but Awards Daily can, so here we go: "Already back on track after Venice Golden Lion winner The Wrestler, Darren Aronofsky soars to new heights with Black Swan,

an enthralling drama set in the competitive world of ballet.

Alternately disturbing and exhilarating, this dark study of a mentally

fragile performer derailed by her obsession with perfection is one of

the most exciting films to come out of the Hollywood system this year.

Indeed it's the perfect film to open the autumn season with its gala at Venice tonight, a bold display of cinematic fireworks that will leave audiences breathless."

Variety's Peter Debruge draws a thicker line to The Wrestler,

noting that this one "[trades] the grungy world of a broken-down

fighter for the more upscale but no less brutal sphere of professional

ballet. Centerstage stands Natalie Portman,

whose courageous turn lays bare the myriad insecurities genuinely

dedicated performers face when testing their limits, revealing shades of

the actress never before seen on film. Once again, Aronofsky is drawn

to the irresistible force that drives certain personality types to chase

the spotlight, except in this case, the impulse doesn't seem born of

some deep-seated egotism, but is simply programmed from childhood by a

controlling mother (a creepy but far from one-note Barbara Hershey).

Portman plays Nina, a virginal young ballerina who comes across as an

incomplete soul, her single-minded interest in dance eclipsing all other

aspects of her being."


The two films are more closely bound to one another than most of us knew just a few days ago. FirstShowing's Alex Billington notes that MTV got to talking with Aronofsky the other day, and evidently, he's "always considered [The Wrestler and Black Swan] companion pieces... [A]t one point, way before I made The Wrestler,

I was actually developing a project that was about a love affair

between a ballet dancer and a wrestler, and then it kind of split off

into two movies."


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< name="" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jaI1XOB-bs?fs=1&hl=en_US">< ="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jaI1XOB-bs?fs=1&hl=en_US" allowaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" ="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="385" width="640">




"[W]hile Black Swan may reveal itself as a fairy tale, that's

only after it has successfully masqueraded as a taut, witty and wickedly

kinky thriller that pulls off the tricky double-bluff of following

precisely the narrative course one has mapped out for it, yet emerging

as all the more surprising for that adherence." Guy Lodge at In Contention. And as for the shared DNA with The Wrestler,

"Both are studies of performers destructively addicted to their art,

and the new film maintains the director's fascination with the broken

bodies of such individuals: Matthew Libatique's

camera cruelly scrutinizes the twisted, blistered shells of dancers'

feet as much as the earlier film did the wrecked ghost of Mickey Rourke's

body, while Aronofsky hones in on the petty rivalries and part-time

camaraderie of the girls in the company as astutely as he observed Randy

the Ram's meathead backstage family on the pro wrestling circuit. The

difference is that Black Swan extends that fascination to the

realm of the mind.... Portman has never been so cannily cast, nor so

cunningly exposed, on screen.... She's bolstered by a trio of superb

supporting players: Hershey and [Vincent] Cassel

are clearly having a whale of a time with their helpless dragonry and

arch oiliness, respectively, but it's the cool, throaty-voiced [Mila] Kunis

who is the surprise package here, intelligently watching and reflecting

her co-star in such a manner that we're as uncertain as Nina of her

ingenuousness. (There's a neat cameo from Winona Ryder, too — notable mainly for gifting her with the unavoidably hilarious line, 'You stole my things!')"

The Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt: "The movie combines horror-movie tropes with The Red Shoes, All About Eve

and every movie about show business that insists you don't have to be

crazy to become a star but it doesn't hurt either. The movie is so damn

out-there in every way that you can't help admiring Aronofsky for daring

to be so very, very absurd."


And at Obsessed With Film, Robert Beames is left as breathless as Goodridge claims we'll all be: "Best film I've seen all year."

Updates: "As a sensory experience for the eyes and ears, Black Swan provides bountiful stimulation," blogs Todd McCarthy for indieWIRE. "But when the script by Mark Heyman and Andres Heinz,

based on the latter’s story, struggles to carve out a real-world

parallel to the life-and-death struggle depicted in the dance story, it

goes over the top in something approaching grand guignol fashion."

Mike Collett-White reports on the press conference for Reuters.


Cain2010-09-01 12:07:43

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Críticos preveem: Natalie Portman é uma forte candidata ao Oscar 2011 - 02/09/2010 16:45

blackswan_01.jpgSegundo o Deadline London, o público do Festival de Veneza aplaudiu de pé Black Swan, novo filme do diretor Darren Aronofsky (O Lutator, Réquiem Para Um Sonho) e estrelado por Natalie Portman, exibido durante a abertura do evento.

A crítica presente no festival parece concordar, e as opiniões publicadas nos jornais ingleses são mais do que favoráveis. "Portman está impressionante", disse o Times londrino; "Prêmios virão com certeza", opinião do Independent, que elogiou tanto a performance da atriz quanto o longa.

No Daily Telegraph foi dito que a atuação de Portman como a dançarina de balé que enlouquece a eleva de atriz principal a estrela inquestionável. "Todo festival de cinema se beneficia de um grande filme de abertura, e poucos são tão ´grandes` quanto Black Swan".

O filme concorre ao Leão de Ouro, prêmio máximo do festival, com outros 22 longas. Vale lembrar que O Lutador foi o vencedor de 2008. Será que Aronofsky e cia. vencerão novamente?

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Gorgeous Promo Poster Set for Darren Aronofsky's 'Black Swan'

October 15, 2010

Source: Empire

by Alex Billington




Wow - I didn't expect to see anything like this! Empire has debuted a series of four new promo posters for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Winona Ryder and Barbara Hershey. This film is one of my favorites of 2010 and I wasn't that into the official poster

(too much make up for my tastes), but these are simply stunning. I'm

not sure who designed them, but I think they're being put out to help

drum up interest in the film's London Film Festival screenings. If you haven't seen the trailer for Black Swan, it's a must watch. Everyone should add this to your list of must see films for the fall.

Darren%20Aronofskys%20Black%20Swan%20Promo%20Art Darren%20Aronofskys%20Black%20Swan%20Promo%20Art

Darren%20Aronofskys%20Black%20Swan%20Promo%20Art Darren%20Aronofskys%20Black%20Swan%20Promo%20Art


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Mila Kunis promove filme em Londres

Atriz posou para fotógrafos ao lado do ator francês Vincent Cassel, também no elenco de 'Black Swan'

Mila Kunis divulgou o filme "Black Swan", nesta sexta-feira, 22, em Londres. A atriz americana posou ao lado do ator francês Vincent Cassel, que também faz parte do elenco. A ausência sentida foi de Natalie Portman, que, apesar de estrelar o longa-metragem, não deu as caras na sessão de fotos.


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assisti meio com medo porcausa do trailer apesar de toda a repercussao...

mas o filme é top, show... tem que se segurar pra nao cair pa tras ;D


visualmente muito, bom fotografia e trilha em harmonia o filme todo e os atores estao muito bem selecionados, rolou a quimica.


o filme funciona legal. Tirei o chapeu 
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Achei até Scott Pilgrim mais legal' date=' mas é um baita filme mesmo. Dá uma desandada bonita no final, mas impressiona para o padrão do Aronofsky.[/quote']


Eu ja curti mais este aqui, Paolitcha! e concordo q no final dá uma desandada meio obvia com td aquele cgi catártico, mas q nao compromete o conjunto. Até a sumida Winona ta bem na pta q faz..
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O filme eh o que parece, eh o que promete eh o que falaram..um baita filme...2011 começa bem. Portman detona..percorre todo o filme com aquele semblante carregado, sempre com algo a pressionando..quase não sorri, não se solta.....toda a estética visual do filme me pegou de jeito. todo o lance dos espelhos..as visões...e com uma trilha belissíma.


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(retirado do tópico do Oscar)




E, meu deus, Natalie Portman arrebenta no filme!!! Como alguém, em sã consciência, pode assistir ao filme e não achar que ela vai levar o Oscar, e com todos os méritos? Você fica completamente envolvido com o filme justamente por causa da atuação quase doentia dela.




E que filme perturbador! Me estranha estar indo bem nos EUA, pq acho que o filme é para poucos. Tem um clima super tenso, mas super envovente. Uma história que vai ficando cada vez mais maluca e intrigante.




Não sei, as vezes me lembrava De Olhos Bem Fechados do Kubrick ou até mesmo O Iluminado, do mesmo Kubrick.   




E olha que eu não sou fã do tal Darren Aronofski (não apreendi escrever o nome dele ainda).

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