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Sinceramente espero q o Jim Sheridan faça um bom trabalho, prq este trailer...

O q é aquela música? A performance de Tobey Maguire ou será um desastre ou vai ser excelente. Já a Natalie Portman, ainda espero q ela possa ser aproveitada como merece por algum projeto que seja digno de seu talento(ainda espero uma indicação dela depois de Closer).


Assisti ontem The Hurt Locker, nem sabia q já havia chegado em dvd. A direção do filme impressiona, a edição também, sem falar no ótimo trabalho com o elenco do filme, mas ainda acho q naum merecia esse alarde todo em cima dele.
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Plumping for Pike in ‘An Education’

Posted by Guy Lodge · 5:30 am · July 12th, 2009





seems that Lone Scherfig’s British period drama “An Education”

continues to steal the heart of pretty much everyone who sees it — this

has been near the top of my “most anticipated” list for some time now.

You may remember a recent piece where Kris, while echoing the

resounding praise for the film and its breakout star Carey Mulligan,

really flew the flag for supporting star Alfred Molina.

Now comes further applause for the film — and an emphatic

endorsement for yet another member of the film’s ensemble — from an

interesting source: Santa Barbara Film Festival director Roger Durling.

In an ecstatic note

to Jeff Wells, one of the film’s earliest champions, Durling likens

watching the film to “a state of movie nirvana” and declares Mulligan

both “sublime” and “the leading contender at this point for Best

Actress.” But I’m most interested to see that he singles out the

supporting work of 30 year-old British actress Rosamund Pike for

special attention.

In my Page to Screen discussion

of “An Education” last week, I speculated that Lynn Barber’s memoir

offered Pike something potentially special to work with, and Durling’s

opinion justifies my faith:

I was particularly taken with Rosamund Pike [who plays

Dominic Cooper's somewhat ditzy, arm-candy girlfriend]. That’s a

difficult role. There’s a knowingness about this character despite the

fact that she’s not supposed to be playing a smart one. At times I felt

— delightfully — as if Pike was winking at us and letting us know of

the sleight-of-hand she was performing. And it made the role sexier

because of it.

I’ve noticed how beautiful and talented this actress is in other

movies, but she’s a knock-out in An Education. God, I hope she gets

some recognition!

Nothing would please me more than to see some recognition for Pike,

the kind of hard-working actor who has all the ingredients of stardom

but, despite performing solidly in such high-profile projects as “Die

Another Day” and “Pride and Prejudice,” simply hasn’t had her moment


I was recently jolted into awareness of her formidable skills when

she managed to outact Judi Dench in “Madame De Sade” onstage in London,

yet even in her home country, she still remains best known for her

offscreen as Joe Wright’s jilted ex. Maybe “An Education” can change


Meanwhile, the increasingly widespread acclaim for the film’s

ensemble, as opposed to just one star-making performance, is leading me

to think “An Education” could grow deeper roots into this year’s awards

race than many are suspecting.


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Sobre Brothers:


Tobey Maguire - smiley24

Ele parece diferente. Será que consegue nos trazer uma atuação diferente daquela que vem reaproveitando faz tempo?


Natalie Portman - 2thumbs

Ela sempre espreme seus papéis pra tirar o máximo. Vou assistir o filme nem que seja só por causa dela.


O cartaz - Lindo. Se fizessem a capa do DVD assim seria perfeito, mas não vai acontecer.


O trailer - Ruim. O tum tum tum nada a ver no final é a pior parte. 09

Lucy in the Sky2009-07-12 20:36:11

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Poster ok, a foto já vinha circulando na net desde o Festival de Sundance. Apenas Muligan? Eu espero o filme pela diretora, q é otima, por Molina, Sarsgaard, Thompson, Hawkins e Rosamund [atores maravilhosos], pelo roteiro de Hornby...


An Education promete muito!


Ronny2009-07-14 17:16:20

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Creation Opens Toronto Fest

Author: Sasha Stone

14 Jul

Variety reports that the Darwin biopic will be the first to open the fest.  A smattering of others:

Special Presentation world premieres include Neil Jordan’s fisherman fairytale “Ondine,” starring Colin Farrell; Brian Koppelman and David Levien’s “Solitary Man,” toplining Michael Douglas; Jordan Scott’s boarding school drama “Cracks,” with Eva Green; Tim Blake Nelson’s “Leaves of Grass,” starring Edward Norton; Nicolas Winding Refn’s Viking saga “Valhalla Rising”; Niki Caro’s romance “The Vintner’s Luck”; Raoul Peck’s political thriller “Moloch Tropical”; and Bruce Beresford’s “Mao’s Last Dancer,” with Kyle MacLachlan and Joan Chen. All have U.S. rights available.

Other world preems are Warner Bros. comedy “The Invention of Lying,” co-helmed and co-written by Ricky Gervais (who also stars) and Matthew Robinson, and Miramax’s “The Boys Are Back,” helmed by Scott Hicks and starring Clive Owen.

Among the non-world-preem Special Presentations announced were Steven Soderbergh’s “The Informant!” (North American preem), Jane Campion’s Cannes competitor “Bright Star”; Rachid Bouchareb’s Berlin bow “London River”; Bong Joon-ho’s Cannes entry “Mother”; Yousry Nasrallah’s “Scheherazade Tell Me a Story”; Bruno Dumont’s “Hadewijch”; and Catherine Corsini’s “Partir,” starring Kristin Scott Thomas.

The question, though, is how many will get knocked down in Toronto, how many stand and how many will rise to the top.  It’s a bumpy ride from Cannes to Toronto and a great many more voices and opinions to pour forth.  Toronto always makes me nervous.  Always.

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Sobre o trailer de An Education:

Mt bom.
Da trama ñ preciso nem falar. Uma jovem encarcerada num ambiente q a oprime de alguma forma, assim como o levante a esse "sistema" e as possibilidades de transformação (a lá Clube dos Cinco e Encontros e Desencontros) já me ganham facilmente.
Daí um elencaço aparentemente afiado e uma proesa: No meio de tanta gente foda, a novata Carey Mulligan surge como uma tremenda promessa.



Micmacs à Tire-Larigot

De: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Com: Dany Boon, Nicolas Marie, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Andre Dussollier, Julie Ferrier, Omar Sy, Dominique Pinon, Yolande Moreau.

Um homem e seus amigos empreendem um intrincado e original plano para destruir duas grandes fábricas de armas.
Depois de cinco anos afastado das cameras, o diretor de Amelie Poulain retorna com uma sátira ao mundo ilegal do tráfico de armamentos.


Ronny2009-07-15 01:02:16
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